• "Deadbeat Dads & The Women Who Love Them"

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    SPONSORED BY MARK PITTMAN--Single parenthood is on the rise. It's quite possibly one of the biggest contributing factors to the lack of confidence, misguided, and angry youth of today. No, single parenthood in itself is not to blame, but the usual circumstances of abandonment that created the one-parent household are. Both genders are equally guilty of child abandonment, and both are guilty of being the supportive domestic partners/spouses of these deadbeat parents.

    Part One of this two-part series focuses on the deadbeat fathers and the women who accept and support them knowing they don't provide for their children.  Does this support help the problem or further enable the irresponsible behavior and mindset of the deadbeat parent? Join in tonight at 10:30 pm EST by calling 347-327-9967.

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    Deadbeat Dads, Women Are Never Satisfied & Does Anal Sex Make The Butt Grow Big?

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    On this weekends episode of Talk With Toni Gee & Dr. Wood will be discussing Deadbeat dads that don't take care of their children but playing the perfect role to someone else's children...Why are women never satisfied....and Why do women want big butts that do not have them? Does anal sex really help to make the butt grow bigger? JUICY, JUICY, JUICY TOPICS!!!! Live and direct on Talk With Toni Gee & Dr. Wood....Call in at 646-787-8087, chat live or hit us on twitter @TALKWITHTONIGEE...TUNE IN!!!

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    Deadbeat Dads

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    This week on CWCW we'll discuss "Deadbeat Dads" and why this is so prevelant in today's society. Why do these men choose not to participate in raising their children. What are the effects of dads not being in their kid's lives. These questions and more will be answered.

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    It's Real (Episode 15): Deadbeat Dads

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    Tonight's show is about deadbeat dads. The men who call themselves fathers but don't see their kids, don't spend quality time with them, and don't contribute financially. The percentage of men who neglect their kids is constantly growing and this is a major concern.
    What we'd like to know is why this is happening and what can be done to start preventing it. Ask yourself: How important is it for a child to have a father? Is it fair that most women are left to raise their children by themselves?
    These are some disturbing issues and they will be addressed on tonight's show so make sure you tune in.
    Also feel free to call up and press 1 to connect with us we'd love to hear your feedback.

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    Infidelity In Hollywood/Deadbeat Dads

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    First we're talking about all the infidelity going on in Hollywood. Why is everybody making a big deal about stars cheating. Then we're switching topics to deadbeat dads. Why do men not know how to step up to the plate when it comes to their kids?

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    Single Moms and Deadbeat Dads

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    We are goin to keep it EXTREMELY real, as we discuss the life of a single mom. Oh, and the deadbeat dads!

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    Are Deadbeat Dads Made or Born?

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    Deadbeat dads and moms are an unfortunate reality today.  There must be a reason for their inexcusable behavior.  Are they made or born?  Nature versus Nurture.
    Let's talk.  Maybe we can figure out how to break the cycle.

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    How to Avoid Deadbeat Dads and other Psychos

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    While many women are celebrating Mother's Day, others are having to deal with the emotional and financial frustration caused having a deadbeat dad in their life. Tune into "The Dedan Tolbert Show" for a special Mother's Day rebroadcast of my special on how to avoid dealing with Deadbeat Dads and other types of psychos. Listen 7 nights a week by calling 646 200 0366 or online at www.dedantolbert.com

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    Should "Deadbeat Dads" Be Sent To Jail?

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    When marriages break apart, often it is the mother who is granted custodial rights to the children, and the father is instructed to pay a certain amount of his income to the family for child support. But what happens when fathers don't pay the court ordered financial support? Some men have been arrested and jailed for being "deadbeat dads." Is this really an incentive for a father to pay for his child's well being? Some fathers are bitter at mothers and choose to avoid their families because of this. Isn't fatherhood more than a paycheck? Many men don't come around their families if they are going through financial hardship. What should father's do when they just don't have the money to pay? What should we do to encourage fathers to continue to be involved in their children's lives even when the relationship between the mother and father is over?

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    Dad Says Picker is Off...Really

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    In this Episode, Show Host Kelissa Bass explains why its so important for fathers to be in their childs life. Surprising results show that when a ftather is taking a part in a childs life it helps with who they choose as partners.

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    Meet The Band Buck sixx

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    Country/Southern Rock band Buck Sixx

    Chris Lovett Vocals, Guitar;Marc Craig vocals, guitars;Jeff Dillehay lead guitar,vocals,banjo; Morris Dillehay bass guitar,vocals;Chris Gibson drums,percussion.. http://www.reverbnation.com/bucksixx

    Buck Sixx is a country/rock band that stems from generations of family musicians. They all started at an early age playing along with their dads, grandfathers, cousins and uncles. As musicians, they have played with lots of other bands, but the strong family bond has brought them back together to form Buck Sixx. They play original songs written by the band with a blend of Country/Rock. The combination of lyric and music continues to grow the band’s fan base. Brothers, cousins, and Friends they hail from Columbia, Tennessee, just forty miles south of Nashville.. “Buck Sixx’s debut record is one of the strongest freshmen records I’ve ever heard. There truly isn’t a bad song on the record and there isn’t a song that would turn fans off. Buck Sixx successfully showcases who they are as individuals, as a group, as musicians, as vocalists, and as songwriters and it’s a showcase that is uniquely fresh. It’s a package that will allow them to be recognized on many different avenues in the country music industry.” – Thatsmusictome.com

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