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    CHURCH Daycare

    in Christianity

    People are trained to go to church but not be the Church. We are trained what to do but not how to do it...Have religion but not relationship. There are churches, church messages on cd, video, podcasts, live stream, radio, t.v., are available for you and still there is no change in your life or spiritual growth. When was the last time someone got delivered and set free at your church? What about healing and miracles? What about your pastor prophetically speaking into your life? Mmmm. I can't even talk to you about signs and wonders. This message will allow you to identify if you are in Church Daycare. In daycares you come in one way and you leave the same...week after week, month after month, and year after year. God has made available His power for you to win all the time. You should expect the gifts of the spirit to be manifested in your life and not be hindred by Church Daycare. it's time for you to experience, graduate and receive all what God has made available to you through Christ Jesus. 





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    Encore Presentation of Babysitting and Daycare for CHD Survivors

    in Health

    How can you identify a good babysitter or daycare when looking for a facility to care for a child with a congenital heart defect? Is it ever appropriate to leave a child with a congenital heart defect in the care of someone else? What can parents do to ease the transition if they have decided to place their children in daycare or in the care of a babysitter? Do children in daycare or in the care of a babysitter get sick more often? These are just some of the topics we will consider in this episode.

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    Daycare Tragedies

    in Current Events

    Let's talk about the recent uprising deaths in Daycares. Why are the licensing agencies not monitoring these facilities? What should we do to protect our children? Let's tal

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    Does my Child Support Cover Daycare Expenses?

    in Legal

    Illinois orders for child support do not cover every expense that your child will incur. How can that be? What if I have my checks garnished each and every time, why and how could I be expected to pay more? People have to be very careful about this and expectations need to be calibrated to be in tune with the Illinois Courts. This podcast will detail how the judges in Illinois go about making decisions into what expenses the non-custodial parent will have to make in addition to child support. Attorney Pequeno will describe what sorts of debts may be incurred and how the court determines amounts that have to be paid for this.  

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    Montrose Daycare,GJ Gas Explosion, Olathe Police Chief Issue

    in News

    Montrose Daycare,GJ Gas Explosion, Olathe Police Chief Issue

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    The Daycare Business: What Your Baby Is Really Learning From Other Babies

    in Women

    Many mothers choose to put their children in daycare facilities so that they can return to work. Actually, being around other children can be a stimulating and rewarding experience, if the daycare professionals are nurturing, attentive, and skilled in guiding a child through the phases of learning and development. But, if it's just a business of numbers, a head count to rake in money without regard to what environment is created by the presence of the other children, you may want to rethink that daycare decision and find a private sitter. Children learn from other children, and what some parents allow their children to absorb may not be what you want your child exposed to. Daycare: is it good or bad for a young child? What should you look for when picking out a good daycare provider?

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    Daycare Owner, Mother of 3 and Ultramarathon Champion Angela Shartel

    in Fitness

    In the past 9 years, Angela Shartel has gone from being 65 lbs over weight to winning 100 mile ultra marathons and setting records. Most recently winning first female at Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 Mile Run http://www.vhtrc.org/mmt, May 2014.  She is a mother of 3 and has owned a daycare for 18 years.  

    Angela has learned that taking care of others means taking care of yourself.  She is an integral part of the ultra running community not only as an accomplished athlete but also the assistant director of the San Diego 100 Mile Endurance Run, held annually in June in the mountains east of San Diego. Although the race is challenging, it is known for the 100s of volunteers that generously donate their time to race preparation and operations.  

    Angela is an elite athlete, sponsored by:

    Altra, http://altrarunning.com Injinji, http://injinji.com Carbopro, http://carbopro.com Elliptigo, http://elliptigo.com

    "I believe that running is all about learning and implementing life’s lessons." Angela Shartel, Read more at: http://www.injinji.com/blog/the-missing-piece/#sthash.G2FIDsQV.dpuf


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    The Awakening - The United Daycare of America

    in Politics Conservative

    For G_d, For Country, For Freedom.

    This nation, once proud and run by the strongest of men and women, is now in the hands of infants, adolescents and pre-pubescient whiners.

    Americans used to get the job done.  Now Americans vie for who can come up with the biggest sob story.

    Grow up, America.  Grow up.



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    Black Men Would Rather March For Rachel Than Rekia

    in Entertainment

    Black Men would rather march for Rachel than Rekia. 
    We also have our news and comment. 

    Umar Johnson is very afraid. 

    Father walked in on 5 year old getting raped in a day care. 

    California has Class and water wars. 

    3 year old dead after shooting self with responsible parent's gun. 

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    Chew The Phat Kewl Khat: Topic... Stay at Home Moms, Grand Moms or Day Care?

    in Moms and Family

    Stay-at-Home Moms vs. Working Moms

    Making the decision to stay home with your kids or join the workforce can be a difficult process. There is no right answer. Dr. Phil encourages each woman to make the choice that brings her closest to fulfilling her hopes and dreams. 

    "It is damaging for parents to be away for more than a few hours a day," says Heidi Brennan, a stay-at-home mom, public policy advisor, and member of the Board of Directors for the Family and Home Network. "Research has demonstrated that the early relationship between infants and preschoolers is the foundation of all subsequent personality development."

    "There is really no evidence to support that statement," Dr. Phil argues. "Children who are in quality day care have increases in cognitive skills, intellect, social skills and social comfort," he says.

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    Godly Women with Kimberly Mckee Pickens & Mary Hall Edwards on CD Speak UP!

    in Christianity

    Kimberly Pickens is a preschool teacher at her home church daycare. She has written two stories that are featured in Christmas Moments and Spoken Moments. Her story, Molly's Promised Land, won an honorable mention from The ACFW First Five Pages Contest. She is a member of a writing and critique group, Crosses and Pens. She is also a member of NACFW and the ACFW. Kimberly likes spending time at home with her husband and best friend of over twenty-five years. They have a daughter and a son. Besides writing, Kimberly's passion is her faith in God, her family, and helping children achieve academic success. She has recently started her own enrichment program in preschools to help children develop a positive attitude early-on in math and science. Her program is called Math that Counts. It is Kimberly's heart's cry to bring glory and honor to God Almighty by using the talents He has blessed her with, to advance the kingdom of heaven through her writing.

    A veteran attendee of Writers Advance conferences, Mary is an experienced photographer, seeking to capture memories that bring smiles. A 2013 graduate of Christian Communicators Conference, Mary speaks about her own experiences with abuse, leading her to begin her Be A Voice 4 Kids ministry.  She recently shared at the Chosen Chicks for Christ Conference and local church events, with the latest being the guest speaker “What's I Your Purse?” banquet at Faith Temple Baptist Church. With much prayer she followed through with the calling of becoming trained as a facilitator of Stewards of Children through Darkness to Light to help prevent child sexual abuse. She loves to share the Love of the Lord and brings hope to those who hunger for only what can be found through Jesus Christ. Find Mary on her face book page at Be A Voice 4 Kids or at www.writeblessings.com or  www.beavoice4kids.vpweb