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  • 00:32

    WWJD (Wednesday With Jeff Daugherty)

    in Spirituality

    This week Jeff talks about the subject of:
    2013: The Year of KNOWING.  Jesus did NOT say "the truth will set you free."  He said the truth you KNOW will set you free (look it up). Jeff talks about the emergence of DAATH in the Kabbalistic Tree of LIfe and its many and sundry applications, along with other awesome stuff.  MUST HEAR radio.

  • 03:59

    The Biblical Twin Pillars of Da'ath ft AA Rashid

    in Spirituality

    Join Know The Ledge Radio as we welcome back the Qabalah God AA Rashid to discuss the necessity and practical use of mysticism in these marvelous times we term the "NOW."
    As we continue our journey through the 8th House of Scorpio, we will delve into the influx of energy bombarding this planet this upcoming week, culiminating with the portal date of 11/11/11.
    Also AstroMama will be joining the program to give a comprehensive breakdown of the FULL MOON in Taurus that will be coming into fruition on the 10th of November.
    Learn how & why the Bible is based on dualism (pillars) and sacrifice.
    Also Qabalah God will explain why Masonry is very key to Western psychology, in order to understand Da'ath's connection to Africa.
    Tune in to KTL University....Class is in Session