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    Maria Allyn: Your Midlife Coach

    in Women

    Unfortunately, many midlife women can and do suffer from bouts of anxiety and depression. Often brought on by shifting hormones, these and other difficult emotions can wreak havoc on the multiple transitions we experience at this time of life. 

    That’s where midlife coach, Maria Allyn, comes in. Maria focuses on helping women 45 – 65 to get clear on what they want, eliminate barriers that are stopping them and provide them with the tools to create the life of their dreams.

    If you want strategies and resources to make the most of this time in your own life, you won’t want to miss this show!

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    Lets Talk CFL Episode #65 OMG .. What is next?

    in Football

    Lets Talk CFL Episode #65 OMG .. What is next? We will be discussion what has happened in the CFL since Sunday's show.. Host Chirstopher Jones,  CFL media personality with LastWordonSport.com Kelly Bale, Long time Lions and media liason for Lets Talk CFL Charles Cliff. Hope you will join us.

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    The65thAngieBowie&RickHuntRadio+with+TaraRez+Jennie Rebellion Fest+RadioShow#65

    in Entertainment

    This weeks show continues with Angie Bowie, Rick HUnt, Tara Rez in conversation with Jennie Russell-Smith Co Founder of one of the biggest annual punk festivals  in the world : Rebellion Festival celebrates is 20th anniversary this year, with yet another stonking line up.  Today we have the pleasure of talking to Jennie  about Uk Music scene and more !


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    the ultimate cat lady

    in Pets

    This is a lady named Lynea Lattanzio the cat house on the kings is California, largest , no-cage, no kill lifetime care sanctuary and adopotion center. The  sanctuary is situated on 12 acres along the kings river in Parlier CA about 20 miles south east of fresno in the central valley. What I found fascinating about this lady is the logistics of how she was able to do this and how she was able to actually take care of 1100 cats. So I have a lot to talk to her about in addiation to questions I have gotten from die hard cat lovers. Also here is some information about my cohost Nancy Sayle

    FUR & FEATHER ANIMAL SANCTUARY a 501(c)(3) is organized exclusively for charitable, and educational purposes, more specifically for helping homeless and un-wanted animals with medical care, adoption in a no-kill safe environment, fight against animal cruelty, educate the public on the importance of spay/neuter, the basic care of animals, and the rehabilitation of wildlife. We have only just begun and need your support - Our goal is to build the first fully solar powered 65 acre no-kill sanctuary in California to be the over-flow for the city and county shelters, while assisting traditional rescues with medical and a foster program. We are currently fundraising to buy land and build homes where animals can live in healthy surroundings until they are adopted. This environment will protect and allow all animals to live to see their full potential~ We are currently fundraising to buy land and build homes where animals can live in healthy surroundings until they are adopted. This environment will protect and allow all animals to live to see their full potential~ 

    For more information please contact us at info@furfeather.org\





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    Surviving Dystopia

    in Education

    I’ve been having guests on the show to talk about their books and have talked about mine but I want to talk about a favorite series of books.  The Foxfire Books… I currently have volumes 1-6 and every time I open the pages of this wonderful walk into history I am amazed at how it came about and what it really represents.

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    Tarbosaurus - Species Profile - Fine Art of Paleontology

    in Environment

    Tarbosaurus will be the topic on Natures Talk Shows Species profile on The Fine Art of Paleontology. Tarbosaurus was a carnivore (meat-eater) that lived in Asia during the late  Cretaceous Period about 65 to 68 million years ago.It was one of the dinosaurs that died out in the Cretaceous- Tertiary extinction 65 million years ago. 
    Tarbosaurus was about 30 to 40 feet (9 to 12 meters) long and weighed 4 to 5 tons. Tarbosaurus is closely related to the Tyrannosaurus Rex and scientists have long debated how Tarbosaurus should be classified.The name Tarbosaurus means "terror lizard"

    On Monday January 25th at 9pm est,8pm cst and 6pm pst. We look forward to you joining us. If you would like to join the conversation visit our chat room on our web page or call in to our studio number 1 -949-534-0637.

    Thank You,



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    Torah Portion

    in Religion

    Today's Torah portion is taken from Isaiah 65-66.

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    Domestic Violence in the Work Place~Breaking the silence ~ H.O.P.E. Alliance

    in Christianity

    It is estimated that one million Americans fail to report to work each day due to injuries sustained in family disputes. Over one million women are stalked each year in the U.S., and over a quarter of them report missing work as a result of stalking. A study also found that 74% of employed battered women were harrased by their partner while they were at work. A national survery revealed that 24 percent of women between the ages of 18 - 65 who had experienced DV said that the abuse caused them to arrive late at work or miss day(s) of work.  These stats are alarming but there is H.O.P.E.!  Join us for tonight's blog talk with our guest, Deborah, a human resource manager.

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    Update With Kate Episode 65 A Matter of Thy-Me, Thy-Me's and Half Thy-Me

    in Education

    The updates will be an ongoing clarification of the legal name fraud all of humanity has been duped into being a part of and thus, serving all manner of evil and harm in this reality we call "normal". How incredibly ruthless mirrored only in its' simplicity, legal name fraud is the crux, literally, of all man's woes. It is the only thing that separates you from YOU and thus, all of creation. You can serve only one master, the master of life, truth or, the master of death, legal sorcery. The greatest trick the Devil ever played wasn't convincing you that "he" didn't exist, it was convincing YOU that you didn't exist. Legal Name PROVES you don't exist if you worship this fall-se' I.D.-doll thinking it's you or you're I.D./it.....kate

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    Monique Taylor with Boyd and Lucinda

    in Lifestyle

    Monique Newell Taylor was born and raised on the East Side of Kansas City, Missouri. She had a traumatic childhood that included violence, sexual abuse, alcoholism, and an eating disorder that started at age five and lasted until she turned 40. She was 21 years old when she started out on a journey of drug addiction that would last over two decades and take her down roads and to places that no one could have ever imagined she would go.

    Over 65 arrests with four of them being felonies to include; prostitution, auto theft, commercial burglary, habitual shoplifter, transporting 90 pounds of Marijuana crossing the Tijuana border, unlawful felony possession of cocaine arrest in the notorious Mc Arthur park by dirty Cops from the Rampart Division Scandal in the 90’s,forgery and last but not least participating in a bank robbery. Her addiction took her across the United States on a drug hungered crime spree that lasted for over two decades. Her story shows how violence and addiction ravaged her family for three generations with sibling and children who were involved in murder, by self defense. It seemed like she was as addicted to Bad Boys and unhealthy relationships as bad as she was the drugs. Choosing men who drug her down time and time again.

    Today she has turned her life over to God and has not used crack for seven years. God healed her relationships with her children and family, she is newlywed to a Pastor who was widowed with 3 small children. She wishes to share her story of God’s Grace as she was a woman who hated herself, abandoned her children, was in and out of prison, whose parents never gave up on her.  And now that she finally has a happy ending, she would like to share, inspire and give hope to others.

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    Episode 1603: Joe Blanton, old friends, Game of Thrones

    in Sports

    Joe Blanton was the big piece of news on this week's podcast, which means we were reliant on questions from listeners to cover a large portion of the broadcast.

    It also gave me time to outline the rules for old friend status, among other questions, and we briefly discussed the Dodgers settling with all of their salary arbitration-eligible players. Also, if you listen hard enough you can hear the palpable disappointment in Jacob's voice as I reveal that I have not seen a single minute nor read a single page ofGame of Thrones.

    You can send any and all questions to us at tblapodcast@gmail.com, or contact us on Twitter at @truebluela or@jacobburch.

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