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    How Should We Give and Receive Constructive Criticism?

    in Romance

    All people benefit from an awareness of flaws, willingness to change, and growth in positive directions. It's important to be able to hear the positive advice within constructive criticism to find this awareness and power to change. There are many approaches to giving constructive criticism, such as tough love, positive reinforcement, shock statements, and motivational talk.

    What approaches are the most beneficial? Does it vary based on the person or situation? Some people may need to be slapped in the face information-wise while others may need a softer touch. A possible downside of a harsher approach may be that people can't hear the positive side because they get offended. Thus, once they hear something critical, they may stop listening! And the very thing that could help them is what they detest and reject defensively.

    Regardless of the approach, how can people better receive constructive criticism? What can you do to listen for the deeper meaning and identify the positive advice that you can apply to your own life? How can we be more open to having our flaws exposed by others without getting defensive? And do we need both approaches?

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    Constructive Criticism is Your Ally

    in Self Help

    When your boss calls you in for an unscheduled review of your performance, what is your reaction?  Does fear ripple through your heart?  Well, try to relax because mini-reviews, quickie check-ups go on all the time in business.  When a client complains, it is predictable that your boss will talk to you about the complaint ... AND you should be glad!  Most times, you will receive constructive criticism which will help you improve your job performance.  
    Listen as Dr. Joan discusses why you will want to thank your supervisor for telling you the truth!
    Are you experiencing relationship issues at home, at work, or at play?  Tune in to hear Dr. Joan describe alternative solutions. Follow along as she presents keys for harmony. 
    A portion of each program is devoted to the reading of Dr. Joan's published stories about human disputes.  She is currently reading from her first novel Gra Im Thu! I Love You!  The story is about two Irish families who find themselves intermarrying, even though they are poles apart in the areas of religion and politics.  Tune in and listen to the story, as the O'Grady and Gwynn families learn to solve their potato encounters and develop a method for making delicious mashed potatoes together.  Find out how diversity and harmony can live in the same house.

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    The Jake Turner Show: Royals-Tigers, Criticism or not, Silly preseason, Chiefs

    in Sports

    Next on the Jake Turner Show. The sugar rush is on in Kansas City with the Royals supplying the ingredients to an AL Central pennant. Should you drink the Kool-Aid? Did the Chiefs overacheive in 2013? After the anemic dry run vs the sub par Vikings, we could be in for a long year, Why I'm ecstatic that I won't see one rookie quarterback in Week 1 and media criticism is out of control. When are you being constructive or trolling like a Twitter tough guy. I call myself out. Plus, your phone calls and tweets.  Find your favorite seat, grab a brew. Get nostalgic with the Jake Turner Show...NOW!

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    Are You Afraid of Criticism?

    in Self Help

    Nothing can stop wealth more than a fear of criticism.  In today's episode, Pat Council will share information that will help you overcome any fear of criticism that you may have.  Learn to ignore being trashed to doing confident things that will bring you more cash.  Also, learn how to invest that cash wisely as Mario Payne of Raymond James Financial Services shares how to deal with the stock market.

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    Receive a copy of Pat's book: The P.O.W.E.R.: Using What You Have to Achieve Success.


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    Constructive Criticism: Talk of the Town: Fan Favorite

    in Current Events

    Many are able to dish it out, but few are able to handle it... CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. In order to improve your skills and craft , constructive criticism is a helpful way to learn your strengths and weaknesses. What are the forms of criticisms? How can you tell the difference between constructive criticism and someone being critical? Who are good people to obtain good constructive criticism from? ( ex: family, friends, experts, etc) and who are people you shouldn't ? Do majority rules in opinions always? What are some tips or ways to learn how to be receptive towards constructive criticism ?

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    Turn Criticism into Spiritual Strength through the Power of Color

    in Spirituality

    No one likes to be criticized.  When others point out what they think you have done wrong, that can activate a part of you that already believes you are not perfect enough. So, how can such an experience help you become your best self?  Join host Arlene Arnold and Leslie Romine to discuss how color can show you how to turn criticism into spiritual strength.




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    Processing Criticism, Heckling & Unpleasant things

    in Health

    As a teenager, it's hard to disassociate from things that are said to you on the field, turf or court. Siera and Colleen give you 3 simple things to remember to shine bright and be a powerful individual in athletics and in life! Listen in!

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    Facing Criticism in the Oil Industry

    in Lifestyle

    All of us who have spent any time in the oilfield have endured criticism of some sort.  Usually it stems from environmental purposes, and from lack of education.  As a family, we have moved more times then we should following the industry, and have endured an awful lot of rejection and negative behavior, just simply because of our career choice.  For example, when we first moved into the boom town that we currently reside in, cost of living was a direct reflection of oilfield judgment.  Rent is outrageous, and the first question they ask before you are even allowed to look at a home, is if you are oilfield.  If you reply yes, rent seems to go up, or the deposite is higher.  If you want to take your camper to the local campground for a vacation, they assume you are oilfield looking for living accommodations in their facility and the price goes up.  I may be just an average person, but I cant help but wonder, why on earth, any of that should matter... as if oilfield money is dirty or something... money is money, it spends the same no matter where it comes from.  This episode is going to focus on how we handle these uncomfortable situations.  Take the time to listen, add to the conversation by joining our live chat, or email at gypsylyn@hotmail.com , tell me your story or input on the subject and I will do my best to incorporate it into our program. Also, feel free to send a shout out to anyone who may be listening!! 
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    Is it Criticism or Feedback ?

    in Business

    Transformations ~ Straight Talk about Life, Business, & Spirituality

    Today Carly Alyssa Thorne and Rick Zanotti talk about perceptions and how to deal with people. Topics include social media rants, internet anonymity, communicating clearly and some management techniques for dealing with perceptual conflicts between people.

    You Can Also see our Video Show Version at:

    Carly Alyssa Thorne
    Website: http://www.CarlyAlyssaThorne

    Rick Zanotti
    Website: http://www.relatecasts.com

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    Criticism of Olivia Pope & Being Mary Jane: Judgemental or Justified?

    in Current Events

    We will be discussing the criticism of two top rated shows on T.V.! These two shows both have African-American actresses as the main characters and each week they leave us wanting more and when they are on hiatus for the season we are having withdrawls. But why are some so critical of these fictional characters? Is it life imitating art or the other way around. Let's discuss fact and fiction of Scandal and Being Mary Jane! Are there some real life Olivia Popes and Mary Janes out there?

  • 01:01

    Self-deprecation: Hiding Your Light

    in Spirituality

    Back by popular demand, tonight's show is a re-broadcast about self-hatred or self-loathing. If we can limit people’s capacity to see us, we can hide the beacon we truly are. For many of us, this tendency stems from a shy or wounded inner child. Tune in this week as Nancy Herold and I discuss suppressed sensitivities because of our personal life experiences. Self-criticism is supported by internal self-talk, which brings to awareness our negative self-judgments. Many of us have honed his internal critic because of the judgment we received from others. Tonight’s show is about healing our inner critic. During this show we’re taking the blinders off and making a conscious effort to reframe our self-talk. The Soul’s Intent is for us to stand in our own light so we can naturally fulfill that which we came here to do.

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