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    Spiritual Integration Initiative with RJ Palmer and Cristina Smith

    in Health

    Join us in the Subtle Energy Salon as EME Wisdom Council member contemplative RJ Palmer in this introduction to his Spiritual Integration Initiative. This beautiful online program of global prayer and healing offers Sundays dedicated to creating:

    A place for those requesting healing to offer their names (spiritual names or other handles are acceptable). A birth date and location may also be helpful).
    A place for healers to add their presence and any time frames of commitment if appropriate,
     A place for attendees who are using this time for personal development and/or as an offering of support to the field of intention.
    A space for results to be reported

    Even if the term spirit may carry some baggage, the healers already well know its association with energy as a life force or soul force is historically accurate - and as understood through thousands of years of tradition in over 60 cultures around the world.Join RJ as he reveals his vision and invites you to participate.

    Your host is Cristina Smith of the Subtle Energy Center.


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    Joy in the Matrix with Melissa Joy Jonsson and Cristina Smith

    in Health

    Take a brilliant journey into the nature of change and reality to discover the power you have within you to transform and realize your True Authentic Self (TAS). Matrix Energetics International president and author of M-Joy Practically Speaking: Matrix Energetics and Living Your Infinite Potential, Melissa Joy Jonnson serves as a guide to help you discover your truth as a limitless being, which is found within the heart, noticed as joy, and available for you to experience in every moment of every day.

    Melissa Joy is best known for her ability to engage people from all over the world to embrace their true authentic power through accessing universal consciousness by playing in the field of the heart. She has a unique perspective on how we are able to experience living joyfully and loving completely from a state of grace.

    Melissa has been teaching Matrix Energetics transformational seminars to people from all over the world since 2008. She is also the founder and instructor of the ‘M-Joy Of Being’ seminar series dedicated to practical personal empowerment for extraordinary living. M-Joy Of Being’ is a unifying movement in global consciousness to facilitate an integration and synthesis of the divine feminine and divine masculine inherent in everyone.

    Melissa Joy is passionate about inspiring others to realize their True Authentic Self (TAS) with practical, creative, and powerful wisdom that she embodies every day.

    Join Subtle Energy Center's CEO Cristina Smith in the Subtle Energy Salon as we explore and play in the magnificent matrix.


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    Tuning Your Spiritual Mojo with Nyelin Castleton and Cristina Smith

    in Health

    We are going to have big fun with Nyelin and Cristina. Founder and custodian of the Inner Library, Nyelin is amazing! He has been a practitioner for more than 20 years, harmoniously utilizing 22 modalities. His natural gift is seeing the auric field, meridian flows and chakra imbalances. In the early 1990’s he started to study the auric field and mapping out what he was seeing, recording every treatment with every client. This soon became a modality in its own right- Aura Therapy.

    We will talk about Aura Therapy, causally-based healing and how to get your mojo going.

    Cristina Smith is the Chief Energy Officer of the Subtle Energy Center and she and Nyelin both serve on the Energy Medicine Exchange Wisom Council.

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    Subtle Energy Encounter with Beth Cosmos & Cristina Smith

    in Health

    Beth and Cristina will talk about Ama-Deus, a method of energy healing that was preserved for millenia by a tribe of Guarani in South America. We will discuss being a lineage holder, the key to healing and the frequency of newborns.
    Click here to check out Ama-Deus: Healing with the Sacred Energy of the Universe on Amazon.com.
    Your host, Cristina Smith, is a contributor to 27 Flavors of Fulfillment, award winning medical intuitive and founder of the Subtle Energy Center.

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    ISSSEEM-The Next Generation with Dr. Ann Nunley and Cristina Smith

    in Health

    Join Dr. Ann Nunley as she shares with us the new and somewhat unique structure and focus of the venerable annual Conference and on International Society for the Studies of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine in general.

    Ann holds a Masters of Fine Arts degree and a Doctorate in Energy Medicine and Transpersonal Psychology.  Her passion has been to explore paths of understanding through art, ecological architecture, study, meditation, nature, inner work, outer work, and prayer.  Her relationship with four amazing children (and now grandchildren and great-grandchildren) has been a significant part of that path.  She has spent two and a half decades evolving an Integration Chart and other concepts in support of the Inner Counselor Process (ICP).  The outcome of this work has been an effective system for self-directed growth and tangible transformation in body, emotions, and spirit.  Ann has presented keynotes and workshops at Energy Medicine and Psychology conferences such as ACEP, NICABM, and ISSSEEM.  She served as Co-President of ISSSEEM and sat for many years on its Board of Directors.  She currently serves as the CEO of ISSSEEM and Academics Dean at Holos University Graduate Seminary.


    Your host, Cristina Smith, is the Chief Energy Officer of the Subtle Energy Center and co-founder of the Energy Medicine Exchange.

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    Amazing Energy with Edd Edwards and Cristina Smith

    in Health

    Edd Edwards has being doing energy works since he was an infant. We will explore how subtle energy can work to help you heal your life, the special gifts that are available to us if we could only discover them and how to feel the healing energy available to you freely flowing from the universal source .Edd L. Edwards was born and raised in Clayton, Georgia, a small town in the northeastern part of the state in beautiful Rabun County. He lives there to this day, operating a custom photo and printing studio that he inherited from his grandparents.

    At this point Edd began deliberately interacting with people who were ill or in pain, trying different kinds of pulse patterns and experimenting with patterns of energy waves until the pain or illness was relieved. He found that it made no difference if he was working with someone one on one, or with many people at once. His healing gift was effective whether he was in the same room as the receiver, or miles removed. He has found that he is able to transmit the healing energy on the phone, on the internet, over the radio – there do not seem to be any limitations.

    It is humanity’s great blessing that he feels this way and continues to want only to share his gift.

    Cristina is the CEO of Subtle Energy Center and noted Medical Intuitive.



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    Global Psychics & Healers presents Lynne Smith

    in Spirituality

    Lynne works remotely.  She is a Grand Master of Belvaspata, healing of the heart, Grand Master of the Runes, cards that provide guidance from within. These cards are truly magical for your life. She works with Fragrance Alchemy, new oils that have been preserved from the time of the pharaoh’s that are here now to use, for clearing the body of all the negative emotions, obsolete beliefs and trauma. 

    ??“I am truly honoured and humbled to have been given this new gift, which has proven to help numerous people in many different ways. Many new healing modalities that have come in, are connected with the angelic realms. Working with these high levels of etheric angels and being a cauldron for them to work through me, and with me, is truly a blessing.” Lynne

    Since 2006 we have been going through, as a planet, many vibrational shifts. This also raises the vibration of our planet along with the consciousness level of humanity, animals, plants, etc. New and different methods of healing were now needed that held the potency or effectiveness needed to help people change at all levels…..emotionally, releasing beliefs and patterns, and most importantly, at a cellular level…and out of linear time.

    There are now 23 countries around the globe with practitioners working with these new tools and modalities with wonderful results for humanity, animals and all aspects of our earth. When people come to see Lynne, they are amazed at how quickly the tools and processes begin to work. 

    free readings time permitting



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    A Chat in the Garden w. Monique A.J. Smith

    in Self Help

    Dorianne Johnson, newly hired Athletic Director at Wilberforce University, brings several experiences to her role at this Historically Black University, said to be oldest in the country.  Johnson, was a Division I basketball player at Ole Miss, a coach and administrator in the SWAC HBCU Conference, and now enters this NAIA member institution as a first time Athletic Director.  We will discover how her experiences led to this great opportunity, who are her personal Board of Directors and her plans for 2016 and beyond.

    Join us on A Chat in the Garden with Monique A. J. Smith at 11:30 am est Come listen and celebrate our guest’s career path, her advice for others and her current initiatives. Right here On A Chat in the Garden with Monique A J Smith, where Significances Blooms via  347-989-8385 or www.chatinthegarden.com

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    American Freedom Watch Radio - KCarl Smith - Black Conservativism

    in Politics

    Welcome to American Freedom Watch Radio with Karen Schoen and John Estabrooks

    Impeachment Update with Karen Bracken Visit cactn.weebly.com

    Black Conservativism with KCarl Smith : Fredrick Douglass Republican - Former U.S. Army officer and a graduate of Alabama A&M University. KCarl is the President and Founder of  Frederick Douglass Republicans and Frederick Douglass Institute for Liberty. Author of best-selling book, Frederick Douglass Republicans: The Movement to Re-Ignite America’s Passion for Liberty. KCarl is also the creator of the powerfully effective Frederick Douglass Republican Engagement Methodology. It’s a unique messaging concept that embraces the four life-empowering values of Douglass and employs the diversity engagement strategy of Apostle Pau. KCarl presentations serve as a "beacon of hope" for those who hold Liberty in high esteem.  KCarl,"My quest is to re-ignite America’s passion for liberty".  Visit http://frederickdouglassrepublican.com/


    Knowledge is Power - Truth - Education, Conversation, Action

    Take Action and Make a Difference

    Like us: facebook.com/Americanfreedomwatchradio and agenda21enders

    Twitter: @agenda21enders

    karenschoen .com

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    The Great Delusion

    in Spirituality

    I'll be talking about the what has happen to the Church, and the new found condition of America today, as well as it poltical system, and the coming of The New World Order. If you don't hear my talk show live, you can alway go to www.blogtalkradio.com/rgns to hear pre-recorded talk show at your convenient. 

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    Beethoven in Love: Opus 139 with Award-winning Writer, Howard Jay Smith

    in Self Help

    Howard Jay Smith is an award-winning writer. His newest and third book is entitled, “Beethoven In Love; Opus 139.” He taught for many years in the UCLA Extension Writer’s Program and has lectured nationally. His articles and photographs have appeared in the Washington Post, Horizon, The Journal of the Writer’s Guild of America, and numerous trade publications.

    While an executive at ABC Television, Embassy TV and Academy Home Entertainment, Howard worked on numerous film, television, radio and commercial projects. He serves on the board of directors of the Santa Barbara Symphony and is a member of the American Beethoven Society.  Visit www.beethoveninloveopus139.com.

    Get the Off the Grid Into the Heart CD by Sister Jenna.  Like America Meditating on FB & follow us on Twitter.  Visit our website at www.meditationmuseum.org.  Download our free Pause for Peace App for Apple or Android.