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    Writing a Book for Instant Credibility

    in Entrepreneur

    As part of the Success Tsunami Summit, Ronnie Tsunami interviews Tea-lover, Award Finalist & Bestselling Author, Cherry-Ann Carew aka The Power Writing Coach, Editor and Founder of Writetastic Solutions, about how to write a book to gain instant credibility.

    She is passionate about helping Authors, Speakers, Experts and Service providers bring out their creative expression to write, publish and market their books to use for lead generation, share a message, or entertain.

    After immigrating to the US, Cherry-Ann worked as copy editor and acquisition editor before focusing her attention on writing and she does not only author her own books, but she has co-authored several, including, “How The Fierce Handle Fear – Secrets To Succeeding In Challenging Times,” that includes, Donald Trump, business magnate, investor, television personality and author, and Jack Canfield, co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series.

    Claim Your 2 Free Gifts from Cherry-Ann:

    “Publish a Book: Demonstrate Your Expertise & Authority” – Get it HERE
    Have Your Manuscript Critiqued – Get it HERE

    To listen to other presentations from the Success Tsunami Summit, visit www.successtsunamisummit.com. 

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    Flip Tip #022: Create Your Credibility Package for Private Money

    in Real Estate

    To be effective at raising private money for your real estate business, you simply must convey your credibility to others properly. Even if you're a super star, unless you properly 'sell' yourself and your achievements, you're going to struggle to convince others. In this FlipNerd.com Flip Tip, Mark Hanf, President of Pacific Private Money shares his advice on how to prepare an effective credibility package. To see the full Flip Tip, please visit: http://flipnerd.com/credibility-to-raise-private-money/

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    President Petulant has lost all credibility

    in Politics

    With the on-going scandals and debacles in the Presidents administration and his own personal lies.  He has lost any credibility he may have once had.

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    Is America Losing Credibility Around the Globe?

    in Current Events

    Is America's credibility down the toilet like Obama's poll numbers? Are foreign governments around the globe laughing at us? John LeBoutillier weighs in with Joe.
    Have you had your healthy dose of reality lately? There are always at least two sides to every story. Have you ever wondered how someone, who saw the same thing you did, walked away telling a vastly different story? Which version was correct? Which one was the REAL story? Actually, both are! It’s just a matter of perspective. Joe takes the issues… especially the controversial issues (politics, prejudice, religion, illegal immigration)… and brings in people from different sides to share their viewpoint. This is definitely not a fluff piece. And while no one is attacked, the questions are hard-hitting. But the conversation is always respectful and you’re sure to learn something new, even if you don’t agree! If you’ve always wondered how the “other side” thinks and how they’ve arrived at their “stand”, then this is the show for you! 
    It’s not the right side, it’s not the wrong side, but the REAL side of the issues!

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    How God Confirms His Credibility to the World

    in Christianity

     What is a prophet? What is he sent to do? Peter describes prophets as “holy men of God [who] spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit” (2 Peter 1:21). But is that the whole story? “The Hebrew word for prophet, nabi, means ‘one who announces or brings a message from God.’ Our word ‘prophet’ has essentially the same meaning, one who speaks by divine inspiration as the interpreter or spokesman of God, whether it be a message of duty, a warning or a prediction of future events.

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    Kingdom Keys: Christian Leadership - S2 Develop Geniune Trust & Credibility

    in Christianity

    Donna Wortham, CEO, Christian Life Coach & Host with Apostle Paulius Amoa-Kodie  & Rev. Betty Shelby discuss Series 2: Develop Geniune Trust and Credibility.

    Seven Keys to Strong Christian Leadership

    1.Worship, Relationship, and Covenant with God

    2.Develop Genuine Trust and Credibility

    3.Sharing the Vision with Concise Clarity

    4.Help Followers to Succeed – Christian Coaching and Mentoring

    5.Communicating and Listening

    6.Make Decisions and Be Accountable

    7.Remain Under The Control of God


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    Credibility - Do you have any?

    in Social Networking

    Credibility - Do you have any?
    Definition of CREDIBILITY
    1: the quality or power of inspiring belief <an account lacking in credibility>
    Are you aware of the little ways you damage your reputation and your business? Here's how to maintain your self-respect and that of others. 
    I'm sure you have either heard or said at one time or another the phrase, "Do as I say, not as I do." The phrase is so overused, in fact, that people generally consider it to be. Folks badger their kids with it and toss it out as advice to their friends. But in business and relationships this attitude can have lasting negative effects on credibility.
    It's possible, even when you are trying extra hard not to, to undermine your own credibility in the work environment. Sometimes it's by saying stupid things before you carefully think through the repercussions of the idea and statement.  But the biggest single cut to your credibility is hypocrisy. I witness so many daily incidents.
    Dr. Ivan Misner say's networking is about relationship. Use your credibility and you lose your relationship. Which is priceless.
    Know now your credibility is everything. Losing it can costs you more than you know.
    Let's Talk

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    Mari Smith: Facebook Marketing Expert

    in Marketing

    Mari Smith is one of the world’s top social media thought leaders, widely recognized for her Facebook marketing expertise.

    She is the author of The New Relationship Marketing and co-author of Facebook Marketing: An Hour A Day.

    Fast Company described Mari as, “A veritable engine of personal branding, a relationship marketing whiz and Pied Piper of the Online World.”

    Forbes named Mari one of the top ten Social Media Power Influencers several years in a row, and Dun & Bradstreet Credibility named Mari one of the top ten Most Influential Small Business People on Twitter. 

    Mari’s background includes over twelve years in the fields of relationships, marketing and Internet technology.

    As a passionate social media leader, Mari travels the US and internationally to provide engaging social media keynotes and in-depth training to entrepreneurs and corporations.

    A self described “bubbly Scottish-Canadian,” Mari lives in San Diego, California.


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    in Business

    http://www.instantcustomer.com/go/83965 join the show and you can learn how to Build your platform by publishing your book on recognized,global distribution channels, Use the 5-step mini Book Creation Formula,Scope,Design,Create,Edit,Format.Publish Your Book Using Amazon KDP,Create Your Author Page on Amazon KDP. Create Your 1-Page Book Setting Page. Create Your Mini PR Kit-Ubiquity Footprint,Expert page,social media,author page,bio,photo,Sizzle reel,Tool Free Vanity Number,Awards & Reviews.Facts-The average author in America can expect to sell 500 books,unless they employ additional,outside,proven distribution strategies.Less than 2% of books published are commercially viable.The opportunity-with a strategic presence online and the tools and strategies that make up Tempe Lead Generation System,you can strtegically reach previously to a select few.Patricia Gagic 

    International Artist, Author, Entrepreneur, Humanitarian

    Born in Canada with European roots, she was always motivated to succeed. With only a high school diploma and experience from three part time jobs, she moved to Toronto, Ontario and began the journey into “The Old Boys Network” of Canadian Banking. At age 25, she had climbed the corporate ladder to Senior Management.

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