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    Teko's Corner- Cold Water Cover Up

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    COLD WATER COVER UP.  'LETS TALK ABOUT IT'  What are you views on Relationship, homosexuality,spirituality,bad break up, and same sex marriage.

    Teko's Corner is that place where you can always go when your back is against the wall and life has you trapped.

    Surving and thriving while in the corner is no stranger to Teko. Sometimes you simply have to take it to the corner! 

    Tune in every other Monday at 9PM ET/8pm CT as Teko's Team tackles one email plea for help and then searches the community to connect resources to meet the need.



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    Part 2 of Red, White, and Screwed : The Pentagon Rape Cover Up.

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    Tune in for Part 2 of Red, White, and Screwed : The Pentagon Rape Cover Up.

    Raped In The Military: A National Security Issue.

    Join in the conversation (5p CST/6p EST/3p PST)

    Dr. John Johnson will reveal more of the unbelievable details surrounding Lavena Johnson’s ( his daughter) vicious and mysterious  murder of 2005 while serving in Iraq  .

    Private LaVena Johnson’s death in 2005 was written off as a suicide.  However, when her father Dr. John Jonson viewed her remains, he could see the makings of a cover –up.  It was apparent that LaVena Johnson suffered a brutal and vicious attack resulting in her death.  Acid appear to have been poured on her genitalia and her hands were burned with white gloves glued to them.  Some of her teeth were loose, one eye was concave, bruises covered her body, and her nose was broken.  The ballistics did not add up and the revolver-sized exit wound was on the wrong side of her skull for a right-handed woman to have pulled the trigger.  

    Click the links for more on the story of Private LaVena Johnson





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    South Dakota Governor & Attorney General Caught in Cover-Up

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    BREAKING: South Dakota's Governor Dennis Daugaard and AG Marty Jackley have created a massive months-long cover-up. Their coverup involves the abuse of a dead man as a scapegoat and red herring, the intentional misuse of tens of thousands of dollars of state funds, and almost a year's worth of bold and malicious lies. Their abuses, which I'll outline in today's show, are malicious to the point that Attorney General Jackley should recuse himself from all EB-5 investigations as well as the investigation into Benda's death and resign immediately.

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    A PRECIOUSLY MAGNIFICENT SAVING EXPECTATION was since the dawn of HUMAN FALL mandated  to be the MUTUAL HOPE of the PEOPLE of FAITH FOREVER!   It was prophesied in ADVANCE how long BEFORE these LATTER DAYS, the RULERS  would MURDEROUSLY SILENCE to SLANDER this TRUE EXPECTATION!    For MANY GENERATIONS a WORLD has hardly considered how at the POINT of a  SWORD it was PERSECUTED to concede after the lawLESSnees of a COUNTERFIET RELIGION wholly opposed to the TRUTH of the SAVIOR!   Across some 45,000 DENOMINATIONS and 280+ NATIONS, the PEOPLES for MANY GENERATIONS no longer discerning PURE PERFECT RIGHTEOUSNESS of YAH have preferencially REFUSED to know HOW LONG ALL HUMANITY has been FALLEN AWAY from the SAVING FAITH!   NOT KNOWING the RIGHTEOUSNESS of YAH, men have trusted a DEVIL'S SIDE OF THE STORY!   Yet because we were warned this WORLD is a LIE, NO MAN can SERVE YAH till he KNOWS and OBEYS the TRUTH!   Till man eceives the GIFT CALL of YAH HIMSELF to DISCERN DIVINE DISCRETION, NO MAN SERVES TRULY the ONE MOST HIGH!   The very fact that PASTORS do not avidly PREPARE the PEOPLES in HOPE for the PROPHESIED EVENT when EVERY PRETENDER is EXPOSED; is EVIDENCE of a MASSIVE GLOBAL COVER-UP!    It is a SHAME that RARE FEW know of WHOM it is declared, "LET THE WAY OF THE KING OF THE EAST BE PREPARED!"

    Granted chance to discern beyond GLOBAL PRETENSE, only they who REDISCOVER and will NOW CRY ALOUD concerning the TRUTH that has long been HID have any real HOPE of being FORGIVEN of this AGE of TRANSGRESSION!   The TRUE FRIENDS of YAH will DO ALL that HE has commanded.  Therefore WHOSE SERVANT is he whose SILENCE preserves the SCHEMES of TREACHEROUS RULERS which ENSLAVE the BRETHREN to draw HASTY UNJUST CONCLUSIONS?   All who refuse to know the TRUTH and thus are SILENT, are yet COMPLICIT SERVANTS of MURDEROUS SILENCERS!  

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    Corruption, Controversy, Cover-Up; IRS Scandal For Dummies.

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    I have not done a political podcast for a while. mostly because my views have been changing quite a bit over the last 4 months. Listen to the full recording to hear me describe the evolution of my political perspective in a little more detail. Why cover this? Considering my platform, and position on the current […]

    The post Corruption, Controversy, Cover-Up; IRS Scandal For Dummies. appeared first on Raymmar.com. You can read more from Raymmar here Raymmar Tirado

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    Nixon Cover-Up vs. Benghazi and IRS Cover-Ups

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    * * Special Time Tonight * * Regular Time Next Monday President Nixon was forced out of office for corrupting a Presidenital Election.  President Obama has also Corrupted our Presidential Election and should removed from office. The Benghazi and the IRS Cover-Ups also corrupted a Presidential Election.  President Obama should also be forced out of office for corrupting a Presidential Election.  The events of the Benghazi Cover-Up is not only the corruption of our Presidential Election, it is also an act of Treason that aided the enemy and killed Americans. The IRS Cover-up also corrupted our Presidential Election and elections of both Houses of Congress and many State and Local Elections. Then there is the SuperPACs that Corrupt ALL of our Elections. We the People vs The Ballot Box Establishment Who Owns the Ballot Box? The Corruption of American Elections is a Direct Reflection of the Moral Decay of the American People and the American Culture.

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    Kendrick Johnson’s death Why the cover up?

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    Your Host BadGirl PollyAnna talks about Kendrick Johnson's case. On January 11, 2013, 17-year-old Kendrick Johnson was found dead in his high school gymnasium, his body inside a rolled-up cheerleading mat. After a nearly fourth-month investigation, police declared his death an accident. Their theory was that Kendrick had climbed on top of one of the gym mats, and got stuck upside down in it while trying to reach for a shoe that had fallen inside. They told the family that the autopsy performed showed no evidence of foul play.



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    The Ongoing Benghazi Cover-Up

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    Lee talks about The Embasy Housr and the media's role in the ongoing Benghazi cover-up.

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    013 - Hey You - Call Us - It's OK To Cover Up Child Abuse In PA

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    Warning!!!  EXPLICIT CONTENT!
    Welcome to Atheists On Air's daily podcast. This will be much shorter than our weekly wrap up. Almost daily we plan to bring you a 30 minute update of the most outrageous and newsworthy stories regarding Church State Separation issues, religious nuttery, black collar crime and humanist, atheist and skeptic news. 

    We welcome callers and encourage Christian callers. Call in during the show and talk to us live: 
    (646) 716-6404


    Call in to our voicemail line and leave us a message - 828.565.1262

    Prefer Spreaker?  www.Spreaker.com/atheists - Listen Live

    Visit our website at www.AOA.fm

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