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    Talk Back Tuesdays: Loving a man through grief. How Much, is too Much?

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    As we continue to identify specific behaviors women can practice to love a man through his grief, the question raised is “how much is too much?”  In relationships it’s common for one partner to act out their frustrations of a hard day on the ones closet to you.  In the case of men who are grieving the loss of employment, pride, masculinity, and even the loss of a child to death, one way to deal with this is to lash out at the wife, girlfriend, or live in lover.

    In last week shows we introduced the topic of grief /loss, signs and symptoms in mothers, women, fathers and men. It brought us to this point where we recognize by default women have more emotional support available to them then their male counterparts. Many women of various ages and cultures question how to support a grieving man, and how to recognize when the support can become enabling, co-dependent, or a hindrance to grow, and emotional healing.

    Join us on Talk Back Tuesdays with 3 Counselors and a Couch.  Men we would love to hear from you on how we as women can be the support you need to make it through difficult times.

    Lets answer questions like “ Is sex a healthy or harmful distraction for men who are dealing with grief and loss?”  Come get on the couch. 


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    Still Loving Men: Are your standards too high to date a Felon?

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    We have heard many women say I don’t have a man because………., and the common denominator in that laundry list of ALONENESS is the issue of many men having one or more felonies, and signignificant time spent in the penitentiary.  According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics the correctional men population in the U.S 1,352 per 100,000 and from 1980 to 2008, the number of people incarcerated in America quadruped from about 500,000 to 2.3 million people.  One in six black men had been incarcerated as of 2001; if this current trend continues, one in three black males born today can expect to spend time in prison during his lifetime.  Meanwhile, one in one hundred African American women are in prison. 
    Some women say it is beneath their standard.  Some say having a felony shouldn’t matter, yet others say it depends on the type of felony.  Other debatable issues include the idea, everyone who goes to jail are not always guilty, and if they are what about his character and his repentance?  What about our ability to forgive to be forgiven? 
    Women who are open to the idea of dating men with a felony and women who marry incarcerated men are labeled as desperate, with self-esteem issues, is this true?  She must believe she can “fix” the man, or she will have no competition from other women because of his circumstances.  In contrast, there’re women who are genuinely accepting and believe in second chances and that true love overpowers all.
    The list continues……., so come get on the couch with 3 Counselors and a Couch on TALK BACK TUESDAYS for more.  Call in/logon, bring a friend, tell your friends, and men and women you just know will benefit from sharing our thoughts, feeling and experiences. Remember, together we can do more than being a part.
    Holla Back on Talk Back with the counselors! 


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    Talk Back Tuesdays: How to love a man through his loss?

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    Welcome to the month of June, which hosts Father’s Day Celebration.  3 Counselors and a Couch dedicate the entire month to celebrating fathers and men.  If men are from Mars and women are from Venus, how then do we help one another through difficult times like grief and loss? During the month of May we identified the cause and effects of grieving women and mothers.  Considering women are encouraged to continue to move on to other responsibilities regardless of the loss experienced, men are not even welcomed to acknowledge grief of any kind.  When men loose their job, home, family, freedom, respect, and a child by death, what do they do?  Many experts on the subject easily identify men handle their emotions different from women, yet their methods are usually labeled as wrong, dysfunctional, unhealthy or non existent.  If women understand that men grief differently then how can women judge their process as right or wrong?  If men are 4 times more likely to commit suicide then women dealing with depression, according to the Bloomberg view, what can we do to better support men through their loss?


    Come get on the couch with 3 Counselors and a Couch.  Bring a friend to discuss how can we love a man through loss on Talk Back Tuesdays with the counselors.

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    ASCA's Dr Eric Sparks with an update for school counselors on this important subject k_12 Important for school boards and adminsitrators too. 

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    Talk Back Tuesday: Can Grief be considered a mental illness?

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    President Obama, proclaimed May as Mental Health Awareness month.  Organizations like NAMI National Alliance for the Mentally Ill, is the largest grassroots organization dedicated to educating the public, and support loved ones, family members, and neighbors of those affected by mental illness.

    Last week on talk back Tuesday, we decided to turn mothers day into a month of celebration by offering the gift of freedom from the burden of grief. Many of our listeners expressed the complication of when or if grief has an end date.  Mothers admitted the pain of loosing a child from 5 up to15 years ago could still hurt like the loss was yesterday.  Therefore, the counselors feel compelled to continue sharing insight on this complicated experience that is so prevalent in our society

    This week we will discuss the terms “Prolonged Grief / Bereavement-Related Disorder, as a classified mental illness.  Lets answer this question, “Can Prolonged Grief be considered a mood disorder for diagnosing and treatment such as depression and anxiety? What would this mean?” Call your best friend, your mother, auntie, sister, cousin, daughter and the men in your life. Let’s talk about Mothers being happy, joyous, and free this Tuesday with 3 counselors and a couch. Come get on the Couch!


    And because a mother’s primary focus is her family, we will dedicate the next week shows on grief and the family dynamics, i.e. the mother’s spouse and other children. 


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    Talk Back Tuesdays: Relationship Series-Food

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    Did you know that up to 80% of of your food is genetically modified? Do you know what Palm Oil is and that it is in majority of your food? According to Forbes, "the U.S. is the most expensive healthcare in the World and ranks dead last in quality, access, efficiency, equity, and healthy lives. "

    Is it worth it to say:
    "I can't afford to buy healthy foods"
    "I can't make time to cook"
    "I can't stop eating fast foods/processed foods/sugar"

    Wouldn't it be more logical to choose foods that are medicinal and not poisonous? Every time you say "I Can't" you make a decision saying " I will not."


    Come get on the COUCH...as we talk about your RELATIONSHIP with FOOD. We will discuss these things and much more and give you 10 things you can do TODAY to work toward a Healthier Lifestyle.


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    Talk Back Tuesdays: Hello Grief, Goodbye Sorrow! Its a New Day

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    Celebrating Mothers Everyday! And what about the Baltimore mother yesterday? It's the month of May and Mothers have one day.  Women function in many roles that include, the secure, and sometimes-tumultuous task of Motherhood. Grief is a short word that describes variant degrees of loss.  It could be as simple as losing a favorite pair of shades, to disappointing a child by not keeping your word, then the ultimate losses, such as loosing a child.  The many hats of Mother (earth) can keep us moving so fast we can feel overwhelmed, emotionally burned out, and just plain ole tired.  Many of use are not able to identify grief as a source of angst, thereby unable to develop skills that allow healing of the heart.  Learning to identify grief can mean the difference between generational trauma, and having love, life, and laughter.  This week on talk back Tuesdays join 3 counselors and a couch as we begin the month of May dedicating issues of health and wellness to the Mothers of this earth.  Whether you have given birth to children, or given the responsibility of molding the mind of a child, its imperative our soil remain fertile without feeding them contaminants that pass throughout generations.  Come get on the Couch!


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    Talk Back Tuesdays: Relationship Series: MONEY

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     Come join us as we discuss how our Relationship with  MONEY is just as important as our other Relationships. Many times we struggle with finances, credit, success, etc because of sutile messages we have heard from childood that are now imbedded and continue to affect our thoughts and processes on how we ATTRACT MONEY or not ATTRACT MONEY into our lives.


    Many times we believe if" I could just hit the lottery" all y problems would disappear. WRONG!!!! Many people are often inpositions of power and money however, if your mentality is not matching you will not be acle to keep it or sustain it. It is important that we discuss how MONEY plays many roles and factors in our lives. How what we think subconsciously comes out in ways we never imagine and how we continue to perpetrate and pass down beliefs and thought patterns for generations.

    Come Get on the COUCH!!! As we discuss how to change your Relationship with MONEY!!!! We even have the opportunity to help you restore your credit and make money in the process. We can help you change your mindset and that of your families. 

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    Talk Back Tuesdays: Relationship Series-Happiness during Menopause

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    Why does it seem like mothers did more in preparing their daughters for puberty, and not so much for the second change in a woman’s life called menopause?  Even as adults, the most women may say out loud is the acknowledgment of just hot flashes. This narrow view perpetuates the ignorance of younger women to believe hot flashes will be the worst of this aging process, whereas no more menstrual cycles will be the celebration to many years of anatomic torture.  Therefore, we are ill prepared for the up and down mood swings, the constant irritability, low tolerance, loss of memory, inability to concentrate, and confusion over the most basic things in everyday life.  The drastic changes in eating and sleep patterns along with changes in physical appearance (mostly by weight gain) begin to diminish what was once a healthy self esteem.  The most baffling symptom of these listed would be the high sex drive that tries to come out through all these and other barriers too much to list.

    Women start to become recognized by society as a Cougar, Mom gone crazy, divorcee, depressed, neurotic, angry, bitchy etc. In histories past, doctors called this stage of life  “the lonely wife syndrome.” Unfortunately doctors today sometimes misdiagnose this stage and simply label woman as depressed or having an anxiety disorder. It’s also unfortunate that the health profession minimizes this female experience as a hormonal imbalance that can simply be rectified by hormone replacement therapy. The latter has been linked to cancer, which made the issue so crippling that it’s just not talked about among women, who have taken to suffering in silence.

    Come get on the COUCH and bring a Friend


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    TALK BACK TUESDAYS: The Freedom Fighters, The Baltimore Riots!!!!

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    Why do you want to be on the front line and put your life in danger?

    Yesterday in the Westside of Baltimore MD, some young high school children planned a protest in response to the brutal death of Freddie Gray once again by the police.  Why has it come down to the children giving a response?  Why did the news spend all day focusing on the riots and not the escalating frustration of historical marginalization, oppression, and violent attacks against African American males? Why are there so many excuses used by African Americans to justify not mobilizing against these assassinations? Why are we still talking and not doing?  Where are the freedom fighters for 2015 the flash back of 1968? These unjust murders are a state of EMERGENCY and we have no more time to answer these questions and so many others. Let’s talk about how we can mobilize on talk back Tuesdays with 3 counselors and a couch. Come get on the Couch!

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    Talk Back Tuesdays: The Effects of Technology on the MIND!!!!

    in Self Help

    Join us as we Host 2 shows in 1 with 3 Counselors and a Couch, Catana Cairo Qween Quan and her Co-Host Juarez J Jackson as we discuss how Technology Effects the Mind we will talk on everything from nanotech to blogging.

    We will look at both the positive and negative effects of technology. What it does to our focus and concentration, memorization, insomnia, impulse control, and creativity. We will examine the neurotransmitters in the brain and how they actually respond and change over time with increased experiences and stimuli.

    It's going to be a GREAT SHOW with a 2 FOR 1. So our number never changes 347-850-8612 or 646.478.3474 with A Taste of Technology. Let's blow the phone lines up. Tuesdays 8-10 pm EST. Come Get on the COUCH!!!!