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    Youth Session with The Council of Elders Part One

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    The Council of Elders was called in by a group of local young people to answer some pressing questions. One young man gathered the questions from his friends and we arranged for Red to come to answer them.
     He lays it out, no punches pulled. These kids have a big, big job ahead and they need support.
     Red says, “You don’t have a lot of elders here to help do you?..”No we do not.” they answer.

     We grown-ups need to step up to the plate and help turn things around here before we leave. The kids need our help, now.  

    When can we expect Global awakening?
    What are the world leaders doing?
    Why is there extreme anxiety amoung teens and young adults?
    They asked about help from different sources, like crystals, spirit guides,.
    What about ‘Indigo kids’ what is that about?

    He tells them.
    “..everybody is pushing us down this path, and it’s a cliff! We don’t want to there. That’s what you have to do is say ‘We’re not going there. We refuse to go there and we refuse to bring humanity with us!
    Because the big secret that nobody told you is that YOU ARE the makers of the future generations, isn’t that so?
     That’s a lot of power isn’t it?
     To stand there and say ‘I hold the future for my DNA line, I hold it, it’s in me! I hold the future for my community, my society, for whatever it is, wherever you are standing to say, “That’s the power I've got, I’m holding the future and I get to decide the direction it’s going to go in. .and it’s a tough power to grapple with! isn’t it?

  • October 2015 Andromeda Council Update

    in Spirituality

    Karen Cressman - Spiritual Interpreter, Self Empowerment Coach, Author & Speaker - who brings forth wisdom from other realms, along with Marc Himmelstein from Healing 4 Inner Peace, talk with representatives and members of the Andromeda Council's Galactic Federation to learn the current status of events happening as the Council supports Earth and humanity in its ascension process. We continue to learn what is next for us now that we are moving forward in the 5th Dimension; what the Council is doing to assist us in creating sustainable practices in our governments, financial markets, healthcare systems, etc.; who the players are in the multiverses working for and against our ascension process, and … how YOU can help.

    Learn more about Karen at http://www.KarenCressman.com,
    or https://twitter.com/KarenCressman

    Learn more about Marcus at: https://www.facebook.com/marcus.healingfourinnerpeace
    or www.blogtalkradio.com/belovenow

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    The supreme council of elders is the legal entity and the legitimate body authorised by law to administer the customary affairs of Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB.

    Generally indigenous people are those that have historically belonged to a particular region or country, before its colonization or transformation into a nation state, and may have different—often unique—cultural, linguistic, traditional, and other characteristics to those of the dominant culture of that region.

     In the light of this, we as Indigenous people of Biafra has through the customary law as enshrined in the Nigeria constitution under the leadership and authority of the Supreme Council of Elders (S.C.E) constituted the Indigenous administration of Biafra people within Nigeria polity to assert and exercise our right to self-determination to ensure the safety of lives and property of our people, to protect our people from continues killings and to guarantee a safe nation where our people can be free, free from economic subjugation, free from social discrimination, free from religious motivated killing, free from terrorism.


    TODAY 12/07/2014 HIGHLIGHT

    How far has SCE reached out to elders Biafra ethnic extraction to be part of SCE since most members are from Ibo extraction? What is their response?

    All Biafra pro groups that comes under the authority of SCE, how are they protected under the law?

    Other views opinions and questions are welcome

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    Eagle Quetzal Condor Gathering Preliminary Meeting

    in Current Events

    A Council of the up coming Eagle Quetzal Condor gathering in North South Central America 2016-2017
    We will be guiding the Next Sponsors and Benefactors to move us into the future of this great movement.
    We are also looking to have a benefit concert but together before the end of 2015 to raise funding for past Due Bills from Aprils gathering. Looking for a Great Video editor to create the next Video of Interviews of the Elders and Planetary advocates.

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    NAVAJO TALK RADIO: GUEST: Miss Nav Nat Alyson Shirley & others

    in Politics

    Special Guest : 2015-16 Miss Navajo Nation, Alyson Shirley, and other Navajo Royalties have been invited.

    And other guests have invited from the Navajo Nation government.

    And finally open Mic night you are welcome being your topic.

    Don't be shy.

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  • The Ombudsman Press Show

    in Elections

    Tonight Bishop LJ Guillory will be joined by Sandra Moss, Richard Alatorre, and Greg Pitts who are all running for the upcoming Election for Compton Unified School Board of Trustees.We will also be joined by Lynwood City Councilwoman Ida Castro and Mr. Jewell Jones, who is running for Inkster City Council in Michigan! Please register to vote by October and please tune in to The Ombudsman Press Show!

    Greg: http://pitts4progress2015@gmail.com  Twitter: @pitts4progress 

    Sandra: www.sandramossforCUSD2015.com Phone #: (424)246-1829  Address: Friends for Sandra Moss POBox 708 Compton, CA 90223

    Find out more about Richard Alatorre right here!

    Read about Jewell Jones' Candidacy here! Phone Number:(313)444-4095

    Support Dr. Shirley McKellar for US Congress Tx01!



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    Truck Driver Health Open Forum - The reality of 'involvement'

    in Health

    Saturday 10-3-15 6pm ET-
    Join us with our guest and co-host, Tom Kyrk of Road Tested Living as we discuss the hottest topics on AskTheTrucker “Live’ Truck Driver Health Open Forum.

    Professional drivers are more aware of the dangers of their compromised food supply, the increase in illnesses such as diagnosed diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and increased autoimmune disease.

     Because of awareness, truckers are now more concerned and actively involved by taking  proactive measures to improve their health. 

    You know who else has announced they are  going to become proactively involved with driver health?  The FMCSA.  On September 21st and 22nd FMCSA's Motor Carrier Safety Advisory Council ( MCSAC) and the Medical Review Board (MRB) opened up discussion regarding the Health and Wellness of the professional Driver.  

    Tonight we will discuss this newly announced involved by the FMCSA and determine if becoming involved with truck driver health and wellness is for the earnest regard of the professional driver? Or.... is it to become just one more way the government will become even more involved with driver lives.

    We’ll also be discussing , unsafe cookware to avoid in your truck, what kind of diet programs to stay away from,  and the new craze on “salts” is there any really any differences?

    Be a part of the show tonight. Call in number is 347-826-9170

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    Guadalupe Arriola, B.A., M.P.A., LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes

    Roberta H Martinez, B.A., M.A., Historian and independent scholar

    Olivia Rosas, B.A., M.A., CSU San Bernardino



    Guadalupe Arriola is currently a Board Member of Plaza de Culturas y Artes in Los Angeles.

    She was the Founder of the Texas Latina List, Political Action Committee to Elect Progressive Latinas 2013.

    She was also the first Latina to run for Fort Worth, City Council 2009, 2011

    Guadalupe was also a former owner operator of four McDonald restaurants and has served in Leadership position in many of community organizations.


    Associate Director, Admissions and Student Recruitment, California State University, San Bernardino, California

    She is responsible for the development, implementation and assessment of recruitment and counseling strategies.

    Olivia also developed and monitored recruitment programs that address specific students’ needs.

    An added responsibility is for her to research and explored grant opportunities related to outreach services and recruitment of students.


    Roberta H Martinez is an independent researcher and does public history presentations.  She has conducted ethnographic interviews in the Latino community members; local general history of the San Gabriel Valley.