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    Lost Arts Radio Show #20 - Special Guest Michelle Rowton

    in Health

    Michelle Rowton, MSN Neonatal Nurse Practitioner - Introducing: Nurses Against Mandatory Vaccines (NAMV)

    Michelle Rowton, MSN, RNC-NIC, C-NPT, NNP-BC, is a Masters-level prepared nurse, a neonatal nurse practitioner with extensive training in functional medicine. She is recognized by the Texas Board of Nursing and licensed as an Advance Practice Nurse. Michelle is also a spokesperson for Nurses Against Mandatory Vaccines, and one of the important voices speaking out in opposition to the massive campaign that has been set into motion worldwide to bring in universal forced vaccination. Nurses were one of the first groups targeted in the U.S. and the flu shot was apparently chosen for the main focus of the initial assault. Nurses Against Mandatory Vaccines was started to give nurses a collective strong and informed voice against the unconstitutional practice of forcing medical treatment on healthcare workers in violation of informed consent. But forcing vaccination or any other medical treatment on people anywhere is unacceptable for the same reasons as is subjecting nurses to this violation of the right to choose or reject any medical treatment for one's own body.

    Please support the work of Nurses Against Mandatory Vaccines (www.namv.org) as they fight for the freedoms that America once stood for. The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution does not allow for this kind of mandatory invasive procedure no matter what the supposed benefits may be. Forced vaccination is also in violation of the Nuremburg Code of 1947, which requires informed consent for any medical procedures. There are no special conditions or "emergencies" which make violation of the U.S. Constitution acceptable in our country.

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    Friday FARcast: Bring On The Flood, Dead Reckoning & Remembering Kenneth Warren

    in Spirituality

    The air is thick with the compulsive dread that spreads like a dark thundercloud before an epic storm. If you can't feel it, you aren't alive.  The administration is pushing hard to pass the TPP, which effectively ends America as we know it, giving title and control, through consent to the major corporations, who will govern commerce and goods with no restrictions and no tarrifs or safeguards for American workers and products.  While Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are beating the drums to raise the minimum wage, they're debating for a hollow platform, an aging paradigm and soon-to-be discarded economic structure.  Rumors of pole shift and tectonic rupture abound.  California is supposed to meet it's demise in just six days, while the Madrid fault shudders and shakes.  More false flag protests are waiting in the wings and an army assembles in the southern states.  What's it all mean and where is it headed?

    We're in a time of reckoning and the spiritual atom smasher, the real CERN is revving up, accelerating the shift in each and every one of us.  I'll be discussing this process and where I think it's headed. 

    I'll also take some time to honor a great person and a very dear friend, Kenneth Warren.  Ken was a writer, social critic, mystic, researcher and communal record keeper.  He was a sage and vizier of the highest order and gracious, humble man. Ken passed yesterday morning.  I am replaying an interview I did with him after he got back from the Vincent Ferrini conference.  Ken was an acolyte of the great, American poet, Charles Olson. His magnum opus work is "Capt. Poetry's Sucker Punch, A Guide To The Homeric Punkhole, 1980 - 2012."

    Please join me.

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    Nerd O'clock Cosplay (Cosplay, Cons etc) / Guests: Wini Glunt & Mushymoo Cosplay

    in Pop Culture

    The Cosplayers of Prop Troopers (www.PropTroopers.com) UNITE to bring you.... 
    Nerd O'clock! 

    A Videocast where we talk about all topics including costume making, prop building, gaming, anime, movies, music, ALL WHILE IN COSPLAY COSTUMES! 
    Tonight's Special Guests: Wini Glunt & Mushymoo Cosplay


    Tonight's Topics: Stigma surrounding Female Nerd Culture & Issues surrounding Gender, Size & Race in cosplay.

    LIVE VideoCast every Sunday at 9pm EST at www.videocast.Proptroopers.com  

    Audio podcast posted after the show. 


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    VOC Nation Wrestling: Greg DeMarco Show featuring DeMarcette Cherry Bomb!

    in Wrestling

    DeMarcette Cherry Bomb

    VOC Nation Wrestling: Greg DeMarco Show

    The Greg DeMarco Show (@gregdemarocshow) with Patrick O'Dowd (@WrestlngRealist) airs every Wednesday night—WORLDWIDE—on the VOC Nation Radio Network. Originally built as an extension of their daily banter, the Greg and Patrick have become two of the most respected wrestling analysts on the internet.

    RunningEnzuigiri.com editor Heather Jeannine joins the show on each non-PPV week to educate Greg & Patrick on the hottest events in independent wrestling with “The Indy Scene with Heather Jeannine.” On each Wednesday before a WWE pay-per-view, Breena Ashley joins the guys for a PPV Preview & Predictions Show to see who reigns supreme for the year.

    On top one of wrestling radio’s best guest lists, the show also features appearances by The DeMarcettes, the women’s wrestling’s hottest upcoming talent. former WWE/NXT Diva Su Yung, Heather Lynn, “The Perfect Ten” Scarlett Bordeaux, Joanna Rose, Portugal’s Perfect Athlete Shanna, Lucy Mendez, Barbi Hayden, Veda Scott, Terra Calaway, Allie Parker, Cherry Bomb, Jessie Belle, Leah Von Dutch, Nikki St. John, The Blossom Twins (Hannah & Holly), Wrestling’s Cosplay Goddess & NXT’s “Blue Pants” Leva Bates, third generation star Te

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    The Weekend Review: Batman Vs Superman

    in Hobbies

    Vixen J, El Cannon and Phaze are all back and have even more in store. What happened in Tijuana with El Cannon.  What events are coming out. Whats new in Video Games, Comic Books, and Comic Cons.

    Vixen J gives you her Did You Know? El Cannon has some spicy news for the Boom Boom Room, and Phaze well a new Douchebag is coming.

    The main topic of the show will be who is better Batman or Superman. Vixen J gave you the top 10 reasons why Superman is better but now the rebuttle is here. The people have spoken and we will have the discussion all live on the Weekend Review.

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    The Many Loves and Relationships of Polyamory

    in Lifestyle

    Join us Tuesday May 19, 2015 at 7:00pm Est Usa for an indepth look into the lifestyle of Polyamory.

    Miss Raina invites  Special guests and long time Polyamory lifestylers Sugandha and Lenny to the show!

    Polyamory is the practice, desire, and acceptance of intimate relationships that are not exclusive with respect to other sexual or intimate relationships, with knowledge and consent of everyone involved. The bonds of this unique lifestyle creates great strength in each relationship which allows those who practice polyamory to share their special love with their partners.

    Call Miss Raina and speak live: 310-861-2341

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    Moabite Oasis with Host: Taj Tarik Bey

    in Education

     Facts For Thought: U.S. Has No Inherent Sovereignty.

    (ONLY what is  in the Constitution - Enforce it Now and Forever Moor!

    “The United States has no inherent powers of sovereignty and only those enumerated in the constitution”… “the Manifest purpose of the Tenth Amendment was to put beyond dispute the proposition that all powers not so granted were reserved to the people”, and any further powers can only be obtained by a new grant;

     Kansas v Colorado, 206 U.S. 46, 27 Sup. Ct. 655, 51 L. Ed. 956. ;  John Bouviers Concise Encyclopedia of Law Francis Rawles 3rd Revision page 639 Definition of Constitution.

    We all know that they cannot grant themselves.  And as long as the 'General Government' -- The People - The Moors are not changing the Constitution, and they are not, as they are still asleep yet.  The Congress walked out in 'sine dia' and there will be no grants of anything!!!.  The only thing that ANYONE can do that is valid, is to enforce the standing Law of the Land, based in International Law, Maxims and Res Judicata and NOT in whatever these union / corporate states are perpetrating, by your consent, as your consent to be a member / citizen enhances their numbers, even if done without knowledge.  In fact that is the best way in deceit and trickery is Fraud all day long and their is no limitation on Fraud.  Ignorance of the Law is NO EXCUSE!!  ACT NOW!!!  NOW YOU KNOW, now you MUST BE WHAT YOU KNOW!  Their offer of being the government authority, while violating


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    The Weekend Review with Special Guest Cosplayer Yoh Asakura

    in Hobbies

    Vixen J, El Cannon Boom Boom and Phaze are all back with a special guest this week. Cosplayer Yoh Asakura (Ganondorf).  This is a must listen to show as Yoh gives details and help for fellow cosplayers interested into getting into this craft. Where you can find him and a special announcement of a project he has in the works.


    All this and more with of course the special segments from your 3 hosts and of course we read off your tweets on the new Nintendo Project going on with a fellow theme park in Orlando.  Make sure to call in and join in all the action with us.

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    Episode Forty-Six... Free Comic Book Day review

    in Hobbies

    Well we did it.  Yep, we stood on line for hours to grab some of the free swag ( and there were loads of it) to give you our listeners a chance to undertand the scope and feel of just how big this event has become.  There were cosplayers, artists, giveaways, comics, conversations and let's not forget OREO's. 

    But that's not all we are going to talk about on this episdoe, hell no.  We are also going to give you an update on Sc-Fi Fantasy day, a board game review with the Lord of the Board and we will even talk ULTRON...Holy crap is this going to be a BIG show.

    So let's not waste another minute... Come on.

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    in Politics

    The freed peoples of the Southern United States were out cast by their former Captors disenfranchised and walked the roads day and night.

    "2. At Beaufort, Hilton Head, Savannah, Fernandina, St. Augustine, and Jacksonville, the blacks may remain in their chosen or accustomed vocations—but on the islands, and in the settlements hereafter to be established, no white person whatever, unless military officers and soldiers detailed for duty, will be permitted to reside; and the sole and exclusive management of affairs will be left to the freed people themselves, subject only to the United States military authority, and the acts of Congress. By the laws of war, and orders of the President of the United States, the negro is free, and must be dealt with as such. He cannot be subjected to conscription, or forced military service, save by the written orders of the highest military authority of the [War] Department, under such regulations as the President or Congress may prescribe. Domestic servants, blacksmiths, carpenters, and other mechanics, will be free to select their own work and residence, but the young and able-bodied negroes must be encouraged to enlist as soldiers in the service of the United States, to contribute their share toward maintaining their own freedom, and securing their rights as citizens of the United States.Negroes so enlisted will be organized into companies, battalions, and regiments, under the orders of the United States military authorities, and will be paid, fed, and clothed, according to law. The bounties paid on enlistment may, with the consent of the recruit, go to assist his family and settlement in procuring agricultural implements, seed, tools, boots, clothing, and other articles necessary for their livelihood."

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    Nerd O'clock Cosplay (5/3/15) (Cosplay, Cons etc) // Guest: Rex

    in Pop Culture

    The Cosplayers of Prop Troopers (www.PropTroopers.com) UNITE to bring you.... 
    Nerd O'clock! 

    A Videocast where we talk about all topics including costume making, prop building, gaming, anime, movies, music, ALL WHILE IN COSPLAY COSTUMES! 
    Tonight's Special Guest: Rex

    Tonight's Topics: Recent Cool Video Games & Making a lesser known Character into a Recognizable Cosplay

    LIVE VideoCast every Sunday at 9pm EST at www.videocast.Proptroopers.com  

    Audio podcast posted after the show.