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    'The Matt Duffin Show' - Brain Injury Coping Skills

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    Frustration, confusion and learning how to deal with those actions after a Traumatic Brain Injury.  Good Luck!  But there can be adjustments made, as we attempt to become "more pleasant" to be around (if we can be around them!).  TBI's take your emotions, paranonia and distress, mix them in the same 'bag' only to of the shoulder.  Folks get confused, of our actions, words and ideas (which are usually screwy at best) when stimuli takes control.  We talk and talk, say things I doubt any one but the TBI speaker really understands.  We are blessed around Indy, and its past time to share lesson's learned.  BICS - brain injury coping skills.  Now beginning to be offered world wide, I was of the first (and continuous) 'students' to graduate from the BICS - and and as learning to be a PEER Mentror was enrolled in several (6) more of the 20 week course of understanding.  Caregivers by our side, we discuss, understand and learn ways (beyond strategys) to Cope With Every Day Life, at least at times.   Are there slip ups?  I don't know, how was YOUR morning?  Did your TBI as get in the way of understanding?  
    Myself?  Every day, all day long, even with traveling the path taught by the Dr.. Lisa Thompson Foundation 'Family Center' by Dr. Samantha Backhaus and others.  I'll post some conversations of BICS, and probably touch on the 'new' Social Skills with a TBI research program.  Group said I could.  Listen in as various folks with a TBI discuss, learn and adjust.  Why?  Trust me, there is NO WHERE ELSE ON EARTH you can listen in.  See, my social and coping skills aquired permission for such an offering.  Learn. share but grab a pencil,  to make "Mental Notes on Paper".   Or, as my ol' buddy Landon Walker would sing "Give Me Love, And A Little Kindness"....

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    Tanya Brown Shares Stress Reduction Tools & Coping Skills

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    Using her personal experiences and professional education, Tanya Brown helps others to understand how critical self-care is through her speaking and coaching programs. She has created dynamic programs that not only share a personal story, but also offer effective coping skills necessary to manage stress, anxiety and depression.
    In addition to being a professional speaker, Tanya is a certified life coach who provides her clients with heightened clarity, awareness, and focus to overcome life’s challenges. She empowers others to remain disciplined and focused so they will reach their ultimate goal of optimum mental health.
    Join us as guest Tanya Brown shares her personal story and gives us daily coping skills and tools we can use to effectively manage stress and create a healthier, happier lifestyle!

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    Have you perfected the art of self-sabotage?

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    Join Sharon Sayler, host of Life Interrupted Radio as she interviews Amber Romaniuk, a holistic nutritionist and leading expert on healthy eating and overcoming self-sabotage with food and Laurie Lawson a certified empowerment coach to explore how we get caught in self-sabotage.  

    Together we will find out :
    -The multiple relationships we have with food and other habits and how that affects us

    -How to identify if we are using food to cope with life

    -Why emotions are an important part of self sabotage

    -How we can start making other, more healthy choices to take care of ourselves 

    Join Sharon as she explores self-sabotage with Laurie and Amber to understand why we do what we do… as well as ways to figure out how to give ourselves what we need instead of another jelly donut. 
    Learn more about Amber at www.amberapproved.ca

    Learn more about Laurie at http://www.laurielawson-elj.com/

    Learn more about Life Interrupted Radio at www.LifeInterrupted Radio.com

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    Bouncing Back after Brain Injury - Dream Catchers - Les Paul Morgan

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    Bouncing Back after Brain Injury - Dream Catchers - Les Paul Morgan

    It’s far easier to fall flat on your face than to bounce back after Brain Injury or at the least that’s what they all say. But is that true or false? The reason I asked the question like that is far too often we the people living with Brain Often Tend to fall into That False Narrative That the Statement Must Be True.

    Because this is brain injury awareness month and because so many people have felt as if they have fallen through the cracks of society.  I want you to help me set the record straight because people traumatic brain injuries and similar injuries are some of the most amazing productive and talented individuals on the earth!!!

    Name some recovery tools
    Resources, resources, resources, make a list.
    Developing coping skills
    mastering your mindset
    individual support/legislative support
    Open floor open Mic!

    This is brain injury awareness month; let’s go live it, feel it and go make a difference in the world now! Let’s help others along the way! Join me for live chat, phone calls and listening on your PC as well because we’re the world’s biggest support group helping one person at a time finding resources to turn their lives into a triumph over tragedy!

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    A Little More Spice With Lady Twinkles And Ms.P

    in Relationships

    Early Sex & The Long Term Effect with BluStorm, Sex Therapist & Counselor.  Touching on Rape, Molestation, Insecurities, Distrust & Impact on LIFE.

    Early Sex in the form of molestation or rape are topics often avoided by some in society, accepted or not spoken about by some and completely ignored by others.  In this segment we have enlisted the specialty of Therapist/Counselor BluStorm who has over 16yrs specializing in sexual health, sexual therapy, and performance therapy will help debunk some of the myths and shed light on the LONG TERM Affects that can have ripple effects.  In this 1st phase of this conversation with many more to follow, we will touch on the long term affect, health concerns and debilitating consequences  from depression, triggered flashbacks, coping skills, dysfunctional social skills, Trauma changes to the brain and  much more.  So Be N’Tuned!

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    Crusade Radio . Messenger Kj Robert

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    Psychic Sunday Join Us Live At 5:00 Pm Est, Messenger Kj Robert, airing on Crusade Radio, All are welcome
    Get A Free Short Reading This show is Just 30 Min's long as .This is a text Sound show, To Listen go too Go to
    www.blogtalkradio.com/kjrobert13 . Ken will be taking some callers at number 1714-242-6120 ,
    Skills..Psychic, Seer, Clairvoyant,
    Medium, Predictor , Remote Viewing, Paranormal
    Career, Work, Health, Deceased, Loved Ones, Destiny, Life Path, Lost People, Pets , Relationships , ect
    Please join me on Facebook here is my link .www.facebook.com/kenroberts.eyes and yes please become a Friend on that page Just LIKE it @ Follow as well
    Check out my website as well at www.kjroberts.net To book a personnel Phone Reading now. Call 201-822-



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    NLP Techniques For Coping With Trauma

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    Trauma is a form of physical, sexual or psychological abuse, which has caused extreme stress and overwhelmed a person’s ability to cope. What one individual deems as a trauma may not be the same as another person’s, it is an individual’s subjective experience that determines whether an event is or is not traumatic. After experiencing a traumatic event, either as a child or an adult, some people are able to heal, move forward and live a fulfilling life. Listen to this segment of The NLP View Radio Show, as host, Donna Blinston RGN is joined by Pamela Gawler-Wright a UKCP Registered Psychotherapist, Neuro-Linguistic Psychotherapist, Master and Certified Trainer in NLP, to discuss how NLP can address and resolve problems caused through trauma, resulting in anxiety, depression and addiction

    Are you an avid gardener or are just learning about gardening? Do you like FREE stuff? Tune in to The Organic View Radio Show, Monday through Friday @6pm Eastern and by sending us your feedback, you could win one of our monthly prizes!

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    Beat Block Radio With Black Moezart

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    Join us while Black Moezart gets us going to his own mixes of indi and main stream music. The conversation is gonna be off the hook, and we invite you to call in and participate in the show. We are also looking for producers who know what they got... SKILLS!!! Show us then.. Sign up for battle of the Beats. 

    Enter907Live would like to take a moment to thank the following sponsors this month for their financial and service support Huge shout out to BBAAD PRODUCTIONS KELLY GRAMS BY KELLY LEE WILLIAMS (TUNE IN THURSDAY NIGHTS) OFFICIAL MUSIC CAMP/BEATBLOCKRADIO EVERY SATURDAY AND POOH GOTTI WITH GHETTO LAB PRODUCTIONS WASILLA... If you would like sponsorship option information.. please contact J boogie at 907-231-1054

    If you would like to submit your music for our mixtape/interview specials please submit your mp3 format music to enter907live@gmail.com

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    Kent Rollins Celebrity Grill Master and Red River Ranch Chuck Wagon.

    in Food

    NWP welcomes Kent Rollins!

    Kent is an acclaimed chuck wagon cook and has made numerous television appearances including: PBS, QVC, Food Network's Throwdown with Bobby Flay, Chopped Grill Masters and Chopped Redemption, and currently NBC's Food Fighters.  His popular recipe and story contributions can also be enjoyed each month in Western Horseman MagazineRaised in Hollis, Oklahoma, near the banks of the Red River, Kent grew up around the cattle business helping his dad and later managed a cow/calf operation. Along with working cattle, cooking has always been a passion for Kent, which was learned from his mother at an early age. From the skills he learned in the kitchen and years of Dutch oven cooking for hunters deep in the Gila Wilderness of New Mexico, Kent took to the trail with his business Red River Ranch Chuck Wagon Catering.

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    Who else believes that minimum wage employees are overpaid enough???

    in Politics Conservative

    We have our first Democratic nomination...Hilary Clinton.  I don't think this was such a big surprise.  What was her first political move; making the case for CEO pay vs middle class pay.  She goes to Chipolte and forgets to leave a tip.  I have heard all the arguments that Chipolte is not the kind of place where you leave a tip.  Neither is Subway but if they have a tip jar I leave a tip.  Since she is championing the middle class and better pay you would think leaving a tip would have been the first thing she would have done.  I can't believe that no one in her camp bothered to do it or even mention it to her to do.  I have been told that politics is more about public perception than the actual platform.  We have a CEO in Seattle who has decided to take a pay cut so his employees can receive better pay.  I don't have a problem since it is his company and he wants to provide an incentive to maintain his good employees but it sends the wrong idea to minimum wage workers who think they are worth more than their skills indicate.  There have been other police involved shootings and people are marching for justice.  You know how I feel about that but there are a few instances where I can see it being justified.  

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    How to Help Our Youth Be the Leaders of Tomorrow in Our Community...

    in Art

    Anthony Witherspoon Sr.  is founder and president of Leadership Prep Foundation, Inc.  and publisher of a Teen Magazine, Leadership Prep-"A Teen Lifestyle Magazine"   Anthony is a member of Cascade United Methodist Church and a past member of the Toastmasters Chapter there.  Today, within his foundation he teaches our youth the principles of being a leader, how to have better communication skills and to mobilize, motivate, and equip our youth to become the next generation of leaders.  Anthony also has additional training in several areas relating to families and the youth.

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