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    50 of Bloomberg’s Mayors Quit After Gun Confiscation Plan Leaked - Details

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    50 of Bloomberg’s Mayors Quit After Gun Confiscation Plan Leaked

    Nearly 50 mayors have jumped ship on former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” campaign over allegations that the group’s ultimate goal is outright gun confiscation, according to one former member.

    We want to thank our sponsor MyOneSupply.com,  they supply Gun Accessories to Americans.

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    Coffee With Conrad - California Gun Confiscation! The WRONG Gospel!

    in Religion

    In this episode of Coffee with Conrad:

    California Gun Confiscation!  

    Smart gun technology

    TThe WRONG Gospel!  


    Dynamic Church Planting International  http://www.dcpi.org/



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    IRA and 401k Estate Plan Confiscation Coming

    in Finance

    Go to www.BuildYourBunker.com now.  

    STOP The Government Taxation Of Your Financial Future!

    If you have a large 401k or IRA the Confiscation Games are alive and well in Washington today.

    The Obama adminstration has a bullseye on 401k and IRA confiscation, but this time, it's about your estate.  Behind closed doors in Washington, lawmakers are manipulating the tax laws to squeeze more money from you.


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    Reach Out America: Imploding the Illusion

    in Current Events

    Tongiht "Fasle Flag" topic Dallas PD, and others like it. Also second amendment rights, is our federal government using these events false or otherwise to go after our right to bear arms. 

    Questioned have been raised about the incident in Dallas, where a amoured van attacked the the Dallas PD on or around midnight just a week ago. 

    Please call in to ask question or bring comments to these type of events where there is much evidence to suggest that these events could have been planned. 


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    Hard Starboard Radio: The Battle Of Charleston Has Begun

    in Politics Conservative

    Democrats demand Tredy Gowdy release Sidney Blumenthal transcript; Rick Perry trumps Trump on border bluster; Obama to life sanctions without confirming Iran's previous nuclear weapons progress; Greece to stiff the European Union and join Vladimir Putin's neo-Warsaw Pact?; Ashton Carter: "The Iraqi 'army' sucks at recruiting"; The self-fulfilling prophecy of anti-Christian persecution; The Gospel according to Karl Marx; The only cybersecrecy Barack Obama cares about; and no sooner is Dylann Roof, the Charleston, South Carolina mass murderer, caught than the leftwingnut gun confiscation politicization begins.

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    Confiscation Games-What Cyprus Means To Americans

    in Politics Conservative

    STOP The Government Taxation Of Your Financial Future! Go to www.BuildYourBunker.com.

    Do you have money in banks, or on Wall Street?  What happend in Cyprus could happen in America.  In this show best selling author Rick Bueter will discuss the events of the confiscation of savings in Cyprus and why every American needs to take note.

    For more information about Rick Bueter visit www.rickbueter.com.


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    CR Live 6/17: Demonization of America, Cruz Who? TPP and Trump, Texas vs US

    in Politics Conservative

    7pm EST

    Join host Barry Secrest and exo-government specialist Lee Daniel as they discuss an ever-expanding caseload of governmental oddities, politics, the Supernatural & The New World Order--all from an entertaining, cutting edge, Conservative perspective.

    Listen live and CALL IN to speak to the host and co-host--(347) 996-3923.  Join the conversation!

    Tonight's topics include:

     Texas Building New Facility To Store Gold Reserves Out of Reach of Federal Confiscation or Seizure
    Donald Trump Comes Out Loudly Against Obama's 'New World Order' TPP Trade Pact (Youtube)
     Conservative Refocus: The Demonization of America and Obama's "Agenda of Chaos"
     US Government Tells Congress Not to Worry Over TSA Employees with Terrorist Ties
    Data from America's Most Advanced US Climate Monitoring System Shows Cooling Trend
     Red State: Senator Ted Cruz Dangerously Wrong about Trans-Pacific Partnership (Rush Agrees)
     Obama Regime Releases Hundreds of Dangerous Illegal Alien Sex Offenders In US
     Missing from the Media: Congressman Introduces New Bill to Exit US from UN


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    American Daily Review: Divide & Conquer

    in Politics Conservative

    Constitution Corner: Overriding vetoes; Rand Paul emphatically demonstrates that he is, after all, his father's son; Senate GOP backing plan to extend ObamaCare subsidies...in exchange for gutting ObamaCare itself; Of course: Unions seek exemption from Louisiana minimum wage hike they shoved down Louisiana business's throats; Barack Obama nationalizes water, or "Our puddles belong to him"; Yet another Greek bailout is imminent, which illustrates, metaphorically and literally, why the term "Greek" is a salacious double entendre; Another "negative GDP" quarter, another set of the same old Obama excuses; Terrorist Cuba off State's terror list, North Korean cyberwarriors, and Red China annexes the South China Sea; Leftist dhimmis redefine free speech and the First Amendment as "terrorism"; The inherent nature of bipartisan free trade agreements, and whether what we gain in economic growth is worth the price of what the libs insert into the fine print.

    And, in the third hour of the Saturday Afternoon Extravaganza (4PM Eastern/1PM Pacific) on Constitution Radio with Douglas V. Gibbs on KMET 1490 AM:

    If a federal appellate court upholds a lower federal court injunction against an illegal, unconstitutional Executive amnesty order that the president continues to ignore, does it make a sound?; House Republicans grovel before Loretta Lynch over Lois Lerner, like they did Eric Holder before her; The "Is Obama incompetent or malevolent?" question re-arises over live anthrax shipments and IRS hacking; Do we have equality before the law or don't we?  Not if the Black Klan gets its way; and how the Left and the Right commemorate Memorial Day.

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    Radio Drama "Fahrenheit 451: Act One Finale, Part One" - 4pm PST

    in Entertainment

    Act One Finale, Part One

    Digital Damnation


    Synopsis:  In a world where literacy is outlawed and people are dependant on technology, a fireman who burns books for a living eventually changes his perspective and strives to do something about it.  For the first part of this episode, the suicide of a hardened female book hoarder and unlawful personal confiscation of one of her books drives Guy Montag into a restless state of paranoia and fear as he begins to realize what this society willingly accepted to fulfil a desire.  But it's only the beginning for him.

    Rated:  PG-13 for strong, scary images, situations and violence.

    Written By:  Ray Bradbury

    Serial Adaption By:  Tim Pylypiuk

    Performed By:  Tim Pylypiuk and Maria Illiou

    Images By:  Steve Crisp, Zazzle.ca, weebly.com, Valerie K, Wolfbane15, Bonnielass22

    Music By:  Pink Floyd, The Gorillaz, Yoko Shimomur and The Gentleman Losers


    Fahrenheit 451 available where books are sold

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    Property Confiscation of Criminal Jews

    in Education

    Our German Ancestry
    Hosted by:  Robert Schlattmann
    The property of all jews will be confiscated and inventoried into a National Database where people may claim their stolen property, since all jew property was stolen at one time or another.  Property not claimed by the original owner will be disbursed to those White Europeans who are in need.  Many items and materials will simply be destroyed because of its threat to a civilized society.  The domination and corruption of the jew will end.  The jew will be interred and monitored until processing is complete, then permanently removed from our societies.  They are much too dangerous and vicious for any other course of action.  I will share my thoughts on how to disburse the liberated wealth.

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    Convergence of Cyber Piracy & Cash Criminalization - Steve Quayle

    in News

    Guests:  Steve Quayle & Financial Expert Ross Powell

    We were one of the first sources in the new media to report on the global financial elite’s plan to “kill the dollar” as part of a larger plan to confiscate your wealth and implement a global financial system. The plan to “kill the dollar” is not some fringe conspiracy, but are the words spoken by a senior member of the Obama White House during an interview with economist Kyle Bass in 2011. Responding to a question about U.S. exports and wages, this unnamed official provided the critical context of everything we see playing out right now in just seven words: “We’re just going to kill the dollar.”

    The agenda of the global financial elite, the tactics that will be used for the criminalization of cash, the ultimate confiscation of our wealth created by our life’s work and toil, and the ushering in of a digital, global currency was exposed for all to hear. Despite the obvious clarity of this statement and everything it implies, the corporate media remains complicity silent in the face of the greatest theft and transfer of wealth in the history of the world.

    The fate of America’s economy, as well as the global economy, has already been determined. What remains and what we see playing out across different venues, from the militarization of police and military exercises within the U.S., the various executive orders and legislation, the attempt to accelerate the Trans Pacific Partnership through the TPA to consolidate power at the Executive Branch, and the January passage of the 2015 federal budget bill neatly connect the dots of a sinister process of the ultimate subjugation of all Americans who are not already seated at the table of the globalists.

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