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    A Mosaic Master Explores Color Therapy

    in Spirituality

    Meet Lyn Radosevich, our most recent certified Complementary Color Therapy Practitioner and a mosaic master. Lyn combines her experience with mosaic art with a focus on color therapy. Join Leslie Romine and Lyn as they explore of world of color in bits of reflective glass.


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    The Many Faces of Color Therapy

    in Spirituality

    "Guest Eleyne-Mari, a certified color therapist and the founder of the annual 'Color Therapy Month' in March, has connected with color therapists around the world.  Hear how Eleyne offers experiences with color that change people.  Let her introduce you to the many talented individuals who bring color therapy to life around the world."

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    Color Therapy and The Many Uses of Lavender

    in Spirituality

    Join the Crunchy Pagan as she talks about Color Therapy. The Colors around us can calm, excite, sooth or energize us. From the colors in a room, the clothing we wear and the colors of the foods we eat. All affect us on a vibration level.

    For the first time she will be picking a recipe for the "Recipe Box" a place where you can submit your recipes suggestions. She will have a week to make the recipe for her family and share with you pictures and results.   

    She will also be talking about the many uses of Lavender and the way we can incorporate them into our lives.

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    Apathecary - Color Therapy Part One

    in Spirituality

    This week's show is the first installment of color therapy , where I share how it relates to your body and well being.  I go through the chakra system, and the colors and meanings associated with it.

    Crystal of the week: Amethyst

    Essential Oil of the week: Lavender

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    Leslie Sloane~Author/Auracle’s Color Therapy/Certified Color Metaphysician

    in Paranormal

    Leslie Sloane is the founder and developer of one of the only natural color therapy lines known worldwide called Auracle’s color Therapy. Author of the book Auracle's Colour Therapy - The Power of Love Through Colour. These high frequency colored water misters contain specially blessed waters, colors from the earth creating the rainbow spectrum, ancient oils, and essences of all Angels and Masters from every culture, and other archetypal energies, which play a great role in influencing our lives and the paths we choose. “I always work through and from my Heart, really ‘tuning in’ to the soul on the table. My levels of compassion for humans and life go extremely deep, as does my Love for mysticism and the wisdom of the ancients. Because of this my clients and students ‘feel’ the Love and passion I extend to them from the very depths of my soul. And for this, they know they are cared for and feel very safe to explore their shadow, or ‘dark night of the soul’, from which most people run and avoid facing out of fear. This is what healing and the healing arts are all about…unconditional Love. I absolutely Love what I do, and the gift of the universe allowing me to see the miracles each time they occur…it’s magick.” Leslie is a native Californian, born in Los Angeles. Leslie began her color therapy training nineteen years ago, became certified as a color metaphysician, through a system called Aura-Soma developed by Vicky Wall, and has been administering color energy treatments for eleven years. Leslie has done extensive studies regarding mystic teachings incorporating color therapy, and their ancient roots, which lie in Egypt and Greece. Leslie has been teaching color therapy classes to professional healers, showing how deep, profound and mystical the effects can be. Go to her site at www.auraclescolour.com

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    It's Color Therapy Month!

    in Writing

    Our guest this week is Eleyne-Mari: Writer, Color Therapist, Spiritual Aromatherapist. A professional writer, copywriter and editor since 1980, Eleyne-Mari has written several books, as well as hundreds of magazine and newspaper articles. Her experience includes working in television and as the editor-in-chief of several publications. She was the founder of a national writers organization and has conducted numerous writers conferences and workshops.  Eleyne-Mari loves her role as a writing muse and offers writing workshops and virtual writing spas for adults and children.  

    Eleyne-Mari is the founder and director of Aura House School of Color and Light. She is a certified color therapist and spiritual aromatherapist with over 20 years of study and experience in Color Therapy, Aromatherapy, and Crystal Therapy.  Eleyne-Mari conducts private color consultations and accredited color therapy certification courses and workshops for adults and children. In her continuing mission to promote awareness in color healing, she created Color Healing Radio, Color Therapy Month and the annual Luminaries Color Conference. She also produces her own meditation CDs and color therapy product lines.     

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    Foggy Brain Remedy Through Color Therapy

    in Spirituality

    Oh for a brain that is clear of foggy thinking! Some days it seems like the fog sets in, affecting whatever you are doing.  Why does this happen and how can color therapy help? Join Arlene Arnold and Leslie Romine for their take on clearing the fog and gaining crystal clear insight.

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    AWAKEN TRUTH with Kymberly~ Color Therapy

    in Spirituality

    Love Opens All doors, possibilities, and opportunities when we are ready to Open our Hearts and MInd to See and Believe that  this ultimate Truth is available to you at all times. Let us explore and learn together, how to Awaken Truth within our Authentic Self in a Loving way.

    I invite you to join Kymberly every week with an Open Heart, Open Mind to Discover the Truth within your own Light and the Light within us all. Every episode will be Divinely Guided with Inspirational messages, Guided Meditations, Intuitive Guidance, and many other exciting topics to help assist you on your Journey to Self Discovery, Awakening, and Uniting Global Consciousness. My hope is that with an Open Heart we allow for greater Love, and Truth to emerge and flow freely to us. Let us learn to Live in harmony with All that is…Oneness.


    Many Blessings,


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    Color Therapy Month

    in Spirituality

    Have you heard about Color Therapy Month, the global celebration in March which was created in 2011 to celebrate the healing power of color? 

    Today Joy and Diane welcome the founder of Color Therapy Month, Eleyne-Mari, who will share some tips on how you can get involved in this month-long opportunity to observe and promote the healing power of color!

    Eleyne-Mari is a certified color therapist and the director of Aura House School of Color and Light. 
    She is also a spiritual aromatherapist and Lightworker Crystal Practitioner with over 20 years of study and experience in Color Therapy, Aromatherapy and Crystal Therapy.

    Simply Color Readings for Color Therapy Month

    To help celebrate Color Therapy Month 2014, Color Expert Diantha Harris will be joining us for a chat about color and then will be doing on-air color readings for our listeners. Diantha has been working with color first as a design tool and then as a healing modality for 35 years.  She says, “Color is an amazing tool to help inspire, support and transform our lives.  It is amazingly powerful while being gentle and subtle.” Diantha, founder and owner of Life Potentials, is always happy to share her knowledge about and experience with color and is looking forward to being a guest on Angel Talk Café!


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    Clear Your Mind/Expand Your Intuition through Color Frequencies

    in Self Help



    Is your thinking sometimes foggy? Do you find it hard to make a clear decision? That’s happened to all of us at some time. Color Therapist Arlene Arnold shows you how to use the complementary color frequencies of yellow and purple to make clear decisions that are highest and best for you!

    Arlene is the founder of Complementary Color Therapy, author of the world-renowned ColorCards and the new coloring book, The Power of Color Mandala Coloring Book. Visit her website at ThePowerofColor.com.