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    Theology Thursdays Can Science and Religion coexist??

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    Tonight on Theology Thursdays do religious folks accept science? The upcoming debate Feb 8th....Have you done your DNA test yet?? Science and Religion can they coexist? 6pm Eastern onwww.blogtalkradio.com/itsrealtalklive or call in at 3478269457 ........let's talk

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    Dr. Jonathan Morrow shares life lessons and debuts Questioning the Bible

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    As 'religion' becomes more and more the subject of culture's ire, isn't it more imperative than ever that we understand why we believe what we believe?  That we can communicate clearly the difference between our faith and others?  Isn't it crucial that, as culture either condemns or redefines faith ("aren't we all worshipping the same God? can't we all just 'coexist'?") or we're seduced into its ambiguous, PC, neutered 'spirituality', we're 100% clear on what sets Christ apart from Buddha or Mohammed?  Because now, more than ever, we're being called on to defend what we believe.  To explain it.  To apologize for it.  

    The next generation is walking into a vastly different world than those that entered adulthood even 10 years ago.  It's a darker world that will require more courage and confidence than ever before for the Christ-follower.


    All of that said, Dr. Jonathan Morrow's ministry (ThinkChristianly.org, as well as Impact 360 in Atlanta, GA) and new book, 'Questioning the Bible', provide answers to culture's most common criticisms and questions about the Bible and our faith.  Their historical authenticity and scriptural authority.  Their relevance in our post-modern, post-Christian culture.  


    More on Dr. Morrow: http://www.thinkchristianly.org/about/


    Would love to connect you with him to talk it through this spring as young adults and their parents prepare for graduation and new surroundings, new friends ... a new reality where, for the first time, the Bible isn't the answer, but the QUESTION.

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    Relationship OJT

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    Relationships are ON THE JOB TRAINING! There are many things that you can't prepare for because once you're in it, you are faced with dealing with the emotions and actions of someone else. You must learn trust, effective communication, time management and how to coexist with another human being whose personality may be the complete opposite of yours. Once you decide to leave the world of being single, the journey begins. It's Relationship OJT y'all! You don't want to miss this show!  At 8:45pm EST, joining us are the hosts of The Black Guy Who Tips, a podcast / blog from the minds of Rod and Karen a married couple of 16 years who enjoy ratchetness.  The show has been mention in the Huffington Post and spotlighted on Spreecast. They have been considered the number one comedy podcast on Podomatic.com and in the top 100 of comedy podcast on Stitcher Radio. Check them out on www.theblackguywhotips.com.

    Be sure to give us a call at (347) 633-9853 to speak with our special guests Rod & Karen or to chop it up with the TRHL crew, T, Jior Jette and Kish. 

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    "I Am Always With You"

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    Worry and Peace cannot coexist.  Why would Jesus chose to give us peace as the last thing he did before he left the earth? He tells us in the scriptures that "peace is his legacy".  Jesus doesn't want us to just "live in peace", he wants us to the embodiment of peace.  When we have peace (his peace) we can truly be what he created us to be, we have full access to ourselves and can think logically/rationally, as well as creatively.  Versus, using our thinking and creativity for survival.  Having the feeling of peace allows us to thrive, because peace gives us tremedous amounts of energy.  Jesus accomplished so much because he was at peace, he had God's peace which  enabled him to walk out his calling without wavering.  Having Jesus in you means you get to have “his” feelings. Not just knowing it cognitively; how he wants you to feel, but we actually get to feel the “way “ he feels. In the same way you might wish you could have someone feel the way you feel, so they really understand it (both positively and negatively). When we are overwhelmed by problems and circumstances, we can look at Jesus and borrow His peace. My peace I give you. 

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    The Pet Place Radio Show Orig. Airdate 11-15-2014

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    This morning, Marie chats with author Marc Bekoff about society’s attitude toward wildlife and what we can do to happily coexist. Then, after our halftime break, our long time pet place friend, Russell Taylor, from Modjeska Ranch Rescue has some amazing tails to tell.  If you’ve never heard Russell’s stories in the past, you are in for a treat.

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    Conscious & Nonconscious relationships do they work?

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    Can a conscious and non conscious person coexist in a relationship?

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    RoD J. and Jacks of All Trades vs. Disrespectful Economics

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    Congress is elected, passes laws of economic repression (bent on controlling the class systems that exist within race and geographical location), and leaves many in the repetitive cycle of paycheck-to-paycheck living. With the Republicans gaining power in Congress, we are almost guaranteed another war and higher prices. How does one coexist with a system designed to stagnate their very existence? Can a successful melanin-enriched economic base arise from the smog of despair and frustration of what lies ahead?

    Enter the concept of Disrespectful Economics...the conscious refusal to invest in black-owned businesses, the pursuit of all things Polo and Michael Kors, the overindulgence of good times and robotic thinking...We sabotage our own efforts of self-sustainability by failing to realize the power of uniting the melanin dollar.

    Join Finance powerhouses RoD Jones and returning host Mr. Derrick Jacks of All Trades as we discuss the mental roadblocks that prohibit people of color fom building successful economic bases and ways that small changes in spending can lead to eventual financial freedom.

    Tune in 8 pm E/ 7 pm C.

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    ReMax of Boulder Radio - Boulder History Museum's Chief Niwot Exhibit

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    Carol Taylor of the Boulder History Museum joins Duane Duggan to discuss the Chief Niwot exhibit.  To commemorate the 150th Anniversary of the tragic massacre at Sand Creek, Colorado, the Boulder History Museum is re-introducing the award-winning exhibition, Chief Niwot~Legend & Legacy, with new content and artifacts previously not on display.

    Chief Niwot struggled to find peace during the most fateful years in Southern Arapaho history. His life and legacy are revealed in this exhibit along with the Arapahos’ place in Boulder’s history.

    The Boulder History Museum is excited to present the powerful story Chief Niwot, one of the most notable Indians of the plains, a man about whom legends were made. Niwot’s story is one of honor and deceit, hope and despair. When hoards of white men began migrating to the central plains in the mid-nineteenth century, they moved into the land that was home to the Arapaho and Cheyenne Indians. In 1858, the Arapaho Chief Niwot (translated in English as Left Hand) astonished the early gold-seekers in Colorado by greeting them in their own language. He and his tribe hoped to make peace with the newcomers to allow the two cultures to share the same land and coexist peacefully. Niwot devoted his life to this struggle but his efforts ultimately failed. He was mortally wounded at the Sand Creek Massacre in 1864. This exhibit is the first to reveal the story of Chief Niwot and the complexity his struggle to find peace during the most fateful years in the history of the Southern Arapaho Indians.

    and between friends. Our community will be strengthened by exploring a pivotal piece of regional history in its rightful context.

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    What is the Holy Spirit? with Lessons 281 to 290 of A Course in Miracles

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    What is the Holy Spirit, and what is It’s connection to miracles, healing and the Christ? A Course in Miracle often calls the Holy Spirit the “Voice for God” or  "The Answer" God gave to the one problem of separation. It is our guide to truth.

    “The Holy Spirit mediates between illusions and the truth. Since He must bridge the gap between reality and dreams, perception leads to knowledge through the grace that God has given Him, to be His gift to everyone who turns to Him for truth.” pg 437 Lessons.

    Today, with Eloisa Ramos, we search for the truth of what is the Holy Spirit? We also want to understand the role of the Holy Spirit in miracles and healing.

    With the guidance of Lessons 281 to 290, we seek to open our mind to the light of the Holy Spirit Who only asks we “bring to Him every secret you have locked away from Him. Open every door to Him, and bid Him enter the darkness and lighten it away...The vision of Christ is not for Him alone, but for Him with you...He holds the light, and you the darkness. They cannot coexist when both of you together look on them. His judgment must prevail, and He will give it to you as you join your perception to His." pg 288 txt.

    For more information about Eloisa Ramos, he book Beyond Self-esteem: Discovering Your Boundless Self-worth, EFT and to download a free flowchart of the Ramos Clearing Technique; visit www.healing-with-eft.com.

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    Co-Existing with Animals We Love to Save

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    In response to animal welfare and taking a stand against animal cruelty, compassionate people everywhere are adopting a vegan diet. Adair Moran, a New York State Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator and co-founder of Urban Utopia Wildlife, joins us for an intimate discussion on the plight of animals, veganism and working with wildlife.

    When many people hear of “going vegan,” they may assume that one is doing it for the health benefits – after all, it’s one of the healthiest ways to eat as you consume so many phytochemicals and nutrients from living food. But, there’s another side to veganism: it’s good for our planet, because it uses fewer resources and doesn’t support industrial livestock farms, which face criticism for their treatment of animals. Adrian will talk to us about the animals she’s worked with and how we can coexist lovingly with them.

    Adair is also the co-author of the book Main Street Vegan, with her mother, author Victoria Moran (who has been on ‘Vegan and the Living is Easy’ several times). She’ll dish to us about how she has managed to eat vegan while traveling all over the world!

    As another special treat, she’ll even share with us how being a lifelong vegan has impacted her “other job” of being a stunt performer and aerialist who can frequently be seen performing stuns in films and television shows!

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    The Late Shift - LOP Radio's Official Raw Post-Show

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    Join your party host, Steve, (@YourAyatollah), for LoP Radio's official LIVE and UNCENSORED Monday Night Raw post-show! Steve and this week's special guest, making his first appearance on LOP Radio, longtime LOP Forums contributor and lead singer of The Bad Mamma Jammas, (@TheBMJs), Daniel "Cynical" Adams, will provide their views on the events of Raw shortly after the show goes off the air.


    Were John Cena and Dean Ambrose able to coexist as they took on The Authority in the handicap match main event? Did Big Show shed a tear on behalf of 'Murica? Who participated in the seemingly obligitory six-man tag team match this week? Most important, how much more over than Miz was Damian Mizdow? 


    You don't want to miss this one, as you never know just what, exactly, will be said. Feel free to follow along on Twitter via the @'s provided in this post, or by using the hashtag #LOPRadio to hear your comments and opinions addressed LIVE on the air. Also be sure and check out The Late Shift on Facebook for all the latest show announcements and access to our archives! 

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