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    Beantown Pals, with Dave Kinnoin and Patricia Shih

    in Family

    Dave Kinnoin is "one of the most successful singer-songwriters working today" according to Billboard Magazine. "Dave consistently creates new, innovative, award-winning music and lyrics. He tours nationally to rave reviews."

    Dave Kinnoin the Songwriter consistently creates new and innovative material for a long list of family entertainment and educational companies. He's written over 200 songs in the past few years alone, most notably for Jim Henson TV, Video, and Interactive; Disney Audio, Video, and TV; Davidson & Associates; Simon and Shuster Interactive; Sesame Street and Sony Wonder Home Video; and Children's Television Workshop.

    It's not just that voice, that resonates just right with kids, it's the attitude. There's a sincerity that kids respond to. It lets them know they're in on the joke or whatever else is happening.
    Here's a grown-up who understands and tells it just like it is.

    Parents' Choice Gold Award (5)
    NAPPA (National Association of Parenting Publications Award) Gold Award (2)
    NAPPA (National Association of Parenting Publications) Honors
    Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award (2)
    Film Advisory Board of Excellence (2)
    Parenting Magazine's Video Magic Award
    Columbia (Ohio) International Film & Video Festival Bronze Plaque
    Sybil Brand Humanitarian Award
    Songwriters Guild of America Rising Star Award
    Society for Technical Communication Award of Merit
    INDIE Award Nominee

    Patricia Shih wrote her first song at age 12 and hasn't stopped since. At the age of 15, she signed a recording and management contract with Unicorn Records of Washington, D.C. as half of a duo. This marked the start of her professional career. She continues to write, record and perform locally and nationally from her home in Huntington, NY.


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    Beantown Pals, with Joanie Calem, Rhonda Paglia, and Ratna Kusuma Halim

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    Join Tom Hayes as he features the music of Joanie Calem and the writing and illustration talen of Rhonda Paglia and Ratna Kusuma Halim.

    When she was 15, Joanie moved to Israel, and completed my high school degree at the Rubin Academy of Music in Jerusalem. I then continued my musical training in piano pedagogy, both in the conventional and the Suzuki systems, and early-childhood music and movement.  I studied for many years with Anne Barlin, who is considered one of the “mothers” of the dance therapy field and an experienced teacher of the Dalcroze system.  I maintained a private piano studio in my home for 15 years, as well as teaching pre-school and early elementary music and movement classes in a number of local schools in the area I lived in.

    Three Little Gnomes and a Boy Name Orion is Rhonda Paglia's fourth children's book.  What began as an impromptu story project in 2009 for her grandson, Orion, has blossomed into a captivating 68 page story with over 40 beautiful illustrations and charming characters that kids will love.   Rhonda's illustrator for this book is Ratna Kusuma Halim from Indonesia.  "She has brought the gnomes to life and turned this little garden story into something magical," said Rhonda.
    Rhonda is a retired elementary teacher and very busy grandmother from Hermitage, Pennsylvania.  She loves writing stories for her five grandchildren and now she's happy to share them with other kids.  Rhonda also loves spending time in her garden, but she's always looking over her shoulder because she knows there are secret things going on out there when she's not looking!

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    Karen Katz- Phi Delta Epsilon: Physicians of Philanthropy on Uncommon Giving

    in Lifestyle

    Phi Delta Epsilon was founded over 100 years ago based upon the promotion of fostering and achieving bonding among physicians of high moral character devoted to education and philanthropy for a lifetime. These same ideals hold true today and are, in fact, the cornerstone of our membership education program. Our goal is to provide our new members with not only an education of what it is to be a Fraternity member, but also with information to strengthen their self esteem, to enhance their character, and to develop their leadership potential in the field of medicine.
    Children's Miracle Network is dedicated to saving and improving the lives of children by raising funds for 170 children's hospitals. Phi Delta Epsilon Chapters each raise at least $1000 for their local children's hospital and complete two service projects at the hospital each year. Karen Katz is CEO of Phi Delta Epsilon International Medical Fraternity.
    The website is www.phide.org/
    CMN is http://childrensmiraclenetworkhospitals.org/

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    *Pageant Hour* Miss America Teresa Scanlan

    in Women

    Teresa Scanlan was crowned Miss America 2011 on January 15, 2011 at the 90Anniversary of the Miss America Pageant on ABC.  Since her crowning, she has been traveling the country appearing on numerous national and local television programs, making corporate appearances, and talking about MAO’s national platform, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, and  her personal platform of Eating Disorders: A Generation at Risk.
    As Miss America 2011, Teresa has the special honor of serving as the National Goodwill Ambassador for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals throughout her year of service.  As the Goodwill Ambassador, Teresa will help to raise funds and awareness for the over 170 CMN hospitals across the country.
    As the youngest Miss America in over 70 years, Teresa is showing the country she is a leader and a role model for youth today. Teresa was home-schooled until her junior year of high school, before attending Gering High School for half of her junior year. She graduated early from Scottsbluff High School in the spring of 2010 after taking a double load of classes throughout high school.
    Teresa’s passion for her platform, to combat eating disorders, stems from a friend who struggled with bulimia. She did research about eating disorders for her friend and discovered how rampant it was across the nation. Teresa hopes to educate children and adults alike as to the signs and risks of eating disorders, as well as how and where to get help for themselves or a loved one.
    During 2011 pageant week, Teresa’s piano performance of “White Water Chopped Sticks” won her the Talent Award on the third preliminary night.
    When her year is over, Teresa plans to attend Patrick Henry College to study Government. Her dream is to become an attorney and eventually a judge or President of the United States of America.

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    ATR Presents: CMN - Michael Tsarion - Architects of Control

    in Spirituality

    March 2009 - Michael Tsarion: Michael Tsarion returns for another interview with Regina where he shares his well researched perspective on the state of our collective mindset, putting the story together into his new DVD, The Architects of Control. Watch Michael's interviews in our interview section for more on his research into the Irish Origins of Civilization. To learn more about Michael Tsarion and his research, go to his website at www.MichaelTsarion.com. View other Conscious Media Interviews @ http://www.consciousmedianetwork.com/index.htm

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    Vizion Radio

    in Entertainment

    Board of Water and Light Chili Cookoff, CMN Children's Telethon, Connxtions Comedy Club

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    Interview with Larry Delaney of Country Music News

    in Country Music

    'Country Music News' celebrates 30 years of putting Canadian Country Music stars in the spotlight! From cover stories on the biggest & latest names to album reviews, CMN is a must for Country Music fans. Publisher and Editor Larry Delaney joins me on the line from Ottawa to talk about his monthly publication. Tune in for this special episode that takes you behind the scenes of CMN and back to when it all began.

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    Catholic Radio 2.0!: Remembering Father Richard John Neuhaus

    in Religion

    Father Richard John Neuhaus, whose struggle to keep God's truth in the public square ranged from civil rights struggles in the 1960s to providing much of the intellectual foundation to the battle against the abortion license, died of complications from cancer this week at the age of 72. Robert Royal, president of the Faith & Reason Institute, will assess the legacy of Fr. Neuhaus.

    Also, Alan Napleton, founder and president of the Catholic Marketing Network (CMN), will describe the effects of the economic downturn on producers, distributors, and retailers of Catholic goods and services.

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    Scott Meredith Interview, Executive Director of Conscious Media Netowrk

    in Current Events

    Scott Meredith, Executive Director of Conscious Media Network and his wife Regina have established a website repository for spritual, scientific and economic information that gets 6 million hits a month. From the video interviews conducted by Regina to the archives of written and video resources, this site is perhaps the best repository for the great thinkers of our time. Scott will take us through the process that led him and Regina to start the site and also discuss his own perceptions about what is taking place in the world today. You can access CMN at www.consciousmedianetwork.com

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