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    Clean Water

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    Around the Water Cooler show host Jonathan Hall speaks with Paul Schwartz of Clean Water Action about America's source water and drinking water needs.

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    Clean Water is Important to Women's Health

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    Today is World Toilet Day! While it may sound strange, over 2.5 billion people world wide lack the proper sanitation and clean water necessary to stay healthy. These numbers affect women and children the most, and go well beyond the boarders of developing countries; this is a problem right here in the USA as well. Lack of proper sanitation can lead to deadly cases of diarrhea and unclean water can lead to a multitude of health issues. Today we are going to talk about the problem, the risks that women face, and what we each can do to help fix it.

    Plus the latest in world/women in the news and the War On Women.

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    Ruth & John Scott - Clean Water Initiative of Florida

    in Current Events

    People who love Florida's beaches and springs are sounding the alarm because the state's water resources need much more TLC than they are getting. Talkupy with Annie Lindstrom welcomes Ruth and John Scott of the Clean Water Initiative of FLorida (CWIFL) to the show on Tuesday, May 27 at 11 a.m. ET to talk about protecting and restoring the state's waterways.

    CWIFL is a water advocacy group created to help educate the public, raise awareness and effect critical policy related to Florida's waters. We will discuss topics at the forefront of CWIFL's current advocacy efforts including Lake Okeechobee, springs in distress, and oil drilling and acid fracking in and around Florida's Everglades, Panther Refuge and Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary.

    In addition to getting up-to-date information on these concerns, listeners who tune in to the show will learn how to get involved at a grass-roots level to help bring about meaningful change. For more information go to CWIFL on Facebook or twitter.

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    Michael Simire and Liysa Swart,"How Can We Give Clean Water in the Niger Delta?"

    in Education

    Today's show is a round-table discussion among board of directors.  Mrs. Liysa Swart from U.S. Oregon State is Domestic Violence Education and Advocacy" at Voices Set Free. Case manager at Americans Overseas Domestic Violence Crises Center. She is an advocate and educator for DV issues. Mr. Michael Simire from Nigeria, Lagos State is the Editor-in-Chief of EnviroNews Nigeria (http://www.environewsnigeria.com), which is based in Lagos. EnviroNews Nigeria is an online medium that addresses issues related to environment and development. We also invited Human resouce manager, Mr. Ntriko Bassey to tell us about water conditions in Ini Local Government Area.  

    Hideko Nagashima...Host of the Show: 

    Global Eco Talk Show is brought by SWACIN Inc.  Our radio shows are designed to convey difficult-to-understand problems in Nigeria such as witch-craft, corruption, lack of safety and the worst petroleum pollution in Africa to the International community in an aesthetic form so that people around the world can join solving the problems.  


    Stay tuned!


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    CWF:Bringing clean water to children

    in Business

    Join as CEO Leon Mclaughin shares is passion for taking celan water to children around the world. Starting from a Shoe shine stand in Seattle to Bulivia,Ghana,Peru and now to Equador. teaming up with Starbucks,Lever Bros and world Vision to make a difference.

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    Water Wars on American Soil! I Am Liberty

    in Education

    Water Wars on American Soil!
    I Am Liberty!
    9:00pm/Est 8:00pm/Ct 7:00pm/Mt 6:00pm/Pt
    Live Listen and Chat go to: http://prepperbroadcasting.com/listen-chat/

    How often do you think about your access to clean potable water? Do you have water stored? Do you have a means to filter water? Is there a water source in your area? All of these considerations seem a little over the top for your average American. There are towns in CA right now that have had water shut off to them. The above questions do not only hold weight but they become life and death questions that must be answered.

    Read More HERE!

    Tags: American Preppers Radio, Prepper Broadcasting,

    I Am Liberty

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    Clean Water Starts with Me…and You!

    in Environment

    Mead Mier, Senior Watershed Planner,

    Pima Assoc. of Governments (PAG)


    Mead knows a great deal about lots of things that matter. First, she'll highlight household hazardous waste and what we can do about it to make a difference in our own homes. Then, she'll invite you to gather family members, friends, your local Rotary Club or fellow employees and become involved in the Adopt-a-Wash program to help clean up our city and county. And last, but certainly not least, Mead will share with us the utterly awesome and recently released Clean Water Starts with Me! watershed pocket guide. As citizens of eastern Pima County, we need to understand the watershed and be aware of how we can all prevent storm water pollution. Want to know more before the show? Check out Clean Water's Facebook page. This show sponsored by Pima Association of Governments.


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    Radio Show: The Importance of Drinking Clean Water.

    in Health

    In this show you’ll learn:

    The importance of hydration.
    How to take in the proper quantity of water.
    How the quality of water is as important as the quantity.


    Dehydration can manifest in a myriad of diseases and symptoms. Most of us are dehydrated and we don’t even realize it.  Dehydration triggers mechanisms by which such things as asthma, allergies, heartburn, fatigue, hypertension and many others illnesses occur.  Water is vital to your survival.  Without sufficient water intake, your entire body slows down, and healing and repair become sluggish. 

    Join Dr. Ritamarie as she discusses hydration.  It is such an important topic for health, that Dr. Ritamarie devotes an entire module to it in her Energy Recharge Inner Circle.

    To discover how your health and life can be forever changed, become part of Dr. Ritamarie’s inner circle, and get personally guided by Dr. Ritamarie and one of her personally trained functional nutrition coaches. They’ll look at your labs, your habits, and your health history, and work with you to create and implement your very own personalized road map to vibrant health and recharged energy. This is a small intimate group.  Watch the video and see the success stories HERE.

    Check out Dr. Ritamarie’s VITAL Health Community for additional resources that will give you cutting-edge science combined with the best of natural health wisdom to help you discover unprecedented vitality.

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    Serious Microhydro: Water Power Solutions From The Experts

    in Energy

    Serious Microhydro brings together dozens of firsthand stories of energy independence
    from the pages of Home Power magazine. These accounts cover a complete range of
    systems, from household pressure sites to higher pressure installations capable of
    powering a farm, business or small neighborhood. Topics include:

    Low head and medium head sites
    AC only systems as well as ones using a battery/inverter subsystem
    Stand alone power supply or grid intertie set-ups 
    Hybrid systems (combined with photovoltaics or wind).

    The case studies here represent the most comprehensive collection of knowledge and
    experience available on tailoring an individual installation to meet the needs of a site and its owner/operators. Serious Microhydro provides a wealth of creative solutions and is an essential resource for homeowners, teachers, renewable energy professionals, activists and decision makers who want to understand the technology from a “hands on” perspective.

    In this special series called The Clean Energy View, host, June Stoyer talks to energy expert Scott Davis, an award-winning renewable energy project developer.He is a founder and president of Friends of Renewable Energy BC and author of Microhydro: Clean Power From Water.  

    Today’s show is sponsored by MyMumble.com one of the leading voice chat service providers, with locations all over the world.  MyMumble offers FREE, 5-seat voice chat servers for life, as well as higher capacity plans for any group that requires a secure environment for confidential communication. Listeners of The Organic View can receive 15% off on monthly recurring power servers by using the code "orgview".

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    Modesto Bee sponsors water Summit

    July 15, 2015   7-9 at the Gallo center

    The forum will be moderated by founder and former president of the Great Valley Center and former Mayor of  Modesto, Carol Whiteside.

    Whiteside left the great Valley Center when Bob Gallo discontinued financing the venture.

    As Mayor of Modesto. she is known for “Curtains up 88” that gave us the convention center and closed 10 Street which created a campus for the then First Baptist Church and cut off downtown Modesto.

    Whitesides credits are many. She was paid $15,000 with M ID money to lobby for the sale of water to San Francisco.

    It would be more informative, if the Bee had Carol Whiteside as a panelist, rather than the moderator.

    The five panelists are Jeff Cowan, Randy Fiorini, Sarge Green, Felicia Marcus, and Assemblywoman Kristen Olsen.

    The panel will engage in a conversation on valley water.

    The panel will bring their facts, viewpoints, and opinions to the discussion.

    In the interest of transparency and qualifications, each panelist should be asked if they went to the microphone during M ID meetings to oppose the sale of our water to San Francisco.

    We already know that the moderator was paid to lobby for the sale.

    We should thank the editors of the Modesto Bee Ken Riddick, Joseph Kieta, and Mike Dunbar.

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    Believe Part 121. The Spiritual Picture Of Water Baptism ****

    in The Bible

    This is a continuing bible study on the word believe in the scriptures. The Lord Jesus gave me that word to do a study on.


    This is a Holy Spirit led study, so if the Lord takes it in another direction in the middle of the study, that is where I want to go, following His lead. That is when He opens up understanding of his word to us, through us being obedient to his lead.


    Please feel free to call in with your testimonies, prayer requests, comments, or questions


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