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    Down the Rabbit Hole of Veronica and Alexander's mind. WHat is clarity, does it exist, and if so how do we harness it?

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    Clarity Daily Radio

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    Join @InfiniteDolo & @13Clarity as they share their views & opinions about the #RapeCulture movement.

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    Clarity Corner Radio

    in Business

    This episode we discuss Mastering Media with Clarity. If you were given the opportunity tomorrow to be a guest on a 'live to air' talk show or on a TV programme what would your initial reaction be? Would you go into meltdown mode or would you run with open arms into enthusiasm mode? This episode discuss the principles of getting on air and thriving there. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail............

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    Getting Clarity on Anything!

    in Motivation

    Hey Guys! Call in for questions on anything that may need a little extra clarity at thispoint in your life. What if life could be easier? What if the key to having everything you desire is different than what you think? What if your parents were incorrect when they told you about responsibility and "duty"? what if everything you knew from the time you were a wee bambino about joy and pleasure and creativity and sexualness and play and freedom is actually what's true for you? What if your life could become easier if you started listening to YOU rather than what others are choosing? would that be more fun?

    I'll be facilitating using the tools of Access Consciousness to help you energetically unlock all that's been keeping you stuck. It's actually the ENERGY of something that gets you stuck, not anything external. By undoing fixed points of view you can start to have more freedom of choice and move into being the phenominal you you were meant to be! Let's play, yo!

    Might want to check this out if you cerebrally need to know what the Clearing Statement is that i will be using: http://www.theclearingstatement.com/

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    "Aligning Your Soul Up To Receive Mental Clarity." (Part II).

    in Health

    Please Join Health By Design Radio Broadcast on This Saturday, 9/26 at 12 Noon.  Prophetess Glenda Powell will share with us "Aligning Your Soul Up To Receive Mental Clarity."  (Part II).We look forward to hearing from you to answer your burning questions.  Please Tune In.  ' God wants you Whole in every Area.!"

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    Clarity...on Anything!

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    Are there areas of your life you'd like to change but haven't been able to? What if what you needed was more awareness so that you could know a diferent possibility? Using the simple, weird and practical tools of Access Consciousness, we can begin to shift anything that isn't working and give you a new sense of space and ease. Come play!

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    Supporting mental clarity and brain function with LifeWave

    in Science

    It’s been well known for years that brain function and mental clarity diminish as we age. But recent research shows that this decrease may set in much earlier than originally expected. A recent 7 year study by Neurobiology of Aging found an urgent need for a way to preserve brain function and capacity well into one’s mid and late life stages.

    And it's not just an aging issue either. People of all ages are suffering more and more from fatigue or “brain fog” during the course of any given day.

    So what do we do?

    Luckily, LifeWave has created breakthrough techology called Theta Mind specifically designed to promote superior cognitive function as well as 

    Supports focus, attention and memory
    Helps to protect the brain from free radical damage

    I've invited the Doctor of Health and Exercise Science and Master of Asian Medicine Dr. Dennis Lobstein to come on my show to talk about how these all-natural acupuncture without needles technology can effectively improve brain function and mental clarity for people of all ages. 

    Call-in to have your questions answered at the number above. 

    (Want to listen to other related LifeWave interviews? Visit www.patchtrainingteam.com/lifewaveradio)

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    15 Minutes of FAME. Do it with Clarity.

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    Hey All!  Let's talk for a minute or 15 minutes.  Clarity missess all of her valued listeners, but don't worry we will be back in November!   With new and exciting, informative as well as thought provoking topics.
    Please acquaint or reacquaint your ears, mind and soul with our 
    Do It with Clarity past shows........enjoy them.  We'll be back with more.   Soon! ;-)

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    Tapping Into Peace and Clarity

    in Self Help

    It is one thing to make a decision that is easy and guaranteed for a successful outcome. It is a whole other story to make a decision that you know is the right one to make not just in your mind but also in your heart.  Join Barbara Hetzel, Jann Jaffe and Sharissa Sebastian as they discuss the ins and outs of decision making using your thinking and your intuition.

    Barbara Hetzel is the owner and founder of Ridge Top Coaching, a life and leadership firm that specializes in engaging individuals, teams, and executives that want to increase their level of influence, manage change in all their environments, and achieve greater success in their career and in life. Her greatest desire is to be of service to my clients by helping ordinary people achieve extraordinary results.

    Sharissa Sebastian is a life and leadership coach for women. Her passion is helping women break free from being stuck, overwhelmed, and stressed to live a life of passion, purpose, joy and fulfillment. She currently serves on the board of directors of a wonderful organization called Empowering Women as Leaders. Find her at www.sharissasebastian.com or www.about.me/sharissasebastian

    Jann Jaffe (Northwestern Univ. BA, MA) is a Certified Professional Coach, ELI-MP, and a COR.E Dynamics Specialist. With Forward to Success, Jann is dedicated to helping successful professional women achieve optimal success, realization of their potential, passion, purpose, balance, and wellbeing in every aspect of their lives. (info@forwardtosuccess.com)

  • Alingning Your Soul Up To Recieve Mental Clarity

    in Health

    Please Join Health By Design Radio Broadcast on tomorrow, Saturday, 9/19 at 12 Noon.  Prophetess Glenda Powell will share with us "Aligning Your Sould Up To Receive Mental Clarity."  We look forward to hearing from you to answer your burning questions.  Please Tune In.  ' God wants you Whole in every Area.!"

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    Coffee With Clarity, Looking deeper into the coffee cup

    in Self Help

    The Coffee With Clarity Show, is the place to go for intuitive insights, laughter, inspiration and good coffee.   Topics will include   Synchronicities   Abraham Hicks,   Can You Channel too?   Mastering The Emotional Scale   Its my personality and I will if I want to?   Is a free Tarot/spiritual reading worth it?   Self Worth, We all have it. Is it working for you or against you?   Your Favorite Coffee   Reading Coffee Cups, Is there a message inside?   And Lots Lots More...   Brought to you by http://coffeewithclarity.com