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    The power of networking, Trump praises Clarence Thomas, Police shootings

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    The power of networking, Trump praises Clarence Thomas, Police shootings. New music Gaviana, Uzee the Bovvaking

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    C.D. - Clarence Thomas & the Dynamics and Relevancee of Affirmative Acton

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    STILL, Full Steam Ahead with Clarence Thomas (why we need to re-evaluate Affirmative Action)

    Last week’s show was perhaps one of the most critical, in that we engaged in a very volatile discussion on Justice Clarence Thomas, in particular, his alleged stance on affirmative-action, his alleged, past benefits from it and overall, the impact that affirmative-action has had on black people and our progress in America.

    One of our callers added an important perspective to this, bringing up a person who I’d never heard of, activist and freedom-fighter Percy Green of Missouri, that state which ironically, was where a young Clarence Thomas had it professional beginnings.

    It was obvious, after the sometimes impassioned exchanges, that we needed to continue where we left off, but in addition, try to understand affirmative action.

    There will promise to be differing opinions of what exactly affirmative action is, just as there will be, if asked to evaluate its overall impact on black people in America.

    But, if we examine extremes, there will be a wing who feels it was and is, absolutely necessary, while others see it as having served its usefulness, even suggesting that today, it hurts black people.

    Perhaps, as with many issues, the answer lies somewhere in between both, and either way, given the recent Supreme Court decisions on college admission standards and voter entitlements, the issue promises to be contentious, in the foreseeable future.

    Hopefully, I will have a guest, who will greatly contribute to the Discourse, only on


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    C.D. - Clarence Thomas - Affirmatively Vindicated

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    Ever since his confirmation as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, there probably hasn’t been one so polarizing and spoken of in the most disparaging terms.

    Black people, while giving Barack Obama a free pass, as he continues to show his contempt for black people, Thomas is held to a standard. In all fairness, he is not burdened with term limits and daily scrutiny.

    But,In light of recent SCOTUS decisions, he's viciously accused of deciding and opinionating on the “wrong side” of black people.

    His decisions on affirmative action are used by his detractors, to label him, anti-affirmative action in principle, while benefitting from it himself, suggesting a desire to prevent other blacks from elevating themselves.

    2 weeks ago a caller parroted these sentiments, but could not qualify them. In fact, I’ve yet to receive any evidence of an affirmative action program where Thomas personally benefitted..

    It is affirmative action, that strongly captures the attention of black people, like no other issue. Obviously, many have benefitted from programs which understandably and justifiably were created, to assist the decedents of slaves in America, Is it still needed?

    Maybe, better put, in the 21st century, has it become so metamorphosed, that it has outlived its original usefulness, even being “high-jacked” ?

    Will the recent Court decision to uphold Michigan’s ban on race-based admission standards, lead to an avalanche of higher-education denial for black people?

    How about the Bakke decision, which many liberals seem to conveniently “forget”, in assessing the events of the day?

    Wherever you stand on these issues, we can agree that we are at a critical point in history, as we see before our very eyes, uncertainty, confusion, angst and trepidation. 

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    Sporlitiks, where Sports & Politics Mix & Mingle

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    Not your Mother's radio show. Some call it a discussion, some say a debate, you decide. New York Presidential primary-will there be a contested GOP convention?, NBA playoffs, Lawmakers keep Flint money out of energy bill, flyers express sincere regret over fan behavior, Clarence Thomas story, and more.

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    Critical Discourse - Harry Reid, READ This! Clarence Thomas is a BLACK MAN!

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    The infantile name-calling never ceases from Democratic “leadership”.

    So, Mr. Reid, Clarence Thomas is “white”, because he’s not a “card-carrying” member of the “plantation”? Frankly, I thought he was going to refer to the other male justices as black, but I guess, he didn’t want to be considered racist.

    Same old tune; liberals can use the race-card at a whim, but just let a conservative criticize Obama …

    As I’ve done enough to make the case that Clarence Thomas is indeed, a remarkable brother; wise, balanced, and I forgot – black, there really isn’t a need to defend him any further. However, what should be noted, is the glaring hypocrisy of those who call for [the one-way street of] “tolerance”.

    This week, Barack Obama met with Governor Perry, to discuss the border crisis of illegal-immigrant children. All the more interesting, in light of the lecturing of liberals, on “compassion for children”, as it’s conveniently forgotten that most of their parents have abandoned them. In fact, an MS-NBC pundit actually brought – THE BIBLE into the debate, just when I thought, this was the “hang-up” of the “right-wing”.

    Speaker Boehner has released the details of his lawsuit against Obama.

    Despite the fact that SCOTUS ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby, democrats are trying to circumvent the Ruling, in the name of “women’s rights”. Wasn’t the GOP lambasted for continuing its’ challenges to Obamacare, after SCOTUS’ ruling? Oh, I forgot; REPUBLICANS aren’t allowed to mount such challenges!

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    Remembering Thomas Jefferson On His Birthday and SCOTUS' Executive Amnesty

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    Searching for the truth, no matter where it leads and committed to help getting our country back on track.  Bill Martinez Live airs Monday thru Friday 9-12a (ET).  Welcome to a very independent and powerful three hours of talk radio.  

    This morning we're remembering our history as we celebrate Thomas Jefferson's birthday.  Our favorite historian Bruce Kauffmann shares some little know facts including that the Declaration of Independence changed forever our past understanding of the nature of government.  And that back in 1776 it wasn’t the “We hold these truths to be self evident …” passage that grabbed the attention of the Congress, but the list of complaints Jefferson included against the misbehavior of King George III (and, by extension, the British Parliament).

    David French on the Supreme Court's Executive Amnesty Challenge and James Hirsen on HBO's Supreme Justice Clarence Thomas Hit piece of a movie.  

    Plus should Bill Clinton apologize and the story of KICK KENNEDY: The Charmed Life and Tragic Death of the Favorite Kennedy Daughter.  

    And remember to join us for our after show, "Mucho Más Martinez" 12:15p (ET) at www.facebook.com/martinezlive. We'll summarize the highlights of the show and look for your comments.  

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    Anita Hill, "Confirmation" Hearings, Escaping Abuse, Power of Thoughtful Calm

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    Inspired by the HBO movie "Confirmation" today we discuss physical abuse, sexual abuse, abuse of power and the necessity to escape abuse with a savvy, strategic self-preserving plan and assistance.   Anita Hill as portrayed in "Confirmation" by actress Kerry Washington, known for her staring role in Scandal, images a calm, educated, self-aware, gracious and savvy woman who greeted the unwanted sexual conversations from Justice Clarence Thomas with rationale and social awareness.  Anita Hill's bravery and straight-forward discussion of the events led to an increased awareness that women are to be treated with respect in all domains of life, work, home, and in media.  This pertinent discussion casts its shadows on the current signs of misogyny embedded in the antagonistic attacks by Donald Trump on women in general and public figures in particular when he freely and openly ridicules women for their intelligence, beauty co-efficients, qualifications, training, education and experience.  He unwarrantedly and openly attacks professionals including highly educated, experienced and knowledgeable individuals like Hillary Clinton.  This is not about politics but about equality of male and female expressions of respect and what role women play in that on-going, and improving dialogue about overt, violent and covert forms of abuse.  

    Dr. Carol Francis has worked with abuse in marriages, work place and families for over 38 years.  She is a licensed Clinical Psychologist, Marriage, Family and Child Therapist, Certified Hypnotherapist. Her in-person work is in the South Bay Los Angeles Beach Cities can be accessed at DrCarolFrancis.com, 310-543-1824.

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    The Sonny Thomas Show

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    Sonny updates us on current events and the Rise of TRUMP and what it means for the GOP

    www.SonnyThomas.com  @SonnyThomasShow



    Visit our other sites in the Sonny Thomas rhelm:

    www.SpringboroTeaParty.com  @SpringboroTea

    www.TheHMD.com  @TheHMD

    www.CofCCOhio.org  @CofCCOhio

    www.ResolutionRDO.com  @ResolutionRDO

    Advocacy pages: Air Alex Jones on WHIO & WKRC  @AlexJonesWHIO

    S.W Ohio For TRUMP  @TrumpSWOhio

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    Clarence Mason joins Turnbuckle Turmoil

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    Fans may know him best as Jim Cornette's lawyer, Clarence Mason. Some may know him best as the man whom was in the middle of the split of Harlem Heat, J. Biggs. Regardless, we are delighted to have him on Turnbuckle Turmoil for the very first time. He was around for a lot of historic events in one of the big boom times for wrestling. We'll get to know him and his thoughts on his time in the buisness. Join us as we talk to Clarence Mason.

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    Life of Love Bible Study With Minister Lakisha Thomas

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          LIFE OF LOVE BIBLE STUDY WITH MINISTER LAKISHA THOMAS                               Recharge, Refuel... Refill on theWord of God in 30 minutes or less.

             ****LISTEN LIVE  TONIGHT WEDNESDAY 8:30p(est)****

    Do you have a prayer request? Email LifeOfLoveLol@gmail.com Don't forget to Follow us on Instagram @_LifeOfLoveLol and Facebook: LifeOfLoveLol