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    C.D. - Clarence Thomas - Affirmatively Vindicated

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    Ever since his confirmation as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, there probably hasn’t been one so polarizing and spoken of in the most disparaging terms.

    Black people, while giving Barack Obama a free pass, as he continues to show his contempt for black people, Thomas is held to a standard. In all fairness, he is not burdened with term limits and daily scrutiny.

    But,In light of recent SCOTUS decisions, he's viciously accused of deciding and opinionating on the “wrong side” of black people.

    His decisions on affirmative action are used by his detractors, to label him, anti-affirmative action in principle, while benefitting from it himself, suggesting a desire to prevent other blacks from elevating themselves.

    2 weeks ago a caller parroted these sentiments, but could not qualify them. In fact, I’ve yet to receive any evidence of an affirmative action program where Thomas personally benefitted..

    It is affirmative action, that strongly captures the attention of black people, like no other issue. Obviously, many have benefitted from programs which understandably and justifiably were created, to assist the decedents of slaves in America, Is it still needed?

    Maybe, better put, in the 21st century, has it become so metamorphosed, that it has outlived its original usefulness, even being “high-jacked” ?

    Will the recent Court decision to uphold Michigan’s ban on race-based admission standards, lead to an avalanche of higher-education denial for black people?

    How about the Bakke decision, which many liberals seem to conveniently “forget”, in assessing the events of the day?

    Wherever you stand on these issues, we can agree that we are at a critical point in history, as we see before our very eyes, uncertainty, confusion, angst and trepidation. 

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    Critical Discourse - Harry Reid, READ This! Clarence Thomas is a BLACK MAN!

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    The infantile name-calling never ceases from Democratic “leadership”.

    So, Mr. Reid, Clarence Thomas is “white”, because he’s not a “card-carrying” member of the “plantation”? Frankly, I thought he was going to refer to the other male justices as black, but I guess, he didn’t want to be considered racist.

    Same old tune; liberals can use the race-card at a whim, but just let a conservative criticize Obama …

    As I’ve done enough to make the case that Clarence Thomas is indeed, a remarkable brother; wise, balanced, and I forgot – black, there really isn’t a need to defend him any further. However, what should be noted, is the glaring hypocrisy of those who call for [the one-way street of] “tolerance”.

    This week, Barack Obama met with Governor Perry, to discuss the border crisis of illegal-immigrant children. All the more interesting, in light of the lecturing of liberals, on “compassion for children”, as it’s conveniently forgotten that most of their parents have abandoned them. In fact, an MS-NBC pundit actually brought – THE BIBLE into the debate, just when I thought, this was the “hang-up” of the “right-wing”.

    Speaker Boehner has released the details of his lawsuit against Obama.

    Despite the fact that SCOTUS ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby, democrats are trying to circumvent the Ruling, in the name of “women’s rights”. Wasn’t the GOP lambasted for continuing its’ challenges to Obamacare, after SCOTUS’ ruling? Oh, I forgot; REPUBLICANS aren’t allowed to mount such challenges!

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    Wedding Bells in Alabama

    in Politics

    “Effective immediately, no probate judge of the state of Alabama nor any agent or employee of any Alabama Probate Judge shall issue or recognize a marriage license that is inconsistent” with a constitutional amendment and a state law banning same-sex unions". Roy Moore

    " A majority of the justices may have already made up their minds, as reflected by the court’s indecorous” decision Monday morning allowing same-sex marriages to proceed in Alabama.This acquiescence may well be seen as a signal of the Court’s intended resolution of that question,” Thomas wrote in a dissent from the court’s order refusing to stay the weddings. This is not the proper way to discharge our . . . responsibilities".Thomas wrote in a dissent from the court’s order refusing to stay the weddings.

    "I've always felt that we were married," Laura Bush

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    Record Talk Radio with Thomas Sullivan

    in News

    Join us at 2 p.m. Monday March 2 when our guest on Record Talk Radio will be Thomas Sullivan, the newest Bergen County Freeholder.

    Sullivan, a labor leader and Montvale Democrat, was appointed in January to fill the seat vacated when James Tedesco became county executive.

    In an interviewed taped on Wednesday, Sullivan talked about his plan to make the heroin epidemic in Bergen County as his focus during his 10 months in office.

    He also revealed some of his personal motivation for doing so.



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    Author of The Student Athlete Lamanda Thomas

    in Art

    My guest will be Author Lamanda Thomas

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    Master Pencil Man Clarence Pointer cla

    in Art

    Clarence was born in Hillsboro, a small town in Alabama. It was there he developed his God’s given talent with no formal training, with great family and friends support. Over time he had formed his on unique style of drawing. He
    always believed in creating realistic detailed masterpieces, it would best showcase his utmost abilities. Pointer welcomes challenging and seemingly difficult projects, it keeps him
    sharp. Success came after lots of practice, perseverance, self-discipline, patience and determination to be the best.

    While serving in the Air Force stationed at Okinawa, Japan a master Japanese artist who told him to devote even more time to each project. After those words of wisdom, Clarence began winning numerous art contests throughout
    Southern California and has gained international status.

    Hundreds of drawings to his credit, the master pencil artist has no signs of slowing down. Striving to always get better with each task is what drives him. People are sometimes blown away by the optimum level of detail and can't believe
    he has actually drawn the masterpieces as recently as December 5th, 2008. I guess seeing is not always believing...some people will remain in disbelief because most of the images actually look like real photography projects. That is how realistic his work has developed over the years;
    the challenging phase is nearly over. He can basically draw
    anything on the planet!


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    PIJN News: “Doubting Thomas” Jefferson: Deist or Christian?

    in Religion

    Thomas Jefferson, the third President of the United States: Deist or Christian? Dr. Chaps interviews Jerry Newcombe about new evidence in his book, "Doubting Thomas".

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    Monday Night Of Miracles - March 2, 2015 8pm EST Experience A "Divine Shift!"

    in Christianity

    Every first Monday of the month at 8pm EST. join Prophetess Christina Glenn Weeks for miracle impartations, healing, debt cancellations and so much more.

    Tonight you will experience "The Atmosphere Of Miracles" so expect the Unusual, the Unexpected, the Unthinkable, and the Uncommon.  See over 100 powerful miracle testimonies at www.TheAtmosphereOfMiracles.com

    Share on social media Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with all your family and friends so they won't miss out on their Miracle Moment Tonight!  For more ministry events and updates visit www.ChristinaGlennWeeks.com


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    Episode 84: A Time of Worship for Easter - Part I

    in Christianity

    Episode 84:A Time of Worship for Easter - Part I

    Join astor Danton in the Month of March as he takes us on a journey of Worship for the Easter Season. In this episode, he looks at Matthew 26-28.

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    NFL Franchise Tag, Harden over LeBron & All Time Lakers Starting 5

    in Sports

    Let's begin with NFL Free Agency and which teams used their franchise tag to keep players. We will look at some of the signings and releases and what NFL teams are looking for in Suh, Thomas and others. In College Basketball we discuss the Top 25 and who has the best chance for #1 seeds, plus a shot to beat Kentucky. Next NBA talk as James Harden kicks LeBron and places his mark on the MVP, plus Clippers winning with DJ & CP3. We end with the All-Time Lakers Starting 5, who would you pick? 6PM ET Call us 718-664-9098 @RaeAndTayToday www.raeandtaytoday.com

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    Selling in a Skirt with Judy Hoberman Radio

    in Women

    Selling in a Skirt with Judy Hoberman Radio with her guest Dr. Donna Thomas Rodgers & Julie Anne Eason:

    Dr. Donna Thomas Rodgers has over 20 years of leadership experience. Dr. Donna has served as a Private-First-Class to a Commissioned Officer in the military. After performing her military duties Dr. Donna worked her way up the ranks to C-level suites. Those experiences have allowed her to strategically solve problems at all levels in an organization. As a Commissioned Military Police Officer she managed millions of dollars of assets and equipment and led over 2,500 soldiers without any casualties. After transitioning to a management role at Frito-Lay Dr. Donna continued to perform at a high level. She personally supervised over 500 employees, managed 20 million dollars in company assets, and trained corporate team members at the national level in safety, continuous improvement and performance-based training.

    Julie Anne Eason has been a professional writer for over 20 years. After figuring out that fiction writing wasn’t for her, she turned to freelance journalism and copywriting for a living. As technology advanced, she witnessed the balance of power in the publishing industry shift. Once the big New York publishers held all the cards. Writers were “lucky” if they could land an agent or a book contract. But now individuals are taking the initiative and writing, publishing, and marketing their own books without the need for an agent or publisher to give them a chance — which means that finally businesses, non-profits, and entrepreneurs can take advantage of the amazing power of books. Today she ghostwrites full-length books for entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches, CEOs, and other business people who want to expand their reach and build their brands.

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