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    Addressing Discrimination and Retaliation Claims

    in Legal

    As your business grows and you decide to accept new employees, it becomes ever so crucial for <em>both</em> employees <em>and</em> employers to understand how to avoid, handle, and even to pursue or defend claims of discrimination and/or retaliation in the workplace. In this show, Bill and Rick explore the relationship between employer and employee and how specifically claims are to be addressed under both State and Federal law if they do arise, and what can and should be done prior to the onset of litigation.

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    Michelle Claims she experienced Racism as 1st Lady

    in Politics Conservative

    Michelle claims to have expereinced racism as First Lady.


    TWITTER @briancriagshow


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    Webmaster Asknod Hepatitis C VA Claims Blog

    in Social Networking

    Asknod says "Today we are going to make radio history. I’ve kept my identity anonymous for six long years in an attempt to protect my claims from “shrinkage.” I won on November 21 officially as most know. There is no more need for secrecy. Some of you already know me from Veterans Today . "

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    Scalar Energy Claims to Heal, Balance and Release - Let's See! Tom Paladino

    in Self Help

    Dr. Carol Francis invites Tom Paladino who invented a Scalar instrument based on Tesla Technology.  Scalar treatments claim to promotes health and wellbeing with phenomenal results.  Paladino claims to have successfully used his scalar instrument to remotely disassemble pathogens in the body (including HIV, Herpes, Candida and the Ebola virus.) He also uses the instrument to reassemble nutrients and balance the chakras. The Scientific community has known about Scalar energy for a long time and Governments are using it for their own purposes; however, Tom is a pioneer in Scalar Energy because he is using it to promote health and wellbeing. Tom has also created a Hormone Therapy treatment for both men and women, as well as a Fat Metabolizing treatment which facilitates weight loss without dieting.  

    Here is a sample of the results people have experienced from using Scalar Energy treatments:
    *Disassembling of harmful pathogens in the human body, results indicated by blood tests
    *Feelings of being stronger and younger with greater vigor and vitality
    *Fading of wrinkles and dark spots
    *Softer, clearer skin
    *Weight loss without trying
    *Elimination of Celiac disease related symptoms (I have experienced this myself)
    *Elimination of Psoriasis
    *Negative test results for HIV, Hepatitis C, Herpes, Lyme disease and other previously perceived incurable ailments
    *Deeper, more restful sleep
    *Feelings of being happier and more positive
    *Other results, too numerous to mention

    Join Dr. Carol Francis, Psychologist, Counselor and Hypnotherapist in Los Angeles Beach Cities area for this intriguing alternative treatment exploration.  

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    Denied claims and what to do

    in Military

    Ever had your VA claim denied? Here is the show that twlls you how to read the decision and respond to the VA.

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    What Stems Abandonment and Why is it so Common?

    in Motivation

    We talk alot about being left alone, not knowing what was going on, people leaving us and people "deserting" us in our times of need. Yet what stems being abandon and what is really happening? Why do we feel that we have to hold on for dear life to our loved ones? What in us claims the ownership, the time, the energy of another soul on Earth? How is it that we can claim another soul on Earth to be our own souls purpose? How do we grow through these feelings? Tune in and Join in on the Conversation Tuesday Morning at 5:30 AM, PST! :) 

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    Employer Defenses to Unemployment Claims

    in Legal

    Unemployment is not a free pass for unemployed workers – find out what defenses you may have to a former worker’s claim for unemployment benefits in this podcast with Lance Ziebell of Lavelle Law.

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    Veteran Benefits and Pension Claims

    in Health

    Bosley & Bratch is a leading national law firm that helps military veterans and their dependents across the country obtain VA disability and other related benefits. Since 1995 Bosley & Bratch has helped thousands of veterans and their dependents obtain millions of dollars in benefits from the VA for a variety of disabling conditions including but not limited to PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injury, musculoskeletal conditions, chemical exposure conditions, and unemployability.
    Bosley & Bratch represents veterans at all levels of the VA appeals process including the Board of Veterans' Appeals, Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims and higher. Bosley & Bratch has over 80 years of combined legal experience and is owned and managed by military veterans. Bosley and Bratch completely devotes all of its resources to helpings veterans. It's all they do. Your rights are our priority and we will strive to see you receive the benefits package that you deserve.
    At Bosley & Bratch, each and every veteran's cases is unique. Our goal is to make every veteran's experience personal to their circumstances. Our professional and volunteer work is all dedicated towards altering living conditions for veterans for the better. We believe that these citizens should be cared for by the rest of the country. A handshake and a medal is not enough, we must actively seek the improvement of the living conditions of our former armed forces members. We want to help veterans collect a debt owed to them by our government. We are one of the most experienced veteran’s disability law firms in the state of Florida and around the country and as such, we are best suited to represent your case.

  • The Israelite Response to Kemet

    in Education

    Tonight we will have a Guest Host. Brother Moreh Yeshiah Israel will be discussing views dealing with the Israelite response to Kemetic claims.  He and Co-Host Mikhael Ben Israel will Discuss the debates and conclusion of the whole matter concerning the African-Americans and like which claim to be the descendants of Ancient Kemet.  They will explore the issue and show proof of their findings and facts.

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    You hear people say it all the time- she lied, she said she was abused just to get a leg up in court, she claimed I hurt the kids so she could get custody.  The internet is peppered with websites advising men how they can fight such claims and reporting how often this happens.  Women making false claims.  How prevalent are these claims, and who benefits from making the charges go away?  What’s the real story?  Join us this week as we talk with Erin Jemison, Executive Director of the Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault.  Erin has presented at state and national conferences, sharing her knowledge domestic violence and sexual assault issues.  She also serves as the Chairperson of Colorado’s Sex Offender Management Board.

    Saturday morning, 11 am Pacific at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/3women3ways   Call-in with your comments to (646) 378-0430.  And if you miss the live program, you can go to the website and listen to all our archived programs whenever you are able.

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