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    Hard Starboard Radio: Is Barack Obama Mad As A Hatter?

    in Politics Conservative

    Obama: Economic self-destruction would save terrorists the trouble; Pope Francis calls Christians & Muslims "brothers"; WaPo smears Pro-Life community with blame for Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood shootings; Obama caves on key elements of Iran Nuclear Capitulation; Still no governmant shutdown likely over Planned Parenthood funding; Ben Carson blows his socon cred on Colorado Springs shooting; Hillary Clinton & the power of vaginas; Obama: Destroying the global economy an economic and security imperative; Obama military aid to Ukraine was - and is - garbage & scrap; Ted Cruz: GOP is not the “condom police”; Obama: Mass shootings just don’t happen outside the United States; and Raum Emanuel fires Chicago police chief to placate the black mob.

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    Donald Trump is accused of lying about 9/11, but Rudy Giuliani confirmed it to be true. Bill Clinton lies about fellatio, Hillary lies about Bosnia and Obama makes fun of retarded people. And Trump’s not presidential?

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    HIS ABOUNDING GRACE: Be Still And Know That The Great " I AM" Is Still God!!!!

    in Christianity

    “When Christians Speak” Talk Radio Romans 5:20 Moreover the law entered, that the offence might abound. But where sin abounded, grace did much more abound: Overview: His Abounding Grace is a marvelous gift that we oftentimes take for granted. It is because of His Grace that second chances exist; it is because of His Grace that we are not consumed; it is because of His Grace that the enemy is already defeated! So, instead of using His Grace as an opportunity to continue to sin, [God Forbid as Paul says in Romans 6:1], we should be continually praising God that through the precious blood of Jesus Christ - Grace did much more abound! Praise the Lord!!!

    Christians Speak Talk Radio Broadcasts -“"His Abounding Grace Broadcast" with Minister Vanester Williams - Tuesdays @ 7:00 pm; "Declaring The Finished Work with Rev. Pat Randall" - Thursdays @ 12:00 Noon; "Friday Night Joy with Rev. Ray and Friends" - Fridays @ 7:00 pm; "Bread of Life with Rev. Ray" - Sundays @ 7:00 pm, "The Alabaster Box with Prophet Carla R Johnson"-Every 4th Saturdays @ 7:00pm: "Challenged To Change with Pastor Paul Morgan" -Wednesday @ 7pm; "Lifeline with Apostle Shirley Jones- Every 1st Monday @ 7 pm; "Mid-Day Glory Prayer with Rev. Gwendolyn Dixon"-Every Wednesday @ 12noon Dial-in Number:(641) 715-3580 Access Code:732-499 PIN24 hour gospel music on http://www.live365.com/stations/gospelmanray. contact us @ (571) 317-1466. Free New Apps @ whenchristiansspeak.com  Sponsored by Gold Savings Plan

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    The world on this Tuesday night: climate change, the English Channel & more

    in Politics


    We will look at President Obama's trip to Paris to talk climate change........he has not sold the Congress or the American people on what he wants to do.......another huge failure of leadership........there are elections coming up in Venezuela and the country is in total turmoil........the GOP race and the New Hampshire Union Leader endorsement of Governor Christie.....it should help him in the NH primary coming up in 60 days......the English Channel project was started 25 years ago.......it was eventually opened for travel in 1994...........and more stories of the day........

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    Walk Through The Word With The Midiman

    in Christianity

    Old Fashion Bible Study!

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    Stir Crazy.Are many of us going crazy under this system?

    in Politics Progressive

    It is apparrent to me that we have serious mental,emotional,sexual, issues in Black America.So much so we are looking forward to a movie about the sex none of us are really getting.I can spot a crazy person online.They stalk your post,ignore things they agree with you on and wait for the opportune time to pounce on you.Everyone is hell bent on trying to out Black each other,pull conscious drive byes,innuendos,gossip,trolling for fights ect.

    Two females on Facebook caught my attention as serious drama queens who need intervention.Well yours truley will give it to them.We have this doctor who supposedly had the cure for AIDS smoking weed saying dont eat brocholi.While a White boy invents a pill and charges 700 dollars a pill getting rich.Like I said in my Deadly Clowns show.Black America is afraid of people they should be laughing at  or trying to help.Tonight RIPPED FROM FACEBOOK,INSTAGRAM,TWITTER,STIR CRAZY,WHEN YOU ARE OUT OF CONTROL AND LOSING YOUR MIND UNDER THIS RACIST SYSTEM.

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    Conference championships could determine selection of College Football Playoffs

    in Sports

    There were no changes in the top five of the college football playoff ranking poll. This means that the Big Ten Championship game could determine which team will represent the Big Ten, in the College Football Playoff. Iowa stayed in the fourth posiition and will play number five Michigan State, in the Big Ten championship game. Ohio State looms at number six, but would need an enormous amount of help to defend its title. 

    Clemson remains the number one ranked team and will take on North Carolina, in the ACC championship game. Clemson has been the number one ranked team every week in the college football playoff ranking. North Carolina has won 11 straight games and will try to execute the biggest upset of the football season. 

    Alabama, ranked second, will battle with the Florida Gators, in the SEC championship game. The lone blemish, for Alabama, was a 43-37 loss to Ole Miss. Florida was destroyed by Florida State last week, 27-2, dashing any hopes of making the playoff. 

    Oklahoma occupies the thrid position and is idle during conference championship week. The Big 12 does not have a conference championship. By not playing, this could secure a spot in the playoff. Should Michigan State win, that could propel them to fourth but probably not over Oklahoma. Ohio State is ranked sixth, but is also idle. The worst case scenario is an Iowa win which could possibly move Oklahoma to fourth, should Clemson and Alabama win. The best case would be losses by both Clemson and Alabama. This could propel Oklahoma to a number one spot without playing. 

    With four conferences occuping positions in the top four, the NCAA could not have asked for a better end to the season. Should the favorites win, the playoff will have representation from the SEC, ACC, Big 12, and Big Ten. This could cause a debate on how teams are selected for the Championship

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    The UCC Show 2.46 - Justice Part One - Social Justice

    in Christianity

    Welcome to the UnCommon Christianity podcast, affectionately known as The UCC Show!

    Race Relations. Police Brutality. Animal Cruelty. Gay Rights. Marriage Equality. Refugee Rights. Marijuanna Decriminalization. Political Correctness. Reproductive Rights. Climate Change. Gender Identity. Sex Trade. Human Trafikking. Homelessness.

    These are just a sampling of concerns addressed by Social Justice... But what is Social Justice? More importantly, how are Christians to handle it?

    You can send us feedback  and or questions at AskUCCShow, call in at 347.989.8865, tweet us @UCC_Show, send us a message via facebook.com/uccministries or join us in the live chatroom- And there will be more ways to contact us in the future! 

    Join us once a week as we review current events, answer questions, provide commentary on social happenings, and more. This may be one of the most informational, fun, and thought-provoking two hours of your day- Join us and participate!

    Check out BeNotCommon.com, and join us here weekly for a show you definitely won't want to miss!

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    "It's NoT BrAiN SuRgErY"...Ben Carson, Welfare Reform, PoTuS ShMoTus.....

    in Politics

    This is IT!! The premiere of our 3rd season on Blogtalk Radio!  Tonight Matthew stirs the pot with STRAIGHT answers about some crooked questions.....Here's some food for thought...Has Idiot Obama ruined it for any Black candidate?  Why hasn't EVERY state in the Nation followed Maine.....And Ben Carson as a politician??? it ain't brain surgery....- All these and more TONIGHT LIVE at 9pm CST on "Skin DEEP Theology."

    Matthew sits down with Jack Watts (Political Commentator) Lenny Lepre (Former Field Lobbyist for NFIB) and some other interesting guests to discuss the realities of some of the above mentioned questions.  YOU DON'T WANNA MISS THIS!! Call in LIVE with your thoughts, questions, input or concern 516-387-1513 or email Matthew and his staff at station@theredemptioninitiative.org and if we read your thoughts on air we'll send ya a $25 Walmart gift card!!

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    "Blurred Lines: The Media's Agenda of Merging Good with Evil"

    in Radio


    Did you miss last year’s classic episode of “The Dedan Tolbert Show”, where we discussed “Blurred Lines”, focusing on: the difference between metro sexual and gay, classy vs sexy, good vs evil and wife vs freak? To also hear our discussion on the breakups of Khloe & Lamar, Kris and Bruce Jenner, Preachers of LA, gay pastors, the Government Shutdown and MANY other topics…tune into “The Dedan Tolbert Show” TONIGHT at 9:00pm EST for a special rebroadcast. Listen 7 nights a week by calling 646 200 0366 or online worldwide at www.dedantolbertshow.com... “Real Radio that Matters for Over 10 Years”.

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    POTUS, POTUS wannabe's, and the Plan Parenthood shootings...among other things.

    in US Government

    This installment of The Forbidden Fruit will discuss what you think about the Presidency, the Presidential candidates, recent mass shootings and whatever comes to mind. We may even place a call to Skin DEEP Theology podcast. As you already know, anything can happen here on The Fruit.

    Call in number to listen to the show or to participate is same number, 347-202-0492. To talk to us, just press 1.

    email address is AppleBrain@Live.com