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    Is RB Chris Johnson (CJ2K) Coming to Gang Green?

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    Host Julian Carter invites you to enter "The Green-Zone" where you can find in-depth analysis and discussion on all things New York Jets.

    Julian was joined by special guest host Brian Johnson (onejetatatime.com) to go over all the current issues surrounding the team:

    Was allowing DeSean Jackson to go to the Redskins a mistake?
    Should the Jets pursue recently released running back Chris Johnson?
    What sort of impact will the acquisition of receiver Eric Decker have?
    Grading the overall job Jets general manager John Idzik (#IdzikDaNinja) is doing?
    Who will the Jets be looking at in the upcoming draft?
    Thoughts on bringing in QB Michael Vick and the competition with Geno Smith.


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    Do The NY Jets Want RB Chris Johnson & More Team News

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    On the latest episode of Green-Zone Radio host Julian Carter catches up on the current events surrounding the New York Jets with special guest co-host Dennis Agapito (@TalkJetsRadio).

    Many topics facing the team were looked at in depth by Julian and Dennis:

    Is the petition to keep QB Micheal Vick out of training camp fair, how is new WR Eric Decker's reality television show and will it hurt his performance on the field, what is the status of RB Chris Johnson (does the team truly have an interest) and some possible scenarios for the Jets in the upcoming draft.  

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    Let's Talk Jets - NY Jets Sign RB Chris Johnson and Draft Analyst Ron Pickett

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    Let's Talk Jets with Hosts Dennis Agapito and Tyson Rauch, a show dedicated to giving NY Jets fans an opportunity to express their views on what is happening with the green and white. 

    This week we are taking an in depth look at the New York Jets acquisition of running back Chris Johnson, good or bad? We'll be discussing the upcoming NFL draft with certified scout and analyst Ron Pickett.

    Phone lines will be open (929) 477-2651 for all the gang green faithful to call in and "Talk Jets" live.  Also join in the conversation on Twitter (@TalkJetsRadio) about our New York Jets.

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    Baron's Crypt

    in Film

    Guests Artist Chris Johnson of Twisted Send in the Clowns & Sahna Foley of Hellskate Movie. Horror News & Releases

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    Encouraging Moments with Keva Renee & CHRIS JOHNSON

    in Finance

    Looking for help with your bookkeeping questions? Well look no more...meet CHRIS JOHNSON of JOHNSON BOOKKEEPING! She can answer your bookkeeping questions and she has a powerful testimony as well that will inspire you on your money needs in your personal, ministry and business endeavors! Tune In and get money wise!
    Meet Chris before the broadcast:
    Johnson's Bookkeeping 810 Dalton Hollow Rd. Hartsville, TN 37074 (615) 587-0939 (615) 374-0033 fax  www.johnsonsbookkeeping.vpweb.com

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    #007 - Interview with Chris Johnson

    in Video Games

    Chris Johnson is developing a truly unique game that has to be seen to be believed. Known as Neotron, the game takes place in a world that is composed entirely of a quantum computer. Players control a worker drone tasked with navigating the empty corridors of the computer, navigating to different sectors of the computer via the center of the computer known as the Neocortex, and more. The visual style is incredibly unique as well, and draws you into the game like few games do. It is truly a pleasure to have Chris on this week's show.
    Game Academy Radio is the official weekly radio show from GameAcademy.com.
    Each week we feature insider game business tips spanning mobile, console and pc platforms while discuss the latest trends and gossip from the industry.
    Also look out for exclusive live interviews with industry leaders that you won't find anywhere else!
    Hosted by Dusty Wright and brought to you by GameAcademy.com

  • Strengths in Focus with Chris Trout

    in Fitness

    Chris Trout is a lover of great jazz, fascinating people and transformative ideas. For 37 years, he has explored the power of hidden strengths, his teachers an endless stream of resilient youth, adults and organizations who have tapped that new story to transform their lives.  After 27 years as an educator, therapist, mediator, speaker and administrator, Chris entered the national conversation, bringing his message of resiliency and hope to diverse audiences, from inner-city Los Angeles to rural Canada. His writings have extended that reach around the world. Chris an be found on the beautiful coast of Maine with his wife, artist Suzanne Drown, adapting to a new adventure, life with adult children.


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    Astrologer Barbara Johnson, "Help Thy Self with Astro Insights for 2015"

    in Current Events

    Barbara Johnson has been studing Astrology since 1989, and is here to give her insights into the upcoming year.

  • Lunch & Learn w. Chris and Barrett

    in Self Help

    Join us on Lunch & Learn with Chris & Barrett as we talk to guest, Tara “Madam Money” Jackson.  Tarra Jackson makes learning about Personal Finance Easy and Fun! Tarra, known as Madam Money, is a nationally recognized economic empowerment speaker, syndicated financial blogger, author of the acclaimed book "Financial Fornication." Tarra transitioned from her position as a banking executive in 2012 to become a consumer advocate as a Money Coach, Financial Planner and Licensed Insurance Agent based in Atlanta, GA. Tarra is the founder and host of the #WomensWealth B.O.S.S. Brunch Tour 2015, that shares Business Owner Success Strategies to help women build wealth financially, emotionally, physically, personally, professionally and spiritually. Tarra is also the creator and host of one of the top 5 ranked Personal Finance Twitter Chats called #CashChat, every Friday at 12-1PM EST. For more information about Tarra Jackson, go to www.MadamMoney.com.

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    in Books

    Please join me for the Anthony Johnson Show on Thursday December 18th @ 9pm EST, as I discuss:


    Please join the discussion.

    THE ANTHONY JOHNSON SHOW is dedicated to keeping the people, community and people informed of issues that matter. THE ANTHONY JOHNSON SHOW was created to reach out to artists, authors, community activists and public servants who share their stories of trials and triumphs. THE ANTHONY JOHNSON SHOW IS DEDICATED to justice, equality, human rights and education. 

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    Inside the Hollow Earth Phenomenon w/Chris Baird, Researcher

    in Education

    Presented by India Irie and Kami Be with Honoured Guest, Chris Baird--Researcher Extraordinaire of Hollow Earth and many other suppressed data streams that humanity has purposely been denied.

    Many readers of the paranormal and the unexplained are familiar with the theory that the Earth is hollow. The idea is based on the ancient legends of many cultures that say there are races of people -- entire civilizations -- that thrive in subterranean cities. Very often, these dwellers of the world beneath are more technologically advanced than we on the surface. Some even believe that UFOs are not from other planets, but are manufactured by strange beings in the interior of the Earth.

    Who are these strange races of beings? How did they come to live inside the Earth? And where are the entrances to their underground cities?

    The entrances. There are allegedly several entrances to the Kingdom of Agharta throughout the world:

    Kentucky Mommoth Cave, in south-central Kentucky, US.
    Mount Shasta, California, US - the Agharthean city of Telos allegedly exists within and beneath this mountain.
    Manaus, Brazil.
    Mato Grosso, Brazil - the city of Posid supposedly lies beneath this plain.
    Iguaçú Falls, border or Brazil and Argentina.
    Mount Epomeo, Italy.
    Himalayan Mountains, Tibet - the entrance to the underground city of Shonshe is allegedly guarded by Hindu monks.
    Mongolia - the underground city of Shingwa allegedly exists beneath the border of Mongolia and China.
    Rama, India - beneath this surface city is a long lost subterranean city, they say, also named Rama.
    Pyramid of Giza, Egypt.
    King Solomon's Mines.
    Dero Caves
    North and South Poles.

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