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    Chiropractic Care for Survivors of Congenital Heart Defects

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    Survivors of congenital heart defects, or CHDs, have frequently spent many days flat on their backs after having had open-heart surgery or other procedures. How does the abnormal positioning many CHD survivors experience possibly interfere with normal spine relationships with other bones in the body? What is the value of chiropractic care for CHD survivors? What myths surround the use of chiropractic care and what should parents of CHD survivors and survivors themselves know about chiropractic care? Who should receive chiropractic care? Are there certain groups of people who definitely should not receive chiropractic care?

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    Why Chiropractic Care Is Essential For Your Family's Health

    in Moms and Family

    Did you know that chiropractic care is essential for your family's health?  As moms, we typically take on the responsibility for our family's health.  We seek ways to keep them healthy and prevent any kind of health issue.  Steps we usually take include following a healthy diet and encouraging exercise.  But what else can we do?  Listen in for some advice and tips from our guest, Dr. Kris Chaffin, as he explains the basics and benefits of chiropractic care for the entire family.  

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    Chiropractic Care for Children? Good idea?

    in Lifestyle

    Your host, Aliveness Coach and founder Ignite Radiance interviews Dr Joel Levitzs, DC, of Wellness At Play.  On the topic of discussion in this episode, YOUR child's health and the benefits of and approaches to pediatric chiropractic care. 
    What are the top 10 signs you should be looking for when considering if your child could benefit from chiropractic care?  
    Can chiropractic care support children with the experiencing the following: 
    Sleep struggles 
    digestion issues 
    Discover the answer to these quesitons AND MORE with this powerful and MUST listen show for parents!

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    Chiropractic Care for Athletes

    in Sports

    Chiropractic sports specialists have the ability to provide care in the management, rehabilitation and performance optimization of neuromusculoskeletal system for athletic populations. They also participate in a multi-disciplinary sports injury care environment. So why are they still being excluded from assisting athletes and teams at the high school level?
    Dr.Michelle Campbell was a senior athletic team trainer for over eight years and continues to perform as an athlete and team member in multiple Chiropractic Games in Canada and the United States.
    The Doctor is in on Wednesday, July 3rd at 7PM to elaborate on the benefits of chiropractic care for from all walks of life. Dr. Michelle Campbell will discuss regular skeletal maintenance with chiropractic adjustments and how they can put our bodies into a proactive state of wellness. This show is for athletes as well as the general non athletic population. Be a part of our conversation as Dr. Michelle Campbell joins us LIVE, at BEYONDtheCheers on blogtalkradio. Dial-in TOLL FREE 1-877-357-2448 in Canada and United States to ask a question, chat or email us in advance.

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    Guest Host: Charles Jaicks, D.C. - Chiropractic care, Dr. Oz, and more!

    in Nutrition

    On Today's Episode: We have Charles Jaicks, our chiropractor on from our Wexford office speaking on chiropractic care. Also- we touch on the latest Dr. Oz News.

    About Dr. Len:

    Dr. Len Brancewicz has over 30 years of experience in the fields of Pharmacy, Natural Medicine, and radio. He has done many seminars across the nation speaking of the benefits of Naturopathy in his patients and in addition to his BlogTalkRadio podcast, he has been a regular on many FM stations nationwide.

    Currently, he is also the host of Health Talk with Dr. Len on South Atlantas 92.5 The Bear FM every Saturday AM from 9-10. Listen to past episodes here!

    Dr. Len is also the founder of The Nutrition Shoppe, a retail store and wellness center specializing in selling natural vitamins (which he helps formulate,) fitness supplements like protein powder, and other natural products. He also has a team of Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Reflexology specialists, Thermographers, and other althernative health professionals to help patients get on the road to health with a complete approach.

    With Dr. Len's experience in pharmaceuticals as well as natural health, he can help bridge the gap between traditional and alternative medicine in a way that is truly unique. 

    www.TheNutritionShoppe.net | Our Products | Our Consultations

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    Chiropractic Care and Gestational Diabetes

    in Health

    In this episode, I will interview Dr. Carlos M. Gonzalez, DC  on the subject of how Chiropractic care can help women with Gestational Diabetes.  Tune in to hear about an alternative and natural approach you may not have considered to help you manage stress and your blood sugars during your pregnancy! 

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    Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy and Beyond

    in Religion

    Dr Cathy Ng has a family wellness practice called Natural Living Family Chiropractic in Arcadia, CA (www.NaturalLivingChiro.com).  She has been in practice for 5 years and is a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatrics Association as well as the Christian Chiropractors Association.  Dr Ng is certified in the Webster technique and Koren Specific Technique.  She lives with her husband, Jeffrey, dog Tiki, and desert tortoise Shelly in Whittier, CA.

    UPCOMING EVENTS (www.dunamascenter.com):

    August 9th Discerning Childbirth seminar

    August 22nd Counselor Training in Colorado Springs

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    Chiropractic Care is a Key Factor in Losing Weight

    in Fitness

    Did you know that Chiropractic care can help you lose weight? Tune in today to learn how you can incorporate chiropractic care into your weight loss journey and the key role it plays.
    My guest today knows all about it and helps others on a daily basis. Dr. Ray DiBartolomeo serves as the Doctor of Chiropractic at the prestigious Biggest Loser Resort in Malibu, California. There, he utilizes his vast knowledge of the human body to assist in transforming the lives of resort guests who have chosen to dedicate their time to improving their health in a dramatic fashion. His work at the resort is exceedingly vital in the recuperation and revitalization of guests as they are undergoing their intense daily exercise regimen.
    Join us today to find out how chiropractic care can help you be successful on your own weight loss journey.

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    Does Chiropractic Care Improve Your Health?

    in Blogs

    The American Chiropractic Association says that 31 million Amerrican will experience lower back pain at some point of their lives. 
    Read more @ http://www.acatoday.org/level2_css.cfm?T1ID=13&T2ID=68
    Interview With Dr. David Reuben of After Hours Chiropractic, Inc.
    Dr. Reuben is the son of a chiropractor.   After watching his father work in his chiropractic office and treat patients, Dr. Reuben developed a passion and respect for the field.
    Following in his father’s footsteps, Dr. Reuben majored in biology and holds a Chiropractic Degree from the Cleveland Chiropractic School formerly of Los Angeles, California.  Dr. Reuben is a divorced father of two beautiful children Josh and Kaitlin.  In his spare time, Dr. reuben enjoys running and interior design projects which include creating, building, and restoring wooden furniture.

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    Amanda Brooks Broken Neck and Systemic Failure of the US Health Care System

    in Politics Progressive

    Amanda Brooks' and Jill Brenneman's lives were forever changed when Percy Isgitt's negligence caused the plane he was flying to crash, badly injuring both of his passengers. Amanda saw multiple US surgeons with varying, but largely poor results. All appointments were paid for in cash out of her pocket as she has no insurance and Percy Isgitt, the responsible party, refused to pay.  


    Amanda recently had her images read in consult with a non-US specialist who viewed the same images as the US doctors and observed what the other doctors missed. Objective imaging showed a non-displaced cerebral fracture in her cervical spine as a result of the plane crash, along with 2 herniated discs in her cervical vertebrae, and a cerebral bleed.  


    US doctors, allegedly the best in the world, missed the cervical fracture. What is a cervical fracture? It is a broken neck. Instead, the doctors wanted to follow their typical US "conservative care:" start with anti inflams, PT, oral steroids, injected steroid, and only after all of those options were exhausted to go to surgery.  All conveniently running up billable units paid for by Amanda. Amanda went outside of the US health care system, got a surgeon who took an hour with her and explained each aspect of her injury and told what we knew. There is no solution to her neck injuries other than surgery.  


    One minute before the plane crash Amanda was a very healthy 30-something woman. One minute after the plane crash Amanda had a brain bleed, 2 herniated discs in her neck, and a broken neck. Yet doctors and attorneys were confused about the injuries and confused about how they transpired. 

    Malpractice, bias, misogyny of health care providers and the failure of US health care. 



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