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    Talking $ALE$ with Steve Tomaszewski & CEO SPACE

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    Gail Brown Presents: Engaging Speaker$ and Earning the Sale @    http://wwwEngagingSpeakers.com

    Berny Dohrmann founded CEO Space International more than 25 years ago. Mr. Dohrmann has embraced his vision for entrepreneurial collaboration by giving prospective business leaders the tools and education they need to succeed.

    Through the values of partnership and cooperation, CEO Space has been working to foster a new generation of enlightened business leaders around the world. Mr. Dohrmann uses his vast knowledge to upgrade CEOs today into educated, skilled leaders with higher global integrity standards.

    As CEO Space continues to grow into a force for future economic innovation, Mr. Dohrmann encourages anyone who is confident in their ideas and ability to grow constructively to discover how CEO Space can give them the tools they need to meet their full potential. Mr. Dohrmann is a radio show host, movie producer, frequent guest on national television and radio shows, and bestselling author.

    Raised as a fifth generation San Franciscan, Berny grew up when the Macy Building on Union Square was the Dohrmann Building dominating “the square” into the 1970’s. The Dohrmann family operated Dohrmann Hotel Supply; the largest global resort-outfitting firm now owned by Holiday Inn. The family also owned the Emporium store chain from the 1800’s, as one of the larger department store chains 

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    CEOSpace Los Angeles Hosted by Chimene Holmes Executive State Director California

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    We empower you with a powerful knowledge, contacts and capital resources, that will produce immediate results for your business. We will also introduce you to the benefits of having a CEOSpace Lifetime Membership, and conduct Master Mind Networking Sessions.

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    Find out the "Wins" from CEOSpace for Women in Business

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    Join An Empowered Woman founder, Desiree Doubrox as she and other business women discuss their live-changing and business transforming week at CEOSpace!

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    Secrets to Success with Berny Dorhmann

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    Join us as we broadcast live Wed at 11:11 am PT/1:11 pm ET/2:11 pm ET 
    New York Times Best Seller,
    distinguished author of  REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION, He is the Inventor: www.superteaching.org for public schools - Founder www.ceospaceinternational.com serving over 100 nations as ultimate Entrepreneur Trade Show hosted five times a year in Vegas serving 100 nations rated by Forbes in top ten meetings you can not miss in 2013 in top FIVE groups at the tippy TOP - Author latest REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION - Movie Executive Producer latest GROWING UP IN GRACELAND Impello Films - Publisher Entrepreneur Curriculum Library largest library of curriculum to public and private education for degrees in Entrepreneurialism - Retired Chairman Public Global investment banking firm - Consultant to Hyper Growth CEO's ( call ) Keynote Speaker beside Bob Proctor - Jack Canfield - Mark Hansen - Bill Walsh - Adam Markel - David Corbin - Lisa Nichols - Les Brown - all the best ( Call to book speaking 256 850 4721 ) - Consultant to Nations on Rapid Entrepreneur Development in Nation ( call ) associating with ROEL CAMPOS Locke & Lord Law Firm for nations seeking advice - to import Jobs Act of 2012 from USA to nations (CALL ) or reset debt planning. Consulting on Cooperative Capitalism to replace Competitive Capitalism ( failed model ) for nations to upgrade new laws to reform national priority into COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM.

    WHO IS HE? Berny Dohrmann! Join us for what will be an exciting and enlightening hour!

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    It's Time to BIG BRAND Your Business! With Gerry Foster

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    We broadcast Live Wednesdays at 11:11 am PT/1:11pm CT/2pm ET JOIN US WITH OUR GUEST


    Ever wonder how Spanx, Amazon, and Starbucks got that way?  And did you know they all started out as small businesses? Discover the “inside secrets” on how to create a MILLION DOLLAR brand even if you have LITTLE OR NO MONEY!   Learn the 7 Laws of Big Branding that will get buyers to think of YOU, want YOU, and choose YOU when they are in the market for the type of product or service you offer.

    Gerry Foster shows owners how to create a big brand, and a strong message that sells, even if your budget is small.  He started his company full-time in 1985 and has helped over 100,000 small businesses from over 600 different industries with their branding.  

    A former brand strategist with Proctor & Gamble (P&G) and founder of the Big Brand Formula, Gerry’s mission is “for all small business owners to offer exceptional brands that make an exceptional difference so you can live an exceptional life.  


    In 2008 Gerry was honored as the Father of Business by the City of Los Angeles for his tireless and faithful work with small businesses.  A former Brand Strategist with P&G - Procter and Gamble - where he helped grow a couple of their big laundry brands, Gerry is also a member of the prestigious CEO Space Faculty which includes such notables as 

    Mark Victor Hanson, Bob Proctor, T. Harv Eker, Les Brown, Greg Reid, Alex Mandossian, and Lisa Nichols, just to name a few.  And he is a graduate of the University of Southern California, renowned Marshall School of Business, where he received his BS and MBA degrees cum laude in marketing with deep study in branding.

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    Competition vs Collaboration

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    This week we are talking about Winning Strategies, which is the second blade of my windmill.  Working smarter, not harder, is how you take your business to a new level. Winning Strategy helps you to become the owner of your business and get out of the role of operator. As an operator, you are easily lost in the day-to-day responsibilities, and are not able to provide strategic direction and positioning for your business. My Quantum Productivity Program reveals the best practices behind three elements that make up Winning Strategies, Planning, Process and Priority.

    We will rerun this amazing interview with the founder of CEO Space, Berny Dohrmann to discuss the power of collaboration and the pitfalls of competition.

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    Illuminate: Harnessing The Positive Power of Negative Thinking

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    Illuminate: Harnessing The Positive Power of Negative Thinking 

    Success Principles from Woodstock to Boardrooms.

    Secrets of success principles

    Join us on TheBottomLineShow Wednesday at 11:11 am PST 1:11pm CDT 2:11 EST

    He's been called a Robin William's with an MBA.

    He's a psychotherapist who is the chief advisor from million dollar companies to Fortune companies.

    He's host and star of the movie Pass It On.

    Some of his colleagues are Mark Victor Hansen, Brian Tracy, John Assaraf, Denis Waitley, Evander Holyfield and Les Brown

    He's been presented by Former Prime Minister to Margaret Thatcher to Maya Angelou

    Who is this?

    DAVID CORBIN! His book, Illuminate- Harnessing The Positive Power of Negative Thinking (John Wiley & Sons Publishing)  has reached the #2 book in the Amazon category of business life.  The strategies he will discuss today are implemented worldwide and getting massive results because they come from David’s 30 years of experience. 

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    Blog Talk Entrepreneur Radio Special Guest Gerry Foster, Branding Strategist, Host Chimene Holmes

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    We empower you with a powerful knowledge, contacts and capital resources, that will produce immediate results for your business. We will also introduce you to the benefits of having a CEOSpace Lifetime Membership, and conduct Master Mind Networking Sessions.

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    Promo with Dawn Bain

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    Don't miss the first Annual Business Symposium. Tomorrow, Feb. 25 at the Luxe. You can listen to self-made millionaire Dawn Bain share her secrets to success!

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    The Cooperative CEO Wins : Dr. Dawn Bain, QVC Expert

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    "Earn, Learn & Return" is the mantra at CEO Space. Today, Michelle Price interviews Dr. Dawn Bain, CEO of Azura Dawn. Dr. Bain is a CEO Space Grad in the "Return" phase. She'll be sharing some incredible WINs since CEO Space 1007 (October, 2007)...Selling her Crystal Indulgence nail files on QVC at $16,000 a MINUTE was cool. Having her files SELECTED to be in The Oscar Bags without paying for the priviledge was even BETTER!

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    Manifesting the Positive

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    We return to the red carpet of Three Feet From Gold, catching up on some of the additional interviews from that amazing evening. We'll hear from Bernie Dohrmann, CEOSpace, who grew up with Napoleon Hill, Taddy Blecher, who created the first free school in South Africa, Jose Feliciano, who build a large home in two hours, plus revisit interviews with Bob Proctor, John Assaraf plus many more!