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    Batman (1966)

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    Batman is coming.  So is Robin.  The Time has come for the Half Hour of Power to discuss the 1960's Batman TV show starring Adam Wast and Burt Ward!  The 60's Batman show had guest stars such as, Vincent Price, Ceasar Romero, Burgess Meredith, and Frank Gorshin to name a few.  The show was created by William Dozier and aired from 1966 to 1968.  Join us as we discuss the 60's Batman TV show!


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    The Holy See's Inter Caetera , The Document on African Americans Ain't African

    in History

    United Nations declares the Holy See Legally responsible and accountable to indigenous peoples for effects and legacy of racist colonial Papal Bulls and doctrines. As the result of a comprehensive shadow report and presentations by members of the Apache-Nde-Nnee Working Group submitted to the United Nations (UN) Committee on the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Racial Discrimination (CERD) for the Committee's review of the Holy See, the UN CERD Committee has recognized that the Doctrine of Discovery, the Holy See's Inter Caetera and related Papal Bulls are within the legal scope of racial discrimination under International Law and therefore require redress and what does all of this mean for Indigenous of America, tune in to African Americans Ain’t African with the Indigenous One, Buck Wylam and co-host Rick Moon.

    Tuesdays Guest:  Indigenous Divine

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    ***Pope Alexander 6th Rodrigo Borgia--Paul Revere--Betsy Ross(elizabeth Grissom)-Admiral Canaris Abwer German Navy Spy chief--Kim Philby--communist spy in British Intelligence--Colonel Rank in the KGB-J. edgar Hoover--FBI longtime chief--first executive of African Heritage--Watergate Nixon Administration Convictions--Halderman-erlichman--Mardigan---Hillary Rodham(Clinton) fired from Watergate Committee for lying

    ***First of California's Dirty Dozen political operatives--Rosario Anaya( Bolivian Cocaine Connection) Angela Bradstreet--British Lesbian who fled england--Bradstreet bullied California's legal establishment to defund the Boy Scouts--

    ***Rose Pak--Chinese suspected lesbian --political bully--Received an affordable condo at half price from the emerald 
    Fund operated by erickson from south america



    January 1st Births-Deaths & events relevant to US(a)

    Admiral Arleigh Burke  US Navy  death 1996

    Music--Japanese Symphony Orchestras all play Beethoven's 9th Symphony

    2015 Review--10 news stories affecting you and yours--that were ignored-censored and/or suppressed

    2016 Forcast

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    NFI Radio Gospel Network

    in Christianity

    MERRY CHRISTMAS it's Friday December 25, 2015 LIVE-LIVE 8:00AM TIL 11:00AM from the STUDIO of the NFI Radio Gospel Network, Raleigh N.C. in HD2 sound, with Tight Acoustic Bass. 23 years TV and Radio Host The Anointed 1 taking Quartet music to another level. 7 days a week, 13 hour a day. on the number 1 Quartet station in the world, it's a Christmas SPECIAL featuring the pioneers of gospel today. Albert Tina Walker, Joe Legon, Margret Allison, Rev Miltgon Bigon, V Micheal Makoy, Donald Malloy, Dr. Bobby Jones, Neal Robison, The Pilgrim Jubilees, Rev FC. Barnes, Pastor Shirley Ceasar, and more catch the WAVE.


    To listen LIVE at 8:00am join us on our public figure page on facebook where over 99,000 listeners has access to the page, at NFI Radio Gospel Network, or join us by cell phone 347 215-8049 and you can listen on our website nfiradio.com 

    Dont forget tonight on Time Warner Cable 22 at 9:00pm til 10:00pm for the NFI Television Broadcast. for the Top 10 VIDEO count down of the month catch the WAVE.

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    NFI Radio Gospel Network

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    SUN DEC 20, 2015 LIVE 2:00PM TIL 5:00PM  it's A FRONT ROW SEAT with various groups it's the Christianiars, also Slim and the Supreme Angles, and Kirk Franklin featuring Willie Neal Johnson and pastor Shirley Ceasar. catch the WAVE.




    Station numberf 347 215-8049

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    #251 Dave the Mystic Discussing the Spiritual Plane

    in Spirituality

    Please join Dave the Mystic on Monday, November 23, at 8 PM Denver time for discussion of what the spiritual plane is like. There have been many books written about this experience from different angles and they will discuss these sense in some cases it’s based on regression, near-death experiences, channeling from those who have passed, or channeling from those who are higher spiritual beings. Some of the concepts might surprise you.

    The following books are suggested based on your interest for learning more about this wonderful topic.

    Walking In The Garden Of Souls    George Anderson and Andrew Barone

    Journey Of Souls – Case Studies Of Life Between Lives    Michael Newton, PhD

    Life In The World Unseen    Anthony Borgia

    Life on the Other Side    Sylvia Browne

    Dying to be Me    Anita Moorjani

    Life after life     Raymond Moody, MD

    Saved by the Light     Dannion Brinkley


    I will be taking calls during the show if you have questions about this topic.

    More information can be found out about Dave the Mystic at www.DavetheMystic.com .  Dave can be emailed at dbarnett@holisticbeliefs.com .

    Thanks for listening!


    Dave the Mystic

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    The Nikki Rich Show Live BillionaireRob, Lionheartlifestyle and JackFrost

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    The Nikki Rich Show Live with special guest music artist LionheartLifeatyle CEO & President Ceasar,Daniel Whitney. Our middle part of the show our guest is Jack Frost the film director of the Takeover DVD. Ending the show with Music Artist BillionaireRob out of S




    The Nikki Rich Show "Talk Show"

    Channel: http://www.youtube.com/User/NikkiRich2
    ? The Visionaries Series - www.THENIKKIRICHSHOW.com
     info: www.THENIKKIRICHSHOW.com



    YouTube  Channel: http://www.Youtube.com/NikkiRich2
    Follow me on 
    Tumblr(blog): TheNikkiRichShow.tumblr.com
    Instagram @MsNikkiRich @NikkiRichShowla 
    Facebook: facebook.com/NikkiRichShow
    Twitter @MsNikkiRich @NikkiRichShowla

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    NFI Radio Gospel Network

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    Wednesday September 16, 2015 LIVE from the STUDIO of the NFI Radio Gospel Network, Raleigh N.C. in HD2 sound. 11:00am til 2:00pm it's TV and Radio Host The ANOINTED 1 TAKEING YOU INTO THE nOON DAY DRIVE 7 days a week, on the number 1 QUARTET STATION in the WORLD. where we are taking QUARTET music to another level. music like Sam Cook, Thew Fairfield Four, Shirley Ceasar, Ranch Allen, The Canton Spirituals, The Mighty Clouds of Joy, Dock McKenzie, and more it's all LIVE today at 11:00am catch the WAVE.

    TUNE in LIVE every day from 8:00am til 5:00pm by facebook go to our public figure facebook page where over 99,000 listeners has access to the page at NFI Radio Gospel Network, or our web site nfiradio.com or listen by cell phone 347 215-8049 catch the WAVE. 7 days a week, and don't forget to tune in to the NFI Television Broadcast, on Time Warner Cable 22 AT 9:00pm til 10:00pm for the Top 10 VIDEO count down of the Month, with TV and Radio Host The ANOINTED 1 catch the WAVE.

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    TUR interviews Demetrius Williams, Native Wellz, Khalid Rasheed, Tanya Green

    in Culture

    Join Stacy Darlene Monday September 7th, 2015 at 6pst/8cst/9est as she interviews Graphic Designer, Demetrius Ceasar Williams!  He's going to talk about his involvement in the entertainment industry, he is also the cover designer for ALL of the TUR Magazines! At 630pst/830cst/930est Stacy will be joined by Native Wellz who will talk about his music movement!  Khalid Rasheed, the man with many hats will join the show starting at 7pst/9cst/10est to talk about the anniversary of Pulse the Magazine and the one and only Tanya Green will stop by at 730 to talk about the legendary Hussein Fatal and how his death has impacted so many!  This is going to be a great show!  TUNE IN!

  • Judas Betrays Jesus and The Roman Regime Was Lucky To Get The Job For Killing

    in Religion

    In the evidence that history provides, why is it so difficult for people to identify the lie saying that a spirit-God made heaven and earth in six days--and why it can't be understood that Rome led a colonial military campaign into Israel BC 63, and  started to oppress and kill people almost forth uears Yeshua who protest taxes to ceasar. How can anyone find that story believeable, when for one the act is conquest, and the story is told by in invading criminals produced the bible and made their evil deeds the the inspired word of God,  What about Isaiah 53, can't anyone see the difference  in a fictional writing from historic account? If world is not true in what way can the criminal be true.   

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    Doctor Michael Camp joins Team LeftJab Boxing Radio for his monthly visit to give his expertise on some recent injuries in sports and get a few thoughts on fighters he has worked with.First we talk with Camp about Paulie Malignaggi ,who he has worked with over the years, about his likely final fight against Danny Garcia and what Malignaggi has accomplished with severe hand injurys throughout his career.Another injury we get Camp's thoughts on is Sergio Mora ankle injury that he suffered against Danny Jacobs.Camp gives his estimation on Mora's recovery as well as what he thinks of Manny Pacquiao's rotator cuff recovery that is just about done according to Pacquiao.We also get Camp's thoughts on Anthony Karperis' fight coming up September 11 at The Paramount in Huntington & Andre Berto's shoulder injury history going into his fight with Mayweather.And we touch on some local sports injuries including Mets pitcher Steven Matz's torn lat muscle and Geno Smith's broken jaw.