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    Tom Brady, Aaron Rogers, Matt Ryan, Cam Newton, Andy Dalton, Peyton Manning and Carson Palmer undefeated on the season. The Saints, 49ers, Bears and Cowboys troubles. The Steelers lost of Big Ben and more.

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    Cardinals vs. Bengals preview: Cincy Jungle talks Palmer, Dalton and more

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    The Arizona Cardinals have another appearance on Sunday Night Football this week. They face the 8-1 Cincinnati Bengals at home after having defeated the Seattle Seahawks 39-32 in Seattle. The game features two of the NFL's best teams and two of the league's most balanced teams offensively and defensively. 

    To preview the game, Scott Bantel from SB Nation's Cincy Jungle was a guest on the show with host Jess Root and talked about a whole bunch of things leading up to the game. 

    Of course, we couldn't ignore the Carson Palmer angle, so we discussed what his departure meant for him and for Cincinnati. Clearly, it worked out for everyone. 

    Bantel tells us about how Bengals fans have elevated expectations and, despite all the success the last four years, are really in a wait-and-see mode for the team until the postseason. 

    He gives us the implications of the injuries they have suffered on defense and also the matchups that favor and do not favor the Bengals. And that whole prime time thing with Andy Dalton and the Bengals? There might be something to that. 

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    NFL Week 11 review: Arizona Cardinals get another signature win on Sunday

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    This is Revenge of the Birds Radio's 100th episode! It happens to come after one of the best wins of the season by the Arizona Cardinals. They got a win for the second week in a row on Sunday Night Football against a quality opponent, defeating the then 8-1 Cincinnati Bengals 34-31 in a thriller that went down to the wire. Hosts Jess Root and Seth Cox talk about the win and what it means moving forward. 

    Is there a team who can beat the Cardinals and stop their potent offense? They put up 39 against the 2nd-ranked scoring defense in Week 10 and then 34 on the league's top-ranked scoring defense. The hosts praise the play and the season of Carson Palmer, who might be playing th quarterback position better than anyone else in the NFL. 

    They look at the many good things from the game, including the breakout game by rookie 5th round pick J.J. Nelson and the contributions of other rookies. 

    They discuss the season moving forward and then touch on the latest Daryl Washington news. 

    Have a listen and head on over to Revenge of the Birds to keep the conversation going. 

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    NFL Week 11 Recap and Discussion in a SUPER-SIZED EPISODE! MNF Updates!

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    We will be taking callers all hour long, so listen in live and call (347) 850-8627!  In the news we will give our takes on all the news of the NFL.  We will go through the NFL News and talk about the following:

    STL vs. BAL

    WAS vs. CAR

    DEN vs. CHI

    DAL vs. MIA

    OAK vs. DET

    NYJ vs. HOU

    IND vs. ATL

    TB vs. PHI

    KC vs. SD

    GB vs. MIN

    SF vs. SEA

    ARI vs. CIN

    To text the show text 77948 and type the word text and then space, then your message.

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    NFL week 11 preview; Primetime games seem to be the must watch games this week.

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    The NFL has claimed that they want parity, and this could be as close as you are going to get. There are two undefeated teams left, the New England Patriots and the Carolina Panthers. The Panthers will put their perfect record on the line against the 4-5 Washington Redskins, who are only a half game out of first place, in the NFC East. The Patriots host the Buffalo Bills on Monday night. In the Ryan vs. Belichick series you can throw the records out and expect a hard hitting football game.

    The other notable game is on Sunday night. The Cincinatti Bengals travel to Arizona. The Bengals are coming off their first loss of the season and look to rebound against the Cardinals. The Cardinals have a three game winning streak and a three game lead over the Seattle Seahawks. Carson Palmer has thrown 23 touchdowns and Chris Johnson has revived his career running the ball. The Cardinals boost the leagues number one offensive in yards per game, with 421.1. The defense is holding up their end of the bargain by ranking third, allowing only 316.1 yards per game. The Bengals defense enters the game with the number one scoring defense, only allowing 16.9 points per game. 

    Atlanta hosts the Colts in an intriguing game. The Colts are tied with the Texans at 4-5, for first place in the AFC South. The 6-3 Falcons are tied with the Green Bay Packers for the wildcard, in the NFC. Both teams hold a two game lead over a number of teams. The Chicago Bears have quietly won two games in a row. If they can beat the Brock Osweiler led Broncos, they would be at the .500 mark and have a legitimate shot to make a run at the playoffs. The Broncos have a three game lead over the Kansas City Chiefs. The Houston Texans have vaulted themselves back into the playoff picture, and will play the New York Jets. The Jets need to win to keep pace in the AFC wildcard race. Which games will you be watching this weekend?

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    Cardinals win at Seahawks SNF, Peyton injured & benched, NFL & CFB Recap

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    We begin this Monday with an impressive SNF victory by the Cardinals over Seahawks 39-32 led by Carson Palmer. Peyton Manning broke the passing record and was benched and is injured, is this the end? Sam Bradford was hurt in loss. Panthers and Patriots stay perfect and Vikings pass the Packers in NFC North after losing 3 in a row. We will analyze all the games. Our picks for MNF Texans vs Bengals and TNF Titans vs Jaguars. In College Football the Top 4 all were winners, but there were big upsets from Stanford and Utah, plus Oklahoma takes down Baylor. We will look at the Heisman race, Henry, Fournette, Mayfield, Elliot and Watson. We finish with the high and lows in the NBA from Warriors 11-0 to Sixers 0-10 and Blake Griffin playing like an MVP. Join us 5PM ET Call us 718-664-9098 @RaeAndTayToday www.raeandtaytoday.com

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    Should the Syrian refugees be compared to sex offenders instead of rabid dogs

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    Can anybody tell me what is the big deal with the comment GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson made a comparison between Syrian refugees and rabid dogs.  Have we gotten to the point in this country where you can't make a comment without people not understanding the meaning behind the comment. Are we the only country that can take in these refugees? Leadership don't know what to do with the people we already have here. It is a good thing that the illegal Mexicans are packing up and making their way back to Mexico.  If liberals/Democrats are concerned about the well being of the refugees, why don't they open their homes to the homeless in America? It only applies if they can use somebody else's money and resources to get things done.  We have some insurance companies backing out of the healthcare exchanges because it is not financially feasible to maintain.  

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    Pet Radio-What Dogs Can Learn From Us and Dealing with Diabetes

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    Diabetes is on the rise in dogs and cats, and Dr Ruth MacPete tells us what this means for pet parents. You will also meet a young lady, Sara Carson who has taught her dog Hero over 300 performing tricks and is touring North America, and Laura Roach from Camp Bow Wow gives us some training tips.

    Richard Nelson from Forever Pet Care tells of his unique service that guarantees your dog or cat will be taken care of after your death.

    Please visit our web site


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    American Daily Review: The Obama Doctrine Whirlwind

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    The British spoil the global Greenapalooza party while Obama bleeps coal; Louisiana turns "blue"; The Iranians multitask by simulating the "liberation" of Jerusalem and hacking the State Department at the same time; Illegal aliens continue gushing across U.S. southern border; Seventh Circuit unconstitutionally declares Wisconsin abortion law unconstitutional while total annual abortions continue to decline; How Kamala Harris is the senator California deserves; Hillary Clinton snubs MoveOn.org; Girls join homosexuals in destruction of Boy Scouts; The Ferguson Effect hits Chicago; and the Obama White House is hindering all investigations and withholding all records at the same time that it moves to illegally close Gitmo by imperial decree.


    And then, in the third hour of the Saturday Afternoon Extravaganza on Constitution Radio with JASmius on KMET 1490-AM (4PM Eastern/1PM Pacific):

    NATO member Turkey shoots down second Russian warplane in a month; Marco Rubio, not Ted Cruz, is the REAL ObamaCare-slayer; Ted Cruz overtaking Ben Carson and Donald Trump in Iowa; ACLU sues Indiana Governor Mike Pence to force Syrian "refugee" invasion on "living, breathing" constitutional grounds; and "smart power" (aka The Obama Doctrine) comes home to roost.

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    Arizona Cardinals Week 10 review: A signature win over the Seattle Seahawks

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    The Arizona Cardinals got what they needed on Sunday Night Football. They got a signature win against the two-time defending NFC champs in Seattle, defeating them 39-32 on Sunday Night Football. The win gives the Cardinals a three-game lead in the division with seven games to go and drops the Seahawks to 4-5, which puts them along with five other teams with the same record, two games back of the final wold card spot. 

    In the newest All-Cardinals show, hosts Jess Root and Seth Cox talk about the significance of the win and what it means to the team. Jess speaks of how this win was the result of other games and what they learned, and they both talk about minimum expectations for the rest of the season and what their ceiling could be. 

    They go over the good and the not so good in the win as well, talking about the play of Carson Palmer, Michael Floyd and others. 

    GIve the show a listen and head over to Revenge of the Birds for more great Cardinals content. 

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    FSP Week12 in the NFL

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    Vic rejoins Jerry to discuss week 12 in the NFL. Also the two will discuss the fantasy playoff push for both on them in different leagues. Time permiting the two will also discuss the political landscape. Trump, Carson, Rubio, Clinton, Sanders and all of the rest.