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    Business Coaching: What's the bottom line?

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    Any entrepreneur can tell you that the cost of setting up and running a small business can be overwhelming.  Especially in the early years, the cash flow seems to flow all one way: out! It is so easy to get discouraged and quit or conversely, to disregard the true amount of money that is being invested into the business until the reality of it becomes impossible to ignore. Thus the question, “What’s the cost?” is important. From the perspective of a business and life coach, this question is not only important, it is critical. And perhaps not only in the monetary sense of the word. 

    Join Elizabeth Critchley to find out "The Bottome Line".  Elizabeth is a certified, professional Life Coach and the owner of Impact Coaching. She excels at helping motivated clients clearly define and work toward their goals, dreams and purpose in both their professional and personal lives.

    You can also read her article "The Bottome Line: What's The Cost" in the FREE Brighter Business Empower Magazine HERE.  

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    Exit Coach 1M Preview: Business Coaching - Juan Ortega

    in Management

    Host: Bill Black. 

    Juan Ortega explains business coaching, why it works, and why your company should consider it. 
    Audio library: www.ExitCoachRadio.com. New content daily - check back often!

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    Business 2 Business Coaching

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    Socialprenista Andreika Austin

    Join us at 8:00 AM Central Time for an interview with Andreika Austin. Andrieka "AJ" Austin is a Certified Business and Personal Life Coach, Speaker and engaging facilitator of empowering conversations. She was named 'Ultra Role Model' bywww.TheUltraModel.com for her entrepreneurial achievements and philanthropic works as a mentor and supporter of empowerment for girls and their moms through her well-known social enterprise, Journey Girl, LLC. After experiencing much success with her first company, she is now focused on helping women entrepreneurs uncover the personal side of their professional struggles.

    As The Socialprenista™, Ms. Austin channels her passion for entrepreneurship and empowerment by designing training and coaching programs for women entrepreneurs seeking to increase their business impact, influence, and income.

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    CUTV News Talk Radio spotlights Lorraine Lane of Lane Business Coaching

    in Marketing

    Hudson, FL -- For many business owners, whatever emergency arises determines how they spend their days. They have no time left to grow their businesses.  They are baffled by a flood of marketing options, both high and low tech.

    As a business coach, facilitator and author, Lorraine Lane is passionate about helping her clients escape this “Cuisinart of busyness”, to build thriving, profitable businesses. With Lorraine’s A-Game Program, presented in her book, Business-Building Referrals, a business owner can double, even triple profits, lower costs and enjoy more free time. Lorraine brings more than two decades of learning and experience to her clients and A-Game Program participants.

    “I want to know a business owner’s strengths so we can capitalize on them and do the things that are really going to generate new business,” says Lorraine. “We identify each client’s personal way of working, and it promotes a powerful and enjoyable business.

    “When I show people how much money they’re spending on networking, they just about fall off their chairs. I teach my clients how to build a referral based business without networking their socks off. It’s a process to be sure, and if done correctly, business opportunities multiply.

    “I’m all about results,” says Lorraine. “People need to want to win the game if they want to play with me as their coach. It’s a co-responsibility. I really want their businesses to succeed. And when businesses succeed, the whole community thrives.”

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    Workshop Wednesdays with Business Coaching and Branding

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    Workshop Wednesdays with Tony Gambone and His Guest Linda Hunt & Brittany Walters-Bearden:
    Linda Hunt is the owner and designer of Creatively Yours Custom Inc. at www.creativelyyourscustom.com. She graduated from State University of New York. Named “Best of Houzz Interior Design” for 2013 and 2014, Linda has 30 years of experience in interior design and coaches others in the world of business on how to get established and grow through online classes and her free business e-book. She has authored several design and business of business e-books and hosts the Decorate Your Castle Radio Show.
    Brittany Walters-Bearden is a co-founder of At Large PR. She specializes in personal branding PR for entrepreneurs and non-fiction authors. Walters-Bearden is also a contributor to 'Entrepreneur' I also have a column for 'Business 2 Community' and contribute pieces to 'The CEO Magazine', 'Lioness Magazine', and 'The Business Woman Media'.

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    4 Mistakes You're Making In your Business that's Stopping the Cashflow?

    in Entrepreneur

    Listen to #LunchAndLearn show at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/lunchandlearn/

    4 Mistakes You're Making In your Business that's Stopping the Cashflow?  

    Are you struggling to stand out on social media platforms in your business?  

    If your business is not generating cashflow then this segment is for YOU.  Join us this Thursday as we share the CORE mistakes small business owners make in their business that ulitmately cut the cashflow.  Several times we overlook planning, presentation and procedures that can help ELEVATE our business but we take short cuts. 

    STOP TAKING THE SHORT CUT in your business and strive for the next level over the next 90 days. 


    JOIN us this Thursday for #LunchAndLearn with DeKesha and Ke'Aundra.


    12:30pm -1:00

    Dial in - 646-478-3033

    Join Business Strategist, DeKesha Williams @de_kesha

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    Business Coaching for Credit, Funding, HR, and Business Compliance!

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    In this episode of CreditHavins I have TWO special guests! Angie Baumgart with ADP who is very passionate about HR & business compliance and what she is doing to help small businesses!

    We will also have Ryan Boyd on as a guest who specializes in working with companies concerning business credit, funding opportunities, and a very unique solution for business owners that can save you thousands if not millions!

    This is an episode you won't want to miss if you are a business owner!!

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    Close-Up Talk Radio spotlights Fast Break Executive Business Coaching

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    Mukilteo, WA – Modern business is entering a new paradigm. Traditional approaches to leadership aren’t delivering on their promise. A recent Gallup poll showed that 70 percent of the work force is disengaged or actively disengaged. In today’s demanding environment, business leaders are running 21st-century businesses with 20th-century strategic practices and programs.  

    Where leadership was once strongly based on a hierarchical model, the influx of women and youth into the workforce has created the desire for a culture that is more collaborative. Like the coach of a basketball team, this new business leader is more of a facilitator than someone who gives orders and directions.

    Kenn Dickinson had worked in the corporate world for over 30 years before he could no longer tolerate the corporate approach to leadership, culture and strategy. A former professional basketball player in Europe and a member of the University of Washington, Dickinson wanted to translate the dynamics and mindset of a successful basketball team to small businesses corporate culture. Today, Dickinson is the founder of Fast Break Executive Business Coaching.

    “As athletes, we had a certain mindset to succeed,” says Dickinson. “Some people say they want to succeed, but are they willing to do what it takes, to change and have a growth mindset. It requires this mindset in the business world as well.”

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    Deanna Potter, Potter Coaching and Consulting

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    Today my guest is Deanna Potter, Potter Coaching and Consulting. Deanna embraces systems which launch professionals to huge victories. Through her contagious enthusiasm and high-energy approach, Deanna shows how to accelerate results with passionate strategies that work.

    As a woman business owner for the last 15 years, Deanna has delivered stellar sales results over the course of three downward markets.

    Over the top successes include:  Rookie of the Year for Coldwell Banker, 3-time Top Performer of the Year recipient with Hartford Insurance Group, and Executive Manager supervising more than 100 self employed entrepreneurs and their businesses.

  • Workshop Wednesdays Business Radio

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    Workshop Wednesdays with Host Tony Gambone and His Guest Gabriella Kovac & Scott Hansen:

    Gabriella Kovac was born in Hungary, just after the Second World War had drawn to a close. She lived through the Hungarian uprising against the Communists in 1956, and remember vividly Russian tanks under our bedroom window. Through the genius of her mother Georgina. Her family managed to to leave the Communist block and come to Australia in 1957. She is an experienced public speaker, fashion designer and cook through out her life she has been inspired by her mother's amazing tenacity on outsmarting the Nazis and Communists and winning!. Her zest for life motivated me to write Georgina Holocaust stories.

    Scott Hansen - Empowering People to Play Bigger in Life and Business..
    I help these business owners get new clients, increase sales, and double their bottom line. As the CEO of Scott Hansen Consulting, I coach entrepreneurs and business owners on how to find their purpose and monetize their passion....I help these business owners get new clients, increase sales, and double their bottom line. -Have membership/group FB coaching program: Success Blueprint on Demand - Private 1 on 1 coaching program.


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    MREA: Chapter 23 - Energy!

    in Real Estate

    Getting and sustaining enthusiasm and energy are a bit of a mystery.  High achievement require big energy and, at the same time, achievement can be a source of energy and enthusiasm.  So which comes first?  Honestly, we really don't know!  What we do know however, is that you can't reach BIG GOALS without a BIG, SUSTAINED EFFORT!  And this requires BIG, SUSTAINED ENERGY!  The trick for you will be learning how to get it and keep it!

    There are some very specific things you can do to increase your energy and thereby maintain your focus.  We will discuss the 5 Energy Areas in this coaching session. 

    Thank you for joining me on this journey of learning and implementing the teachings of Gary Keller's Millionaire Real Estate Agent Book.  I hope you continue to use this book in your business as your guide to success.  Re-read it, review the chapters that you need to master!  This is a process, it won't be learned and implemented after one coaching session or after reading it just one time. 

    Remember - THINK BIG, ACT BOLD, LIVE LARGE and Become The Very Best You Can Become!  That is what this book, your business and life, are all about!