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    Bucs Nation Radio Episode 1: Training Camp Preview Part 1

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    Ken and Leo are back, and Ken is VERY excited about the new podcast they're doing for Bucs Nation (He says "new" about five times during the intro).

    In this episode, the guys look ahead to training camp and consider some of the major storylines for the Buccaneers ahead of the 2014 NFL Season.

    What are some of the most interesting position battles that lie ahead of the Bucs? How will the depth chart shake out at some of the most competitive positions on the team? Leo and Ken share their thoughts on some of the toughest camp competitions.

    How will the Bucs use all of their offensive weapons? Can they look like the Patriots on offense? (Leo thinks they can.)

    The guys also discuss who they want to see impress during training camp, including Da'Quan Bowers, Clinton McDonald and all of the corners (Ken doesn't like theDarrelle Revis departure, just in case it was unclear.)

    Have a question for the podcast? Check out Leo's Twitter and send him a tweet, or use the e-mail found in his Twitter bio.

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    Bucs Nation Radio, Episode 2: Training Camp Preview Part 2

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    The Buccaneers are on the verge of kicking off their 2014 training camp, and that means Ken and Leo have even more to say about the team as they prepare for their first season under a new regime.

    The guys talk about what they expect from a brand new coaching staff in Tampa Bay. What does Lovie Smith bring to the table as a defensive architect, and what will a Jeff Tedford offense look like?

    And let's not ignore special teams! Who will stand out in the third phase of the NFL game, and will Lovie Smith's staff improve things on punts and kickoffs in Tampa?

    Finally, the guys talk about the players they expect to stand out during training camp and will be hot topics of discussion a month from now when the final roster is decided.

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    Episode 6: Bucs First Quarter Report Card

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    JC and Tom are back with another funfilled episode of BucsNation Radio. The Josh Freeman saga is over, the guys give their final thoughts on the Freeman/Schiano debacle and tell you what they thought of Mike Glennon's first game. Plus First Quarter Grades, the outlook for the rest of the season, preview of the Eagles game and our weekly picks.

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    Buccaneers Lose to the Saints: Questionable Decisions, Answers at Quarterback?

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    The Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost to the New Orleans Saints in depressing fashion on Sunday, losing in overtime despite holding two 11-point leads in the second half. So how did the Bucs get to that point in the game?

    Ken and Leo have some thoughts about the decisions made by the players, coaches and referees that led to the Bucs' frustrating defeat at the hands of the Saints. How did the team allow a safety to happen in a five-point game? Why can the Bucs not avoid dumb penalties? What was Lovie Smith thinking?

    The guys also discuss Mike Glennon, and discuss what he has to do moving forward to earn the Bucs' starting job for the long haul.

    Plus, we have a recap of the Bucs Nation Radio Fantasy League Super Bowl, in which the hosts played each other in a meaningless Week 5 contest.

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    Recapping the Rams Loss and Discussing Lovie's Mentality

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    The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have fallen to 0-2, and Bucs Nation Radio is here to break down yet another defeat, this time to Austin Davis and the St. Louis Rams.

    The topics discussed this week include:

    The final play of the game, as Mike Evans is left on the ground, injured, as the officials call the game with eight seconds left on the clock.
    Lovie Smith's conservative coaching decisions, holding back his offense and relying on his struggling defense.
    Assessing the playcalling on both sides of the ball.
    Gerald McCoy's injury status. Should he play this week against Atlanta?
    Can the Bucs hang with the Falcons? How do they match up with Atlanta?
    A fantasy league update.

    Be sure to head to Bucs Nation and leave your comments and questions for the next episode of the podcast.

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    53-Man Roster Breakdown, Panthers Preview, Bold Predictions

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    Football season is finally here, so Ken and Leo are back to give you their thoughts on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the first real game of the year approaches. With the Panthers looming in just a few days, how do the Bucs stack up?

    The guys take a look at the final 53-man roster, and discuss the surprises and the areas that still need some work. Are the Bucs deep enough, and which players are still "on the bubble" as the team prepares for Week 1?

    Then the attention turns forward to the first week of the season, as Ken and Leo discuss the game against the Carolina Panthers. How do the Bucs win this game, and how do they matchup with their division rival?

    All that, plus bold predictions, fantasy football trash talk and palindromes on this episode of Bucs Nation Radio.

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    Depth Chart, Dancing with the Stars and Jaguars

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    The Buccaneers are just days away from playing in a real (kinda) football game, as their first preseason matchup against the Jaguars kicks off on Friday evening. Ken and Leo are back to break down their first depth chart, talk about training camp, and look ahead to the Bucs' first exhibition of the season.

    The guys take a look at the depth chart and consider the surprises. Who plays at receiver and tight end, how many running backs (and fullbacks) make the roster, and what will happen at guard?

    Leo points out a shocking special teams decision on the first roster breakdown, Ken considers the Dancing With the Stars implications, and the guys bring up the Calvin Johnson Pizza Party once again.

    Finally, Ken and Leo spend some time talking about what they want to see out of the Bucs in their first preseason game, and Ken reveals his hatred for Kansas, all on this episode of Bucs Nation Radio.

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    Falcons Beatdown, Rash Decisions and Chinese Takeout

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    The Tampa Bay Buccaneers fell to 0-3 in embarrassing fashion against the Atlanta Falcons, and Ken and Leo are here to talk about it, and consider what changes and decisions should be made in the wake of this embarrassing game.

    Topics discussed include:

    Who is to blame for the loss?
    What have the Bucs done to move on from this kind of defeat?
    How will the Bucs fare against the Steelers?
    Plus fantasy league updates, Chinese takeout talk and more.

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    Skittles, Whiskey and an Awful Offensive Line

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    Ken and Leo are back with another episode of Bucs Nation Radio, and they're taking a look back at the first game of the season for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. How did the team fare in its preseason debut?

    The guys break down the issues on offense, and determine if they're fixable. Is Alex Boone the answer? Can the Bucs get the blocking they need to succeed on offense?

    Things were different on defense, and the duo discuss how the Bucs looked on Lovie Smith's favorite side of the ball.

    And of course, Ken and Leo can't spend a podcast without talking about quarterbacks, and they go into details on their thoughts on Mike Glennon and Josh McCown's performances in Week 1 of the warmup for the 2014 season.

    All of that plus Skittles, whiskey and Hooters on this edition of Bucs Nation Radio.

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    Injury Update and Week 2 Preview vs. St. Louis Rams

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    With Week 1 in the rear view mirror, Ken and Leo are back with another episode of Bucs Nation Radio to look ahead of Week 2 against the St. Louis Rams. But first, the guys have to get caught up on the ridiculous amount of injuries at One Buc Place.

    Adrian Clayborn, Mike Jenkins and several other players have suffered injuries over the past week, and Ken and Leo discuss how the Bucs will address these losses. Who steps up, and how do the Bucs adjust?

    The guys then look ahead to Week 2 when the Bucs will take on the Rams. Both teams are coming off of disappointing losses, so how do the Bucs win, and how do they lose and allow St. Louis to emerge victorious?

    Pass rushing will be critical, but what are the other keys to the game for Tampa Bay? Find out that answer and more in this edition of Bucs Nation Radio.

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    Offensive Improvements, Roster Battles, and Ken and Barbie

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    Bucs Nation Radio is back, and the guys are discussing a Buccaneer victory this week. The Bucs beat down the Bills in the first half of this past weekend's game, and showed improvements on both sides of the ball.

    The defense started to get "takeaways" on Saturday afternoon, and that sets up well for a first season under Lovie Smith. Gerald McCoy continues to dominate, and Clinton McDonald had a breakout game to solidify his place among the Bucs' defensive line. But is there a reason to be concerned about the edge rushers, even after Saturday's game?

    The offense took a step forward, as well, but the guard situation is still dire. Recorded before the Richie Incognito debacle, the guys talk about the offensive line and where things stand.

    Ken and Leo then discuss some key roster battles and look ahead to this week's game, along with answering your questions that range from football queries to a comment about Ken and Barbie.

    All that and more on this episode of Bucs Nation Radio. 

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