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    South Shore Tars for Life--Keith Bledsoe with Terry Hardy & Constant Lewis-Roels

    in Current Events

    This evening Thursday 1/14 7pm cst on “We Are Everyday People” global internet radio network’s “South Shore Tars For Life” I will Talk with SSHS Alumni Constant Lewis-Roels. We will talk about the good ole days at SSHS, what Constant has been into since then, her recent marriage, and her move to Brussels, Belgium.

    Starting the show I will talk with the President of South Shore Alumni Association Incorporated, Terry Hardy. We will discuss the recent successful protest to prevent the name change of “our” South Shore High School. In addition we will discuss where we go from here, and the new South Shore Tide newsletter.

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    Kelly's Lot: Live from Brussels - LIVE Friday Night Dance Party

    in Music

    The Friday Night Dance Party is LIVE with 2 Hours of Commercial Free Music & News to get your weekend off to a great start!

    Blues Band Kelly's Lot calls in to showcase their album LIVE from BRUSSELS!  Hear Kelly talk about her music directions in life and upcoming plans to return to Europe and tour!  Blues music never sounded so good!

    Call in to ask questions and be part of the fun:  323 657-1493!

    LIVE 9pE/6pW!

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    Paranormal Horizons

    in Paranormal

    Abby Black was born in South Carolina to a Sinti gypsy family. She has been involved in Roma rights works for multiple years. She has sat as president of the Romany Women's Union over North and South America and was invited to speak at U.N. Meetings in Brussels and in Paris to discuss the Roma people and the issues they are facing in the E.U. She is also involved in DNA studies geared specifically toward the Roma people. Working closely in the community she's helping to bring the language back into the culture.

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    An Artist Speaks Season 4 Episode 27 with Guest Artist Greta Corens

    in Art

    Come listen to this entertaining and insightful interview as host Michael Harris speaks with Botanical Artist Greta Corens.   Greta Corens saw the light as a painter of portraits and flowers, after a career as a fashion designer in New York City. She received an MFA at the prestigious St. Lucas Architectural Institute, div. St Imelda in Brussels, Belgium. Greta became a sought after fashion designer in New York City, while painting portraits, following her love for character profiles of people. She broadened her artistic perspective at the Antwerp Art Academy in Belgium. A beloved teacher guided her towards painting still lives in oils and watercolor. This led her to recognize the nurturing and elevating influence of baroque Dutch Golden Age Flower paintings during her boarding school years, and an intimate discovery of the effects of the elegance of flowers on her psyche unraveled in her paintings.

    “As a Botanical artist, the brilliant and complex construction of irises and roses attracts me as an architectural form.  Purity of line and color that derives from finely tuned drawing and watercolor skills is at the basis of my art, and inspires me to produce refinement in botanical art.”

    To read the CAGO Newsletter, visit www.ContemporaryArtGalleryOnline.com and click on the CAGO Media tab. On this page you will find our radio shows, videos and newsletters.

    Contemporary Art Gallery Online continues each month with their monthly art competitions and exhibitions.  Go to www.ContemporaryArtGalleryOnline.com, and Click on the Art Competition tab for details.

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    Mixing it Up Monday Talk with Tracey and Friends

    in Current Events

    Terrorist threats in the USA, attacks in Paris, terrorist still on the run and Politics still being played in Washington.  Really.  

    The television networks with subtle electioneering, and no one crying foul.  Good Wife playing into the Democrat electioneering? 

    France still welcoming Syrian Refugees.  Are they doing the right think? 

    Britain banning the Lords Prayer in movies to avoid offending other faiths.  How is that a lesson for America? 

    Donald Trump leading the polls, Ben Carson falling. Trump still considering an Independent Party Run, he is playing games with the GOP establishment and their Candidates? 

    16 wounded in a New Orleans park shooting.  Do Black Lives Matter or only when it's White on Black crime. What about Black on Black Crime? 

    Call in and Voice your Views 347-945-5229






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    EDL Radio ~ What is this Christian State?

    in Politics Conservative

    (Uh Huh..)  A mosque in Brussels received a letter from a previously-unknown group calling itself the “Christian State” this week threatening to kill Muslims and attack their businesses in the country, according to French and Belgian media reports. Also, THE BRITISH ARE COMING!!

    Welcome to the English Defence League Radio Show with Geoff Mitchell, Kel Fritzi, Dave Milner, and Tim Burton.

    A place where we are not afraid to discuss the issues that the newspapers, TV, and radio won’t touch. This is the place where you will hear the honest truths, and can join in the discussion.

    This show engages in discussions pertaining to the facts, not the polished and anonymous half-truth that the authorities and MSM publish to throw you into a state of complacency.


    EDL You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/user/EDLNoSurrenderChannel

    Follow us on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/EDLofficialpage

    "All That is necessary for Evil to Prevail Is that good men do nothing" ~ Edmond Burke


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    Afterglow - Live with Tim and Vince

    in Religion

    Refugees are coming and the governors are saying no.  Is that the right answer or is there a better answer.   Brussels is on marshall law.  Is it on its way here?  Tim and Vince will study the Bible to find out how we are to react to these and other questions tonight.

    Tim Roden Speaker, Host

    Vince Tarquini,  Apologist, Chaplain.

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    Radio Free America - November 22, 2015

    in Politics

    A Discussion of Libertarian Politics in Delaware and Across the Nation, with a Little Bit of Music Thrown In, Just for Fun.



    Refugee Debate

    Brussels on Lockdown


    DC Police Advice:  Don't Wait for Us.  Use Your Gun

    Intelligence 2 (Squared Debate on QE


    If You Don't Care

    by Smoking Popes

    We Go Down Fighting

    by Suicide Denial

    Podsafe music courtesy of Music Alley


    Will's Facebook

    Jess' Facebook

    Legislative Links

    DE Legislators



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    Coming Apocalypse

    in Current Events

    Anonymous hacked ISIS websites and uncovered their terrorist plans. Brussels Belgium has succesfully protected the citizens of Belgium as no "ISIS" attacks took place and 6 suspects of Jihad were arrested. Also Muslim Militants attacked Radisson Blu Hotel in Bamako, Mali killing 27 people including 1 American but the American Special Ops arrived to rescue the hostages. Also several Iranian F-14 Fighters and Russian MiG-29 fighters were flying along the Golan Heights border with Israel in Syria. Also Russia and France has step up the attacks on Raqqa, Syria as the bombing campaign has destroyed much of the cities Islamic State strongholds. Also a Blizzard Snow fall hits the Midwest with 16" in Illonios, Iowa, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Indiana. Also Indiana Governor Mike Pence has "Stop all Syrian Refugees" from entering Indiana. Also Donald Trump is calling for all American "Mosques" to have survellaince. Also Trump is calling for all Syrian Refugees to register into a database. Also a "Broken Road" has caused a Mountain Moving landslide in California. These and much more current news events along with bible prophecy and the powerful Word of God. Your Host Pastor Paul Begley of Indiana. 

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    Angela Cole talks HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) Part II

    in Radio

    Part II with Angela Cole:  HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) is a weapon of mass destruction. Radio Waves strong enough to cause earthquakes are controlled by the U.S. military.  It's the largest ionospheric heater in the world. Capable of heating a 1000 square kilometer area of the ionosphere to over 50,000 degrees.  Its (initial) purpose was to analyze the ionosphere and investigate the potential for developing ionospheric enhancement technology for radio communications and surveillance.  

    Gerald Vincent Bull (March 9, 1928 – March 22, 1990) was a Canadian engineer who developed this long-range artillery. He moved from project to project in his quest to economically launch a satellite using a huge artillery piece, to which end he designed the Project Babylon "supergun" for the Iraqi government. Bull was assassinated outside his apartment in Brussels, Belgium in March, 1990.  What is not mentioned in this write up is that he installed and experimented with this technology in BARBADOS.

    Show Panel:  Angela Cole and Sheri Veronica

    The Khaki Boys/Boys in the Band by Angela Cole.   Marc is Dying (Mark B.A. Thompson-Barbados) and the Naked Departure Trilogy Series.