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    Velora Mansfield Anderson-A Breast Cancer Survivor

    in Women

    During the month of October, we will be focusing on Women; whether in a former domestic violence situation or a breast cancer survivor!  Thank God for our strong Women of God and what God is still able to do through them!

    Velora Mansfield Anderson resides in Indianapolis, IN and attended Tech High School.  She is an Adjunct Chaplain at the Indiana University Health Methodist Hospital and Owner of Visions Ministries, Inc. sponsor of the Visions Summer Beauty Camp.  She is studying Mental Health Counseling at the Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis, IN.

    Visions Summer Beauty Camp is a program designed to position youth to be positive community role models. This is accomplished through God-inspired workshops designed to empower youth to make wise life decisions, teach effective coping skills, build self-confidence and esteem, sharpen communication skills, and provide direction and motivation.

    Company Overview

    Visions Summer Beauty Camp was established in 1992 in an effort to introduce young inner city girls to concepts of poise, modeling, outer beauty and grooming, and positive social interaction. Approximately 150 girls ages 10 - 17 attended the first V.S.B.C Summer Program. Mrs. Anderson and a few area professionals provided instructions for the girls in a classroom setting. Since then, V.S.B.C. has added classes to address the total individual growth for each participant. Classes such as public speaking, written communication, interviewing skills, skin care, nutrition, critical thinking & problem solving, goal setting, etc., have been added to the curriculum each year to further enhance the personal growth of each girl. Since its inception, over 1400 girls have enrolled and participated in the program. In 1998, Visions Summer Beauty Camp was incorporated under the name Visions Ministries, Inc.

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    Interview With Breast Cancer Survivor Lanise Jeter-Herndon

    in Music

    Quarantine Radio Inteviews Breast Cancer Survivor LaNise Jeter-Herndon as she tells her story about her fight and future plans to educate people about this decease 

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    Inspirational Testimony: Breast Cancer Survivor

    in Health

    Inspirational Testimony: Breast Cancer Survivor Margaret Phalor Barnhart
    Meet an amazing woman, Margaret Phalor Barnhart, who is living a victorious life. Capturing her spiritual identity, Marge has a HUGE heart and is willing to share with all. Her God-driven mission in life is to expose her book, “Journey Unknown - Second Edition” to as many cancer patients and those affected with cancer…AND including: nurses and doctors; pastors and chaplains; hospice staff and volunteers; and social workers—for all those who are need a true inspiration and words of encouragement. Marge shares her uplifting chronological story through a compilation of poems, illustrations, art work, and ‘real’ expressive feelings. This read is an uplifting journey of one woman’s battle against the physical, emotional, and psychological trauma of breast cancer. I recommend you meeting and following Margaret today. http://journeyunknownmpb.blogspot.com
    More with Jo-Anne Vandermeulen on TALK RADIO NETWORK: http://www.talk-radio-network.com/

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    Diana Frierson - Breast Cancer Survivor

    in Entrepreneur

    And now the rest of the story.  I was born in Pine Bluff, AK, raised in Monroe, LA and matured in San Francisco, CA. (Yes. I'm an old school hippie). 

    I'm also one of those fortunate people who has been able to combine my personal passion with professional work.  As Director of Development for Diversity and Outreach at the University of California, San Francisco my responsibility was to help increase diversity in the fund raising profession. 

    I believe God has always had his hands on me and skillfully guided me through the trials and tribulations of life to get me where He wanted me to be, doing the work He has for me. 

    In the early 90's I developed an unbelievable thirst for the Word that I have to this day.  I began taking classes, attending Christian conventions and workshops.

    Rev. Frierson and I moved to Corinth, TX in April 2007 and joined Antioch Christian Fellowship in July 2007, and "are members in good standing" (I just like saying that). I currently serve with a variety of Ministries.

    I am very active in the community. Volunteer, loves to travel recently visiting New Zealand & Australia.  Later this year I will travel to Israel (where Jesus walked.

    In summary, it is my prayer that I have an impact upon others that outlasts my lifespan on this earth.  I want to leave a legacy based on biblical principles, a spiritual inheritance that will affect the lives of others for all eternity. Passing on to the next generations a legacy with eternal value is far more important to me than a temporal inheritance of money and property. 

    Advice Ladies: Whatever you do, do with integrity; whomever you serve, serve with caring; wherever you go, go as a leader; whenever you dream, dream with your all; and never, ever give up.

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    Pink Perseverance - Linda & Delvin Whitlock - Breast Cancer Survivor

    in Health

    DrEthel James welcomes The Whitlock Family to My Next Is Now w/ Dr. "J"! Perseverance is our strength! Linda and Delvin Whitlock are founders of PINK PERSEVERANCE, an organization promoting Breast Cancer Awareness. Tune in from 11a-1p ET to hear their powerful story of love, grace under fire and how they emerged victorious. LISTEN: 347-945-7725 I www.blogtalkradio.com/mynextisnow.

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    In Touch With Myself- An Intimate Breast Cancer Survivor Story

    in Motivation

    In moments of uncertainty and fear what do you do? Do you buckle under the pressure or do you ride the wave? 

    Ms. Rhonda Scullark, a 4 year breast cancer survivor, recalls the months that changed her life. What seems like a whirlwind changed her life permanently but in the process she was able to see the love of her friends and family like never before, the commitment God has for each of us and the strength she didn't know she had. 

    Click play now and be inspired by Rhonda's amazing story! 

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    Intimate Conversation with Breast Cancer Survivor Donna Green

    in Spirituality

    Join me for an intimate and inspiring conversation with breast cancer survivor Donna Green.  We will be discussing her journey of healing and what is the "new norm" after breast cancer.  We will also discuss Faith, Prayer and Healing to overcome sickness and disease.  You don't want to miss this conversation!

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    Spotlight Interview - Breast Cancer Survivor Evangelist Lita P. Ward

    in Spirituality

    Join me for an intimate and inspiring conversation with Breast Cancer Survivor and Author Evangelist Lita P. Ward.  Our conversation will include Evangelist Ward's Journey of Healing, Issues impacting Black Women dealing with Breast Cancer, Having God's Faith for Healing......  You don't want to miss this live interview with an Courageous and Awesome Woman of God! Call in 347.857.2393 to listen live.

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    Breast Cancer SURVIVOR Testimony w.Cleo Sylk only with Anna DeShawn & the QCrew

    in Entertainment

    Anna DeShawn & the QCrew (Queer Crew) bring authentically-edgy conversation on current topics affecting queer people of color around the country. They bring dynamic guests, engaging conversation, and the hottest independent music. You can tune-in every Thursday at 9p.m. CT/ 7pm PT/ 10pm ET.

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    Breast cancer survivor, weaving her way to joy.....

    in Self Help

    Join us on Wednesday 10/30/13 as we welcome Tameka Howard, breast cancer survivor. Tameka will share her journey through this life changing time which has not ended for her, yet started Angel Ribbons. Please join us as we listen to a powerful story.

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    Meet Linda Whitlock - Breast Cancer Survivor & Author

    in Women

    Linda Whitlock is strong, determined and a breast cancer awareness advocate. She is a breast cancer survivor  on a mission to make sure all women receive a mammogram.
    Her organization, Pink Perseverance is a  non-profit breast cancer awareness organization dedicated to talking to women and their families about the importance of taking control of their breast health.
    Pink Perseverance will have it's 2nd Annual Enrichment Luncheon on Saturday, April 28, 2012 at Bensi Restaurant in the Hampton Town Center. 
    Linda is also the author of The Stuff We're Made Of .
    This show is sponsored by the Friendz Network and Breathe Again Magazine.

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