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    Bowe Knows War - The Diary of a Hero Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl

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    “Compared to hell of the real wars of the past, we are nothing but camping boy scots. Hiding from children behind our heavy armored trucks and our c-wire and sand bagged operating post, we tell our selves that we are not cowards . . . ”
    ~ Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl ~
    “Bullet sponges,” he wrote at one point. “This is what some of the SEALs call regular Army and other mass ground troops. Its right, the job of a soldier is to basically die.” ~ Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl ~

    I thought we support the troops?  When did Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl stop being a troop? 

    Plus Sensisble Gun Laws Call in / Listen Live 818 739 - 8913 

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    Obama gives Taliban killers to the enemy for American Traitor, Bowe Bergdhal

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    Obama gives Taliban killers to the enemy in exchange for American Traitor Bowe Bergdhal.


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    R Frederick Riddle Show: Bowe Bergdahl

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    The R. Frederick Riddle Show takes on the Bowe Bergdahl controversy.

    R. Frederick Riddle is becoming known as an author of Christian Fiction, a blogger, and as host of his weekly BTR program: The R Frederick Riddle Show.

    Mr. Riddle is a born-again Christian with almost 40 years of Bible study and a life-time of studying the world at large.  He is also active in his church.

    Launching his radio show in 2012, he has been very happy with the opportunity to connect with others who may share his interest in the world events going on every day.  He can be reached at information@rfrederickriddle.com.



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    Talking Bowe Bergdahl - Numerology - Tarot - FREE Readings!

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    ....Your Hosts Susanne and Dax chatted about Bowe Bergdahl, in the Psychic Spin segment and took some terrific calls!


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    Bowe Bergdahl's Bogus Afghan Adventure; Obama Gives Away Iraq

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    Something seemed fishy right away about the Bowe Bergdahl trade for five Gitmo detainees. Now with each passing day it is becoming obvious that our president lied to us (shock!), that Bergdahl hardly served with "honor and distinction," and that Americans are less safe now with five dangerous terrorists out of prison. As the questions go unanswered, now the progress our military earned in Iraq is unraveling as terrorists steamroll the Iraqi military. Did Obama leave too soon? Did Joe Biden bungle the status of forces agreement? We will discuss all angles of both stories. 

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    Radio Free America w/ Duke Brooks: Bowe Bergdahl and Eric Cantor

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    At the intersection of policy, history and politics, waiting in the darkest recesses of the Tea Party vs. GOP no-man's-land, is Radio Free America!

    Many Americans had forgotten, over the last five years, that the taliban were holding U.S. Army private Bowe Bergdahl, now a sergeant.  He's back in our hands now...but who did we have to give up?  Did we trade a king, a queen, two bishops and a knight for a pawn?

    Meanwhile, back on Capitol Hill, former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor was defeated in Tuesday's primary, and resigned from his leadership position earlier today.  Is this a signal that the Tea Party is gaining strength?

    Also: Some Civil War History, a little hangar flying and...your calls!  Don't miss it!

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    Candace L. Bowe "Broken and Rebuilt for the Kingdom"

    in Music

    To all our listeners we thank you for your support. Our radio call in # (713) 955-0464)
    Special Guest Candace L. Bowe "Broken and Rebuilt for the Kingdom" scheduled  April 12 Saturday Night 10PM CST. We were not able to due the interview due to death in our the family.  We thank brother Walter B Harris and Candace L. Bowe for your efforts in scheduling this interview. We also like to thank Gena's Groove Theory and others who went to this link http://clbowe35.wix.com/brokenandrebuilt#!books/cnec and purchased a copy of Candace L. Bowe "Broken and Rebuilt for the Kingdom" book. Again.

    Again Thank you Freddie Howard the Musician radio internet jock
    @Howcee Productions Gospel Blog Talk Radio http://www.blogtalkradio.com/howcee-productions-gospel/2014/04/13/candace-l-bowe-broken-and-rebuilt-for-the-kingdom

    Candace L. Bowe "Broken and Rebuilt for the Kingdom" Candace L. Bowe  BIO INFO

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    Candidate Reese Boyd III & U.S. Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl

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    Reese Boyd, III candidate for District 5 Horry County Council will be joining us In the Pickle Barrel. Oh, do I have some questions about this race.

    Following our chat with Boyd, we will take a look at the issues surrounding the release of U.S. Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.

    Was Bergdahl's release keeping the promise of "no man left behind"?

    Is  Bergdahl a hero or deserter?

    Did President Obama break the law by working out Bergdahl's release?

    Are more American military and civilian workers now at risk because our "deal making"?

    Join in the discussions for this morning's abbreviated show starting at 7AM-8:00AM In the Pickle Barrel. 

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    The POW Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl

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    Sergeant Bergdahl, 26, America’s only known current prisoner of war. He was captured under still unclear circumstances in June 2009 by insurgents in the mountains of eastern Afghanistan New York Times

    Remaining steadfast and forever thankful that this American POW was released and continuing to keep Sgt Bergdahl & his family in my thoughts and prayers. There are so many challenges ahead and this military mom for one, continues to pray for Sgt Bergdahl & family, especially his mom, Jani, just as I have since learning of Sgt Bergdahl's capture a few years ago. There is only ONE BREATH DIFFERENCE between FEAR OF LOSING A CHILD AND LOSING A CHILD. ColoradoMilitaryMom


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    Talk To The Troops Hello Knute in Afghanistan and Welcome Home Bowe Bergdahl

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    The Soldiers Family TV & Radio proudly presents "LIVE NOW ON http://www.SFTVR.com Watch NOW! 

    Talk To The Troops! A special tribute to our friend also Listen on http://www.TheRoadhawgs.com w/CHEE

    "KNUTE" now deployed in Afghanistan  Special episode on the latest news on 

    Prisoner of War U.S.Army Bowe Bergdahl http://www.RollingThunderIL1.com

    Since June 30th,  2009 only a handful of journalist and television people have actually taken the time and written one or two articles in almost "5" YEARS! Now that President OBAMA has stepped up like the attack on Osama Bin Laden layer every single wanna be journalist is GROPING for a headline story on a SAY SO or Hear Say just to get published. BullSH%^T. Hiding behind "Right of Free Speech each wanna be jouranlist, new reporter, radio personality and TV show host needs to know the facts. The United States Army will conduct an investigation just as they did on the Mi Lai massacre, Sgt kelly and the Oliver North story. Senator John McCain, Admiral Schumacher and General John Borling ALL were Prisoners of War in Vietnam. Not a one of them were ever convicted before being released. No one wants to go to war. No one wants to be forced to kill a human being. War is hell. I have not been there.I have the privilege to talk to WW I, WW II, Korea, Sarejevo, Falkland Islands, Normandy, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan soldiers men and women. Not a one wanted to be there , but for God and country gave all they could.

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    Bowe Berghdal..Hero or ???

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    Was Bowe a POW? Hostage?  Where are the ACA numbers? Hillary distanceing herself from Obama policies? GM recalls are mounting almost daily...Censorship, Is it a real concept in the land of the free? 

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