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    Maria Iliou is your Director Manager, your Host for Autistic Support Group Supporting ANCA INAPAWF 2015 on Tuesday. Maria Iliou is playing ANCA Video's INterview & Documentray film, Viedo from ANCA Event also Annoucing Acheivements, Awards, Winners , annoucing sponsors sponsoring ANCA INAPAWF 2015 .. when Maria list of winners then be annoucing durning next week show. Music...enjoyed the performance





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    #104 Recognizing New Opportunities (Guest- Media Executive, Edwin Avent)

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    The Passionpreneurs learn how to recognize new opportunities as Ryan C. Greene interviews Former Publisher & President of Heart & Soul Magazine, and Founder of Soul Of The South Television Network, Edwin Avent

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    Master mind group.

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    Hi Angels Today is our mastermnd group.  This is where we create our goals and intentions to happen by sharing our intentions with the group and combining our energy prayers and thoughts to create each persons goals to happen.

    The show starts at 830 am.

    The call in number is 760 890 7143.

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    9:30 Ida WILL PUT DR. A ON THE SPOT . Dr. Alale has since become renowned for her knowledge in the effects of EMF and solutions as well, having invented a device which helps to protect one's home or office, one's car and one's body itself.FOR MORE INFO. CALL 803)767-9214 EMAIL :johnnathan.hill@gmail.com

  • Psychic Pathways

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    Psychics giving their expert advice on questions that are laying heavy on your mind and in your heart. From Intuitives to Mediums, we welcome you to join us on an exciting Journey into our world. Let us use our blessed gifts to bring forth the answers you need.   We will also be sharing hot topics in our Metaphysical World.  Tune in and Join our group as we embark on an amazing adventure!  We Welcome You!

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    Top 5 Bug-Out Mistakes to Avoid, How Fast Can You Evacuate?

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    Tonights episode will deal with these topics:  How Fast Can You Evacuate?, Top 5 Bug-Out Mistakes to Avoid,  Do civilians with guns ever stop mass shootings?  Got 10 Minutes? 

    Starting a M.A.G. and Bible Study

    Group for Preparedness!

    Contra Radio Network Facebook page .  Here at Contra Radio Network we are now building and designing a new dedicated website in which a player will be embedded.  So check here and listen in to Contra Radio Network to stay advised of ongoing improvements for our audience.  

  • The Battle Against Casual Sexism, and Its Dark Underbelly

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    You may think casual sexism is harmless, or that gender equality is more prevalent than inequality. But there's a dark reality behind it that you may not be aware of, involving human trafficking and involuntary prostitution, which you could find shocking in this modern society. As with any force of darkness, there is a heroic group battling against it every day.

    This week, Rock and Spectre are joined by Lisa Do Hofflich from a New York chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW) to talk about casual sexism, the damage it does to our society, and how this manifests in dangerous situations which could affect any of us, regardless of gender.

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    Born July 26, 1992 in New Britain, CT. Mercedes Roye noticed her love and passion for music, since the age of 8. She never had an idol but from, the different types of music she listened to, she learned how to break down full songs, from the melody, to the instruments, to the tempo and etc.

    Besides making music Banga always had a passion for writing which grew from her personal experiences from childhood to now, whether it was a simple journal entry to a poem. Not only does she look up to music artists but has a love for spoken word that inspires her to create the music she does.

    Young but very self-motivated, this artist is making the best of her talents. She is signed to the minor label “Getto Pecasso Music Group” also known as G.P.M.G RECORDS  managed by Harold Shipley as an independent artist. You can check out her most recent project “Out with the Old in With the New” hosted by Connecticut’s own DJ Get It Rite on her website, www.bangaroye.com . Previous to that she has leaked several songs which can also be found in the music section, as well as her latest single "The Code" produced by The TrendsetterZ, featuring "Millionz of Bars" , the newest artist on the label. She strives for everything she believes in, especially her music. She is not exactly where she wants to be yet, but is slowly climbing her way to the top with her supportive peers apart of the label.

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    Psychic Readings! Spiritual and Paranormal conversations with Don!

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    I realized when I was 10 years old I could hear spirits talking to me. I found out by talking back I could hold conversations. I quickly learned their information and advice was accurate. This was the beginning of several spiritual guides coming to me.My mother would hear my conversations and could not believe I was talking about such things in detail such as spirits, ghosts, good and evil, heaven and past life knowledge.In my twenties I realized I was a medium. I started doing reading for close friends and coworkers. Once again the information coming from spirits around those I read for gave me accurate information. I also notice the emotions of spirit affected me during readings and then emotions of the living also started It was them I realized I was an empath. It became something I realized I needed to control. In my mid twenties I had my first channeling experience. This is where the spirit that is me steps aside and lets another spirit to take over in order to have a conversation directly with those gathered. It lead to my channeling for group each Saturday night. People would gather (that I did not know) at a friends house and we would do the session for about 2 hours. It took a long time to get used to channeling since it is demanding on the physical body.In all my page is educational, informative and healing. I am a spiritual teacher with a lot of knowledge about spirit and more. I have been told my purpose in life is to help those find their spirit within as well as educate that spirit does exist. To discuss the various types of spirits...good, negative or evil. To do investigations to help those in need. To do reading to help those hear from loved ones and find answers. When you remove our physical bodies we are in fact all light and energy.


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    Bruce Wawrzyniak , President of Now Hear This!

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    Neil Haley will interview Bruce Wawrzyniak , President of Now Hear This!, a company based in Tampa, FL, which provides entertainment for events, plans events, organizes festivals, and just about everything else needed for a small business group to a convention.  Bruce is the author of a new book, Bruce’s Bonus Book, A Collection of tips for Up-and-Coming  Entertainers.  See more at  www.NowHearThis.biz  


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    In The Streets with Beverley Smith: Tomf**kery Throughout the Land (Episode 43)

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    Another trans woman has been murdered. Say her name: Keisha Jenkins, 22. Alabama law says its voters must have photo ID or a driver's license. Then Alabama closes 31 DMVs in predominantly Black neighborhoods. Some Alabama judges are refusing to issue any marriage licenses at all, to avoid issuing same-sex licenses. A 12 yr old black boy was suspended from school for staring at a white female classmate. An Ohio state court upheld the suspension. McGraw-Hill "apologizes" but refuses to recall and/or revise their current textbooks which depict the black people who were brought to the West by Trans Atlantic slave trade as merely "immigrant workers" and downplays the atrocities, indicating instead that the Irish and other Europeans were the truly enslaved. Southern Poverty Law Center declares the legal team representing Kim Davis to be a "hate group". Los Angeles tentatively agrees to a $2.85 million dollar settlement for the family of Vachel Howard who died in a chokehold in police custody in 2012. "You're my favorite victim" - a woman sues the NYPD for sexually assaulting her during the investigation of her rape case. More news on the Vonderitt Myers Jr case. Tuesday, Oct 6, 6pm Pacific