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    Broken Bones By Cheryl Taylor

    in Books

    Stick and Stone may Break your Bones , Sometimes Life may Kill you. Three families stuggles through life to find out later, God is the only one who will bring then out.

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    Broken Bones By Cheryl Taylor

    in Books

    Stick and Stone may Break your Bones , Sometimes Life may Kill you. Three families stuggles through life to find out later, God is the only one who will bring then out.

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    Castle Bones Radio (CBR)

    Wednesday, October 9, 2013

    Special guest interview with Bones producer/writer Michael Peterson we ask he answers. Call in and ask Michael your NF/ Bones question.

     #Castle Season 6 episode # 3 Need to Know review by TV Guide Canada's Lisa Caputo

    CBGB The Movie Red Carpet review coverage. NYC

     Castle Bones news and spoilers.

    Come chat with us and join in the fun.


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    #043 Interview Bones Michael Peterson WED SEPT18 9pmET/6pmPT

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    Join CBR Radio for our new season broadcasts of Castle & Bones 2013 television season.

    Special guest interview with Bones Producer/Writer Michael Peterson.

    Bones Season 9 Premiere "The Secret in the Proposal" discussion panel.

    Castl and Bones  news & spoilers.

    Come chat with us and have some fun!

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    The Den of Bones

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    In this special episode of The Den of Bones, I plan to talk with long time fan and friend, Francis. I'm going to pick his brain about the economy and job market.

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    The Den of Bones

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    Things have gotten CRAZY in my life this past week. Last show I mentioned that I had been made an amazing offer that I couldn't turn down. Well that offer just got bigger and I accepted. I will explain everything that has gone on since than and what WILL be going on. But in short, I Chris Cavalier a.k.a Bones am now heavily involved in the creation of a reality TV show.

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    (Ezek 37:1 KJV)  The hand of the LORD was upon me, and carried me out in the spirit of the LORD, and set me down in the midst of the valley which was full of bones, 

  • #107 Bones 11x01 Premiere and Castle 08x03 Discussions

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    Castle Bones Radio (CBR)

    Wednesday, October 7, 2015
    9 PM ET/ 6 PM PT


    Bones Season 11 Premiere “The Loyalty in the Lie” discussion

    Six months after the events of last season, Booth, Brennan, daughter Christine and the new baby are seemingly living a dream life, a world away from the murder-filled life they left behind. But a case with close personal ties to the couple forces Brennan to become involved in the forensic analysis of the remains, and Booth mysteriously goes missing, prompting an FBI investigation into his whereabouts led by Agent Grace Miller (guest star Kim Raver), who works closely with FBI Agent James Aubrey on the case. However, tensions rise when Miller tries to investigate one of the team’s own as the primary suspect. The case also brings Brennan into contact with a member of Booth’s family (guest star Dilshad Vadsaria), and “squintern” Arastoo Vaziri (guest star Pej Vahdat), who has been filling in as lead forensic anthropologist during Brennan’s absence, hopes the temporary position becomes permanent

    Castle Season 8 Episode #3 “PHDead ”discussion

    When the body of a local college fraternity student is found gruesomely murdered, Castle has to go undercover as a professor in order to gain access to the victim's world. However, he and Beckett soon discover that behind the fun and games of college are some darker secrets the university wants to keep hidden.

     Bones and Castle ratings, news and spoilers.

    Call in to speak with the host

    Come chat with us and join in the fun.
    All photos and audio clips used on this broadcast copyright ABC and FOX.

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    No More Excuses for Not Having Strong Bones

    in Health

    Join Partners in Health and Biz talk show host Gail Dixon this Saturday, June 27, at 9:00 a.m. as we discuss "How to Have Beautiful Bones without Hormones." You have no more excuses for not having strong bones.

    Call into the studio with your questions and/or comments: 347-945-7433 or visit www.pihradio.net.

    Did you know that currently, forty-four million people in the U.S. have mild osteopenia, or thinning bones, and 10 million men and women have full-blown osteoporosis. 

    While it is true that women are more susceptible to this condition than men, you might be surprised to learn that one out of every four American men over sixty-five will suffer a broken bone in his lifetime because of osteoporosis, and one third of all men over seventy-five currently have osteoporosis.

    Osteoporosis is a killer. At the very least, it can be a crippler. When your bones become too weak or brittle to handle the stresses of everyday life, they begin to break down internally and then to just plain break, often when you least expect it.  There you are, walking down a sidewalk in February, you slip and fall on a patch of snow-covered ice, and wham, you've fractured your arm and have to flag down a neighbor to help you back into the house.

    Tune in to learn more.



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    Bones To Pick and the paranormal team will join us tonight!!!

    in Spirituality

    Ahmadi Riverwolf (Yayi Nganga Tormenta Kalunguera) has been initiated in Palo Kimbisa since 2007. She has also been involved in Earth-Centered religions since 1989. Ahmadi is a medium and has skills in not only speaking to the Dead, but in fostering relationships between them and those that are now living in the places where they once dwelled. She believes very highly in the ability for the Living and the Dead to be able to coexist in harmony once the needs and the wants of both parties are known. She feels a sacred duty in helping the Dead to have a voice in these conversations. She is a part of the group Bones To Pick and the paranormal team, Northernbound Souls based in Cressona, Pennsylvania and gives readings both over the phone and in person depending on where you are, how far you are willing to travel (or have her travel), makes personal prayer beads, medicine bags, herbal cleansing baths and cleans houses spiritually .Joseph Atreides is a theriomancer, spirit-worker and psychopomp, as well as an initiate in Palo Kimbisa. He is a human services professional, and his hobbies include animal husbandry, hiking, scavenging and bodyboarding.

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    PMP: The Tarot of Bones with Lupa

    in Spirituality

    KaliSara and RevKess are pleased to host Lupa Greenwolf for a conversation about her newest major art and book project, The Tarot of Bones. The IndieGoGo campaign launched on April 7, 2015. From the press release: "Nature-inspired artist and author Lupa is launching a crowd-funding campaign to fuel her newest major project, The Tarot of Bones, on April 7, 2015. Her goal is to raise $5,000 to pay for materials for seventy-eight permanent assemblage pieces, one for each card in a traditional tarot deck, and to start a seed fund for printing The Tarot of Bones deck and book in 2016."

    Along with the Tarot of Bones they will discuss "eco-stuff", "art stuff", and other topics of interest to Lupa, including her third book to be published by Llewellyn World Wide. Check out the website for The Tarot of Bones for more information on this ambitious and art-felt project.

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