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    Dave Hodges: U.N. & Boarder Status!!

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    Dave Hodges Is The Guest Tonight! 8pm Central!

    Dave Will Discuss The U.N. & Boarder Situation And More!

    W.A.T.E.R.         "We Are The Essential Resistance" 

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    Boarder Crossings, Are You Prepared on I Am Liberty

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    Boarder Crossings, Are You Prepared
    I Am Liberty!
    9:00pm/Est 8:00pm/Ct 7:00pm/Mt 6:00pm/Pt
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    Its important that we all understand the repercussions of ushering in a new population from a third world nation. I am not the first to say it but I am very much concerned about what sort of consequences come along with our actions at the border. I don’t even mean this new “humanitarian” effort.

    The fact is since 2012 the amount of illegal immigrants crossing the southern border from terror hot beds has gone up exponentially. They have caught as many as 4000 of these individuals in a single year. How many did they miss? This is a real problem. I am simply asking you to entertain the possibility of growing terror cells in our nation. Consider what these lax policies at the border could bring us and lets talk about how to get prepared for the possible invasion coming to a town near you.

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    This and That I : Boarder Crossing

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    This episode will cover and few different topics with a bulk of the conversation being control by a recent work trip I took where I crossed over from Port Huron MI to Sarnia ONT.
    Other Topics include:
    Detroit Lions Kicker situation
    **A new Bit**
    And, a look back to "The Blackout" 10 years later

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    Children at the boarder

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    With the flow of estimated 90k children flowing to the American border what is the humanitarian thing to do?

    I would encourage the people of America to look at what our choices are before we decide to house them or toss them back to the desert.

    These Children are from El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala—some of the most dangerous war torn countries on this continent.

    This is not just a American problem, this is a world problem!

    Iraqui Problem

    Syrian Border

    source huff post

    One quarter of the country's population are now Syrian refugees, the equivalent of 15 million people turning up one day on the shores of the U.K. or 79 million refugees arriving in the U.S. In some areas of the country.

    As always our government let a good crisis go buy without a chance for a new law.

    Last week we talked about THUD and the government wanting to change the INS. minimums on the trucking industry, well with the accident in NJ we talked about with Tracy Morgan the HOS is in play again.

    Some groups are seeking to take advantage of the recent tragic accident in New Jersey to halt efforts within the U.S. Senate that would address some of the serious negative safety consequences from the 2013 changes to the hours-of-service regulations.  Later this week, there will likely be a vote in the full Senate to strip the “Collins Amendment,” which will temporarily stay restrictions on use of the 34-hour restart, that was agreed to by a bipartisan group of Senators just a few weeks ago.


    We will be covering the availability of portable solar power.


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    2015 Southern States Political Power Rankings

    in Politics Progressive

    Catherine and David rank the 15 Southern or "boarder" states by how interesting their state politics are in the near future.

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    STR #180 04/29/14 S6e21 "Law and Boarder" Recap

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    Scrabble?! What a creative way for first time #Castle writter Jim Adler to add a funny/intelligent twist to the Caskett relationship in "Law and Boarder". We also understand from Jim's tweet "shout out" to Terri Miller and Dara Creasey that we have them to thank for the scrabble/stip poker idea. This episode was directed by Tom Wright who has directed several funny and dramatic critical episodes of Castle.

    Here are tonight's STR Round Table questions:


    Photo credit/copyright[above in random order]: ABC Studios/Network

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    Etowahchutke Tribe, Gaskin Settlement Native Burial Grounds

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    Etowahchutke Tribe, Florida Allotments
    of Native American burial ground act
    "Buddy's Lake Settlement"
    Leroy, Fred, Lawrence, Mead, and Marvin Gaskins
    Honorable Chief-Tess Victoria Elizabeth Gaskins
    Vs. Complaint in Tort Human Rights Violation Civil Rights
    State of Florida
    City of Dade, County of Pasco CASE#_________
    Citizens of the State of Florida
    United States Department of the Interior
    The Bureau of Indian Affairs
    Secretary of the Interior
    WASHINGTON, D.C. 20202
    Undersigned Defendants
    Osceola (1804 – January 30, 1838), aged 33–34) born as Billy Powell,
    December 2, 1785

    December 2, 1785
    Commissioners give an account of the Treaty proceedings. Number of Cherokee attendees was 918. Relate that they explained cession of territory from King of Great Britain in wake of Revolutionary War. Agents of North Carolina and Georgia protested the Treaty. Discuss the boundaries, the issue of white settlements on Cherokee lands and the matter of compensation to the Cherokees for that matter. Note that without the cooperation of North Carolina and Georgia, the treaty will be ineffectual. Spanish and French make great efforts to engross the trade of Indians. Provide gun men Indian populations as: Cherokees, 2000; Upper and Lower Creek, 5400; Chickasaw, 800; Choctaw, 6000. Women and children reckoned to be 4 times the number of gun men.

    Hundred of Negros crossed the American Boarder in to Spanish Florida, to escape slavery. The swamps and forests became their homes. The men built houses for their families and raised crops in this hidden and fertile lands....
    Continue Reading Full Description here


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    Every day is Veterans Day!

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    Hear the latest headline news and stories ranging from the 2014 mid-terms to De-Arming the Boarder Patrol to the Man who shot bin Laden to another 8 yo boy kidnapped for medical research.

    Also, "Mary Jane" will join us to tell her experience with the DCF and if she will ever see her children again.

    Tune in every weeknight at 8:00pm to 10:00pm to hear The Captain unlock his treasure chest of opinions and ideas, facing all matters of Constitutional Freedom.

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    Season 6: Law & Boarder

    in Television

    Writer: Jim Adler

    Director: Tom Wright

    Summary: When an up-and-coming professional skateboarder is gunned down by a mysterious motorcyclist, Castle and Beckett are thrust into the world of extreme sports, where the death defying stunts aren’t the only thing that’s dangerous.

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    I did warn you in the past the ISIS is here and is ready to stirke.

    Now that ISIS has showen up in Canada, and has already attack in Canada. Why didn't you listen?

    Well that answer is very simpleto tell you why you ddi not want to listen. Liberals, and the Democrats are telling you another thing that is not true. Think about it President Obama is a liberal and a democrat. I need not to say any more, but this one and only fact. President Obama hates all freedom and liberty, for he did say it in 2009 that we can take America by evlovlution v. revolution. the direct words and sign of a liberal that hates both freedom and liberty at the same time. Time out these are words and ideas that come from the book by Karl Marx "Communist Manafesto" 

    Here is one fact that the Muslims say the samething and ISIS is the whole Muslim Church and does repersent all Muslims that are to be found on earth. Therefore what President Obama and the muslim (ISIS) have the same ideas as Karl Marx did when he wrote his book "Communist Manafesto", plus the fact all liberals and democracts follow and agree with President Obama.

    President Obama does not like freedom and liberty. ISIS does not like freedom and liberty. 

    Yes we know that President Obama has very good harmonics. say that so did Hitler have good harmonimcs. Harmonics means to beable to speak well, and to go as far as to lie like a Musilm would and should.

    Wisconsin has a person that is the same as President Obama and her name is Mary Burke.

    Okay what does that all have to do with ISIS in Canada and why ISIS has attacked Canada's government? answer is simple Canada is a Socialist nation and did willfully allow ISIS to take up residency in Canada. By the way Mexico has done the very same thing.

    Are you ready to defend yourself in these States? Wisconsin, Michigan,and the northen boarder States the fact is the   

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    the Liberals and Democrats are not sure what to do about ISIS

    in Elections

    As we are talking ISIS is coming across the southern boarder of the United States of America.

    Yes now that President Obama has said that well not in all these words that we the united States of America must care for those that cross our southren boarder illegally and allow the illegal aliens to stay has open the door for ISIS to come in and to do harm like they are now in this country to do. Yes ISIS is here to chop off your heads with machedies. So are you now prepaired to defend your own home becouse President Obama has said it is okay for the enimy to come and chop of your heads. 

    I just got this information from a source from Fox news.

    The democrats just don't know what to do about the problem they made by giving amdensty to ISIS as they cross our southern boarder. 

    You that are liberals and Democracts are again I will say it again you are great fools and you follow agreat fool President Obama who I said it before is not a Christian, and maybe a Musilm himself, and just lying like a Musilm would do in order to protect himself as it is written in the Quran.

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