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    Does Black Love Still Exist? Part 1

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    In a society that encourages promiscuity, dishonesty, and a lack of respect for others, is it possible for us to have loving romantic relationships? Some people may think that hoping to find true love is nothing but a fairy tale, especially if their past experiences have left a bad taste in their mouths. Well, today, we want to leave a sweet taste in your mouth and give you hope. What is Black love and what does it mean to you? Why is it important and why is it special? What are the key elements of successful Black relationships? What can we do to strengthen our relationships?

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    The Barbershop ~ Black Love

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    With Valentine's Day just around the corner, what's become of the black family and black love? Has the black nuclear family been virtually destroyed by the liingering effects of slavery, JIm Crow, the War on Poverty, feminism and modernity? Should the black woman even look to a black man anymore for love and companionship? And is the best mate for a black man still a black woman- or should black men look elsewhere? Are images of loving black couples on TV and in film the exception, or the norm? And who's fault is it: The black man's, the black woman's, or both? We will be all about black love this Sunday in The Barbershop!

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    A Focus of the show being on Relationships between Black people.

    You know the hate on the GREATNESS ACHEIVABLE BY BLACK FAMILY is HIGH.
    The world perpetuates enough propaganda for people of African decent NOT to be in healthy, loving, lasting relationships with other people of African decent.
    No Black Couples = Black Babies = No Black pple. This show is going to highlight past and current Black On Black Love via celebrity Black couples, codes of behavior, principles, and values that were/are practiced, which are both signature to our people
    And key to maintaining and/or rebuilding a healthy relationship and family.

    It Has Always Flourished. It Will Continue to Flourish.
    No matter How Hard the World Try's to smother out the flame, The Pheinox will Rise.

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    Black Love or Swirling ?

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    As we continue our month of love we will get deep into this topic. There are people with good intentions and not so good intentions on both sides and we will break it down. (it will get deep) 

  • Definitions of Black Love

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    How do you define "love"? What does that definition mean? Are there specific roles?

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    Black Love

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    Join the conversation as we discuss the joys, pains, and all the Beauty of Black Love!

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    Celebrating Black Love Day

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    Join BAN Radio Show host Ella Curry, president of  EDC Creations, as she greets the most talented authors on the planet. We are celebrating Black Love Weekend!
    Featured Authors and Speakers:

    8:00 -  Michelle Monkou
    8:30 -  William Fredrick Cooper
    8:45 -  Shakir Rashaan
    9:00 -  Zuri Day
    9:15 -  Miss KP (pre-recorded)
    9:30 -  A. Yamina Collins (pre-recorded)
    9:45 -  Lutishia Lovely
    10:00 -  EN Joy (pre-recorded)
    10:15 -  Naleighna Kai

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    Bring it to the Table:Black On Black Love

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    Join Big Jazz Tonight @9pm. His Main Topic Tonight:Black on Black Love do it still Exist? Is love Real or Did Lust & Faking it Take Over.....Big Jazz Also Talking I Can't Breath Movement Lil Wayne Diddy & Drake & More Tune in 

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    Black love

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    Black love is more than a relationship between a man, a women, and thier money. Last week, we discussed loving yourself and how that confidence carries over to your personal life. On monday's show, we'll talk about how that confidence and self validation helps stregnthen your relationship with your partner. And at what point do you draw the line between being in love, being broke, and being cheated on FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE? 


    Live weeknights at 9pst dont forget to visit www.dymondsradio.com and we always welcome your opinion on the show...dial 646-668-8047 

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    Does “Black Love” Still Exist?

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    Well, although seemingly rare these days, black love does exist; and it is indeed a beautiful thing. As women, most of us are naturally romantic creatures. Let’s face it we love to be in love; and just the thought of it. Well, damn the statistics today! Let’s celebrate the fact that black love still exists and there are plenty of couples that are making it last. This is your feel good story of the day, ladies! Black Love Still Exists (repeat it over and over, until you believe it). 

    Perhaps the issue isn't really that no one believes in loving black relationships anymore, we just don't believe anyone else does. Maybe the solution to this bad press is to stop believing that our relationships are rare. I know happy black couples that are working things out from all generations, backgrounds, and income levels.We celebrate marriage anniversaries each month at church and they have to break the celebration up by weeks because there are too many to list in any given month all at once. That doesn't even include the people like me who are not married but are in a relationship and the couples I know outside of the church. Maybe the meme should not be that we actually exist but that


    Black couples may not be a numerous as we would like, but can we all please agree to stop treating black love like a limited engagement.

    “My point is this. Healthy individuals help produce healthy relationships; healthy relationships produce healthy marriages; and healthy marriages produce healthy families. So if we truly want to have strong relationships, we need to become the best individuals we can be. Then we can fully appreciate and more clearly recognize other healthy individuals.”


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    Hot Topic live:What is wrong with black relationships,Black Love

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    For this Sunday's show 8pm est www.caribbeanradioshow.com BMICHELLE would like your input , for the show . What's your opinion on the below questions and call in to chat this Sunday on 661-467-2407
    1) To men and women = what is wrong with black relationships
    2) To men - Black love will not survive until black women start (fill in the blank)
    3) To women - Black love will not survive until black men start (fill in the blank)

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