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    The Global Perception of Black Americans

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    Today we are introducing Black News and Views to the air waves by briefly discussing the goals and mission of the radio program and to kick things off by a dialogue about a very serious issue which is the Global perception of Black Amerians. There is a global attitude about Black Americans that spans the world. Most notible is the perception that Black people have little money and resources. Oprah Winfrey found that the Global Perception of Blacks spanded all the way to a Zurich Boutique where she wasn't allowed to even look at a pricey hand bag - see:  http://blog.sfgate.com/chronstyle/2013/08/09/swiss-missed-oprah-gets-the-pretty-woman-snub-at-zurich-boutique/ . Is there anything we as a people can do to improve our Global perception ??? to contribute to the conversation NOW dial in at  (646) 716-6900 at 12noon. visit: http://www.blacknewsandviews.com


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    Do Africans Hate Black Americans? How Important Is Africa 2 Blacks In America?

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    Do African people hate black americans. You better not miss the start of this show because you will hear it from the mouths of African men and women what they think of you Black A$$. So make sure you tune in!

    We will also be talking about the importance of Africa to the plight of the Black American struggle and revolution!

    Tune in. And also check out our website www.YoMommaBlack.com

    We need journalists and presenters to hop on board, and people with money.


    Monday: Relationship Show - with Renee / cohost Dawah
    Wednesday: Run Down With Renee - with Renee
    Saturday: Organise Or Perish Show - with Marcus / cohost Meshiha

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    Are Black Americans Stupid? let us take a look

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    Niggas love being niggas, So much so, that they strive to be REAL niggas. They take pride in saying,”I am a real nigga”. Really? That was your goal in life? To be a real nigga?You are calling yourself a nigga. You are proud of it, and making excuses for doing so. Also, before some other smart nigga tells me it means Negus, please. Stop. I know all about that, and that is not how it is used by people, today. Let’s not make excuses. There is no excuse for calling yourself a nigga. Speaking of excuses, I will explain the need for black Americans to constantly make excuses for stupidity, in a minute.If you have no problem with referring to yourself a nigga, then you have no problem referring to your woman as a bitch. Now, before some real bitches go into an explanation of what they think the term bitch means for them in 2014, think about what you are saying. You are classifying yourself as a bitch, a female dog, and you are proud of it. Slave masters called black women bitches, because we were bred like dogs and animals. Think about what you are calling yourself. There is no excuse for that.When you get a black woman pregnant, and leave her to raise the child alone, you are doing exactly what they want you to do. That child will grow up to feed the private prison system, the pharmaceutical companies by issuing him drugs to control his behavior, or he will join the army, and fight and die in wars that have nothing to do with him or his liberation.Black Americans love talking. Thats all they do. Talk. Oh! And march. Do you see how those white people in Nevada came together and stopped the government from taking that rancher’s cattle? Yeah. That was some real organisation. That was real action. If it had been a black person, Al Sharpton would have showed up and black Americans would have been marching around the desert singing “We Shall Overcome”. Black Americans settle.


  • Revelation of the biblical heritage of Black Americans

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    I have been studying geographical histories of people in the bible and made a startling bibilical discovery that I know the Lord led me into .   I will give you the biblical reason why I now believe that the seed of Abraham and the bloodline of Abraham is among us .  This episode will reveal some biblical evidence . I will also give a strong biblical revelation to the Hebrew Israelites using the Holy bible King James verison that Yeshua Yahushua is the Messiah of Yisrael (Israel) I hope that this episode wake some up to biblical facts.  This is not to promote race hate  The Lord God Yah told us that Heaven will have  every kindred tongue and nation there this is not to cause strife among present day Israel,We believe Israel should exist, this is for information purposes, this topic might make some angry but don't get angry let's search for truth together and walk in the Spirit at all  times we would like to to point to truth . and not condemn anyone we are not judges God is . You don't want to miss this program . Historical evidence and proof of this program : from book . From Babylon to Timbuktu and the Holy Bible King James version

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    Black Americans Denied True Status as North American Indigenous Natives. WHY?

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    Shalom everyone. This mornings show will be about why Black Americans aka negros have been classified and labeled by Caucasoid whites aka gentiles who are not indigenous to (anywhere) on planet earth by the way as; niggers, negro, negrito, coloureds, blacks and now, African Americans.

    My question to you is, has other racial group been labeled and RENAMED so many different times the way we have? And most of all why don't Black Americans have an issue with having their racial classification ie... identities changed so many times when it is not happening to anyone one else?

    Hopefully after this show you will have some well desrved answers to these question and prayerfully this mornings show will ignite a pyramid (fire in the middle) inside of you carrying the Ruak Kodesh that will motivate YOU to ask more un-asked questions about YOURSELVES and the true illegal aliens upon this earth who have cleverly renamed (themselves) white for reasons i think we all KNOW why. http://www.gizapyramid.com/mehler-originword.htm

    my social contacts:


    Show call in # (713) 955--0709


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    The Slave Mind Of Black Americans Still Persist Due To Religion

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    Outrage over unjustified killings of Black Americans and similarities to Gaza.

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    Outrage over unjustified killings of Black Americans and similarities to Gaza.

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    Everything w/KathyBTyroneMitchellAmi Smith,Dr Thompson,KLaShea,HarrietWashington

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    Source Nation!  Join us LIVE for another amazing show on Wednesday Night.

    6 pm Power Over Tomorrow

    Tune in as our Resident Financial Advisor, Tyrone "TS" Mitchell, shares information that will help take us to the next level in being financially stable.

    7pm World News

    Join Host Ami Smith as she brings you the current News happening in the world today. At 7:15, Ami welcomes Dr. Marvin Thompson, Founder of Lighthouse Education Foundation into the studio to discuss the state of our schools today.

    At 8 pm The Great Griot

    Join Host K.LaShea for The Great Griot which is a show that educates & enlightens YOU on the History that wasn't taught in schools.  Joining K.LaShea in the studio will be Author of Medical Apartheid: The Dark History of Medical Experimentation on Black Americans from Colonial Times to the Present, Harriet Washington.

    Harriet Washington is an award-winning medical writer and editor, and the author of the best-selling book, Medical Apartheid: The Dark History of Medical Experimentation on Black Americans from Colonial Times to the Present. In her work, she focuses mainly upon bioethics, history of medicine, African American health issues and the intersection of medicine, ethics and culture. In her most recent book, Deadly Monopolies: The Shocking Corporate Takeover of Life Itself, Washington takes an in depth, eye-opening look at the 40,000+ patents on human genes and their harmful, even lethal, consequences on public health. Her other books include, Parkinson’s Disease, a monograph published by Harvard Health Publications, Living Healthy with Hepatitis C and she is co-author of Health and Healing for African Americans. 

    Call in @ 619-924-0933. You've heard it here from your favorite radio station, Source Radio Network


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    Keep It 100! "Why Are Black Americans Disrespected?"

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    Listen and call in Thursday, 6/12/2014 @ 9 pm Eastern as Hate and Sky give their take on recent current events, entertainment news and the main topic of  the night "Why are Black Americans Not Respected?"

    Politically Incorrect, Sometimes Rude, Entertaining & Informative are what the hosts, Joe Hateful and Skylar are all about. Join them as they Keep It 100 at all times while discussing celeb gossip, entertainment news, current events, and social issues, with a playlist that includes mainstream and independent artists. 

    For the latest in news, current events, entertainment & more check us out daily @ thegrid10.com !

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    Paleo Americans

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    According to the ol' wiki Paleoamericans is a classification term given to the first peoples who entered, and subsequently inhabited, the American continents during the final glacial episodes of the late Pleistocene period. 

    Join us as we discuss Paleo Americans tonite along with the Truth2Power show with BeverlyD.

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                 The day starts off with Eric Harris and Mark, his brother on a show called, Renaissance Rappin’.  A couple of education driven Black Americans that talk (that’s where the rappin’ comes in) about today’s drama and critical situations.  The employment crisis for Blacks, political representation, celebrity talk, and questions and answers that plague our country.  This ain’t kindergarten or high school, this is mind elevation and the raising of the plateau on mountains of stress relation issues that have potential correction abilities.  Join them 347-205-9366 –


         You know these guys – you either love them, or hate them, or you’re in the middle, you haven’t figured it out yet, but you keep coming because one of their main ingredients is L A U G H I N G.  KINGS IN THE MORNING confronts racism, prejudice, KITM talk crazy and zany, and they’ve got a platform of information that will truly enlighten you.  The only MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY show that comes on daily.  8am every morning, 5 days a week.  347-205-9366. Get on the line, and get connected! 

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