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    Welcome Home BFF's

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    Join William and his guest host Cindy as they air a special episode tonight! Best friends are a rare gift in the world, tonight the hosts plan to share some random memories of their best friends Denise and Joe.  Who at the time of this broadcast will be moving back to our small town in Florida, what better way to surprise them than a special welcome home gift! Join us tonight!

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    Ep. 18: Kiyomi McCloskey - Internet Trolls

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    Today Sabrina welcomes one of her bff's into the studio, lead singer of Hunter Valentine, Kiyomi McCloskey (Showtime's The Real L Word, VH1's The Linda Perry Project). The two discuss reality TV, the difference between comedy and music (SEX!) and going through a public break up. Tons of fun and an equal amount of improvised songs and PSA's in this episode. Mom calls in to let us know about A Tree Grows In Brooklyn and how much a bone used to cost in the 50s. This episode is already a fan favorite and it's barely been released!

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    The Importance of Friendships while surviving Motherhood

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    Please join two crazy moms as we navigate parenting through different stages of motherhood. With one of us parenting a tween and two toddlers, while the other is parenting adults and enjoying a new empty nest. We will be tackiling everything from babies to adults and all the crazy in between. Let us share tips, tricks and advice on what has worked and what we are currently trying, to get through this crazy life as mommies with our sanity in tact. 

    How do you balance family and work? 

    How do you keep some sort of social life?

    Do you feel alone?

    Mommies need quiet time!

    Have you traded slacks for yoga pants and heels for Uggs?

    Are you sick of hearing the word MOM?

    Come, welcome to your safe zone. You are amongst friends and fellow crazy mommies here.

    Please join us this Tuesday evening as we talk about the huge importance of having friends(girlfriends). Every mama needs that handful of ladies she can call in jiffy to talk to, cry to, get quick advice from, a much needed pep talk, a pat on the back, or the last ingredient to that recipe you both love. Your best girlfriends are your friends, your sisters, your therapists, your sounding boards, your sources of the best advice, your biggest advocate (next to your spouse), your cheerleaders, your confirmation of not being crazy and your greatest sources of laughter and validation. Now, we love our children and spouses more than anything in the world, but we also need, as mama's, to also remember we are also just girls. Having a little girl time every once in a while, child and hubby free is much needed. You can have a funfilled Girls Night Out or you can have a cozy relaxing Mama's Night In....both equally enjoyable and just what the doctor ordered for mama's sanity;) 


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    Today's Youth Talking's Chi Town BFF's

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    Hang out with TYT's CHI TOWN BFF'S......Today's YouthTalking Television Production Workshops are being held in Chicago.  Stars are being born and young voices are being heard in this workshop!!!! Learn how to cold read, properly deliver a monologue, choose the photo that's lands the big auditions/jobs, how to audition for sitcoms, movies, soap operas, do voice overs, makeup for tv and print work, shoot a scene, a photo shoot with a 8x 10 headshot given,  PRODUCE & HOST A 1 hour TV SHOW, copy of the show they produce and SO MUCH MORE.... Every young person gets a video camera of their own to work with and KEEP... Within each TELEVISION workshop a LIVE 30 minute Radio show for the world to hear will be produced, and recorded also... FUN FUN!!!!

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    Wisdom Wednesday! Workplace BFF's. Good or Bad Idea?

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    Dr. Towanna Freeman and I discuss the issue of workplace relationships.  Is having a best friend in the workplace a good or bad idea?  Does being fully transparent with a coworker about your personal life actually help or hurt your career?  Join us for this very necessary conversation!
    Dr. Freeman's Bio: http://bit.ly/uqc785

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    Sloppy Seconds - Dating Your BFF's Ex! Is It Ever Acceptable

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    Oh yes, Juice Radio is back at it!!! Join your favorite online team on Sunday, April 24th @ 9:00PM EST as we chat about is dating your best friends ex, is it ever a good idea? Does it compromise friendship? Check out our first episode of "Adventures with AJ". Tune in, call in, join the conversation...BE THERE!

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    Topic of Discussion; JOB, HOUSE, and CAR!! When does it become mandatory to have all three? Now we all know ACTING and DOING grown up things are totally different actions. So we would like to know what is a good age is it a MUST HAVE for a man and woman? Living at home with your parents, sleeping on your BFF's couch, or being a nomad. Waiting for others the pick you up, bum rides, or catch public transportation...no problem with both but who gonna drive on date night?? NO FINANCES..!? NO LOVE need we say more! So tune and let us know what you think about it on H.Y.P.E. Radio


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    What to Believe in Anymore

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    I have been a little out there lately. I need to vent, and it'll be off my mind tomorrow. So I scheduled a show nearest to now which is 11pm, I know it's not really my usual time slot, in fact, go to mah bff's show here, because it's really her time slot.

    Anyways I'll be talking about what's been going on lately and what I've been extremely bothered about. Not looking for a pity party at all, just somewhere to vent and look for support.

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    Elena from Paris Hilton's My New BFF!

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    Elena from the second season of Paris Hilton's My New BFF will be on live to give us the scoop on Paris, the BFF's, and what she has next in her life after the show!

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    Stephen Hampton from Paris Hilton's My New BFF!

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    Stephen Hampton from the second season of Paris Hilton's My New BFF will be on live to give us the scoop on Paris, the BFF's, and what he has next in his life after the show!

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