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    Smart Talk - Election 2014 - Know Your Candidates

    in Politics

    Own Your Vote  -  Learn the Truth About the Candidates and then Cast Your Vote!  The informed voter always makes the right decision

    Tonight's Candidate: Dr Julio Gonzalez for Florida State House

    Dr. Julio Gonzalez is an orthopaedic surgeon practicing in Venice, Florida. He is married to Dr. Gina Arabitg, a gynecologist also practicing in Venice. They are the parents of two girls, Monica, age 16, and Jessica, age 12.

    A Native Floridian, Dr. Gonzalez was born in Miami after his parents fled Cuba’s fledgling communist government in 1958. He attended Belen Jesuit High School in Miami where he played varsity basketball and competed in track and field.

    Visit http://juliogonzalezforflorida.com/   Call 941-441-0310

    Special Guest: Chris


    ATF hitting Gun Stores across
    US, Bundy - latest and greatest
    Codes and Ordinances designed to violate your rights  what YOU can do to protect yourself!

    As an American Voter, it is your responsibility to know "who and why" you are voting.  This means looking, listening and thinking outside today's corrupt political box.  DO NOT limit your voting decisions to information provided via main-stream media and DO NOT limit your voting decisions to the political party establishment. Seek the truth, face the truth and vote for America - vote for Florida!

    Smart Talk Election 2014 - Know Your Candidate gives you the opportunity to ask the tough questions and learn the truth.  Send your questions and comments to Sherry Smart at shrrysmrt@yahoo.com and visit Sherry's Blog Page at http://teapartyorg.ning.com/profile/SherrySmart. 

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    Worldmeets.US Radio News: A Look at the United States from Costa Rica

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    Join us on Friday at 11pm EST, for a talk with translator and Costa Rica resident Acosta-Florizul Perez about how people in Central America see the United States, and other issues related to the U.S. that concern people in Costa Rica - one of the few nations on earth with no standing army. We will also ask Florizul why she has helped us persue the mission of Worldmeets.US for the past three years.

    Costa-Roca born Acosta-Florizul Perez was born in Belen, Heredia. From a conservative Catholic family, Florizul is the first generation of her family to have attended college. She studied English and has a master's degree in translation, with a minor in Portuguese. She spent a year in the United States participating in a student exchange program at Kenyon College, Ohio.

    Worldmeets.US is a non-profit media project aimed at better educating the American people and creating relationships between Americans and people from other nations.

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    Music in the Classroom: The State of Music Education

    in Education

    Tune in Friday at 12pm (Pacific) when we take a look at the current state of American music education, the utility (or futility) of pursuing music degrees, and what orchestras and other arts organisations are doing to educate young people. 
    My guests will be Mark Slavkin, Vice President for Education at the Music Center of Los Angeles and violinist Danielle Belen, founder of Center Stage Strings and a faculty member at The Colburn School. If you'd like to share how music education impacted your life or what efforts are being made in your community to keep music ed alive, please call in and join us!

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    Frankie Ruiz : Chief Running Officer

    in Business

    In 2003, Frankie Ruiz co-founded Miami-based PR Racing, Inc which served as the launching pad for the Inaugural ING Miami Marathon. The success of the Miami Marathon paved the way to the company quickly growing into producing over 17 events per year in South Florida. In 2008, the company was acquired by Dallas-based US Road Sports & Entertainment Group. Currently, Frankie is primarily responsible for Government, Community and Runner Relations under the title of Chief Running Officer. The greatest accomplishment of his focus on destination events has been the success of the 25,000 runner ING Miami Marathon which had an estimated $50 Million economic impact to Miami in 2012. . In 2009, Frankie Ruiz launched the extremely successful weekly Nike Run Club in South Beach on Lincoln Road, which currently has over 5000 runners as members. As a result of the recent success with such a group Frankie also started a similar concept in the Downtown Miami and Kendall areas with the Brickell Run Club and Kendall Run Club which now have over 6000 runners attending on a regular basis. Frankie is also a 6-time State Championship Cross Country coach at Belen Jesuit. Frankie also serves on the board of the Miami-Dade Sports Commission. Frankie is an avid runner, mountain biker, triathlete, paddleboarder and skateboarder.

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    Could you forgive your mate? Governor Sanford's Love Scandal Spike Spillberg

    in Entertainment

    The wife of embattled South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford called his affair with an Argentine woman "inexcusable" but said Thursday she is willing to forgive him.Sanford returned last week from a secret trip to Argentina to see his mistress, Maria Belen Chapur. His staff had told the public he was hiking the Appalachian Trail, and he later apologized for misleading them.

    Jenny Sanford told The Associated Press then that she learned of the affair in January when she discovered a letter Sanford had written to Chapur. She said he had repeatedly asked permission to go to Argentina to see Chapur, but she denied it.

    Films, Life, and Positive Thoughts. www.spikespillberg.com

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    Live in Belen, NM the Heart of New Mexico. Playing music and having some time to talk about the Lord Jesus Christ.

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    Live from Belen, NM upcoming segments.

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    Live with your host Dustin coming to you from Belen, NM. I will be taking your calls tonight just call the studio at 646-200-3048.

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    Live on air from Belen, NM USA - The heart of New Mexico with your host Dustin. Come join us for some great country music and don't forget we will be talking about rodeo too. Come on over and jois us on air. Just call 646-200-3048 to get on the air.

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    Live on AIR music and talk from Belen, NM USA with your host Dustin.