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    The Celebefex Show™ welcomes Becca and the Gin Hall Hustlers

    in Entertainment

    Becca and the Gin Hall Hustlers Band on The Celebefex Show™ today ! Nashville Artist Becca has great stories an dishes on music and software, Nashville,  and her fun take on everything she observes in the modern world. She has funny songs and a great Country Rock sound you will love! Great Talk in Part 1 of this 2 Part Interview. 

    Interviewing the Best in the Entertainment Industry, including Grammy Award Winners, world renowned Songwriters, Producers, Actors and More..... The Celebefex Show™ is on air every Saturday  Air Times: @ 2pm noon in Hollywood, 4pm in Nashville, 5pm in NYC and 10pm in London , UK! 

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    F.I.T ( Fearless Integrated Transformation) With Becca Tebon

    in Health

    The F'ing Blog Becca Tebon visits Perfectly Healthy And Toned Radio to talk about her F.I.T program 

    During childhood through to adulthood, Becca Tebon was a “lifelong patient,” grappling with illnesses ranging from chronic asthmatic bronchitis, to digestive problems and elimination issues to debilitating back pain.

    Becca didn’t allow the years of health and personal challenges keep her seated on the sidelines of life. Blessed with a mom who never let her feel sickly or made her feel less than the other kids, Becca tackled speech problems and dyslexia, coupled with missing 20-30% of her elementary school years head on … but inside Becca endured poor self esteem and thinking she wasn’t smart enough or truly fitting in. Areas that were never dealt with were just tucked deep inside and weren’t even revealed until 2009 when her life started spinning out of control.

    Today she is recognized for helping others create a “WHOLE”istic shift in their lives, regardless of age, economic or fitness level. “Being F.I.T. Is a state of having clarity in all aspects of your life; mental, spiritual, and physical. Her passionate skill-set allows for the timid to the lion client to achieve their goals. 

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    B-Cubed with Becca Johnson

    in Spirituality

    WithInsightsRadio.com & Producer Iggy Presents!

    B-Cubed with your host Becca Johnson!

    Becca will take us on journey of self discovery and self healing.  She will show us how Holistic Integration Coaching can help lead us to a more emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual body.

    So, sit back and enjoy the ride on the B-Cube...


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    Becca Smith

    in Knitting

    On the next edition of Fiber Hooligan (07/01/13) my guest will be the very talented and dynamic, Becca Smith, owner of BagSmith. One of the things that I love about Becca's company is that it's really a family operation… Becca's mother, son, and husband have all be involved in the business. BagSmith is perhaps most well known for Big Stitch projects and yarns, worked on size 11 needles and larger (and their size 35 and 50 needles are also very popular). Becca, herself, is a lifelong knitter and longtime fixture in the fiber industry. Becca & BagSmith offers fun, innovative, and creative challenges to an ever-changing market through a line of unique products featured at more than 600 independent yarn shops throughout the United States, Canada, the UK and France.Becca is not only a good friend, she's an 'out of the box' thinker… and it shows in her products and ideas. I hope you'll join us for what should be a very unique episode.

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    The Gift of Hope with founder of Magdalene & Thistle Farms, Rev. Becca Stevens

    in Moms and Family

    Reverend Becca Stevens is one of the premiere preachers and speakers in the United States. She uses love as the most powerful force for social change. She is an Episcopal priest at St. Augustine’s at Vanderbilt University.

    Rev. Becca is the founder of Magdalene, residential communities of women who have survived prostitution, trafficking and addiction. In 2001, she founded Thistle Farms, which currently employs nearly 50 residents and graduates, and houses a natural body care line, a paper and sewing studio and the Thistle Stop Café. 

    Rev. Becca was named by the White House as one of 15 Champions of Change for violence against women in 2011. She was recently named 2014 Humanitarian of the Year by the Small Business Council of America.

    Join Rev. Becca and me on Tuesday, December 16, 10-11 A.M. CT US, as we discuss her latest book, The Way of Tea & Justice: Rescuing the World’s Favorite Beverage from its Violent History. 

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    "One" Filmmaker Becca Roth

    in Film

    Becca Roth has been writing stories and screenplays since before she was old enough to type.

    When she was little, she would pace back and forth in her family’s computer room while her mom transcribed Becca’s excited spouting of The Wizard of Oz 2: Dorothy’s Roller-Blading Adventure. (The film has yet to be produced.) Becca made her first short film, Kings and Queens, at the age of seventeen, and has been writing and directing ever since.

    She graduated from Kenyon College in 2010, where she studied film, drama, anthropology, and finding four leaf clovers. After spending her first year out of college working for tips and crewing on other people’s projects, she set out to make her first independent film. With her tip money, she made Rain in Summer, a short film that went on to screen at nearly a dozen
    film festivals nationwide, picking up several awards along the way.

    She has just completed the feature-length documentary, One: A Story of Love
    and Equality. She is extremely passionate about this project, and can’t wait to see where it will go. (Hint: It just won "Best Director-Feature Documentary" at the Queens World Film Festival).

    Becca lives in Brooklyn with her girlfriend and two mischievous kittens, Oliver and Twist (both female).


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    Let's get F.I.T. with Becca Tebon!!!!!!!

    in Lifestyle

    Becca Tebon has been a certified personal trainer since 1983 and has helped thousands of people achieve their personal and fitness goals. The F.I.T philosophy provides a lot more than simple weight loss and looking fit. Becca teaches her clients how to involve their mind, body, energy, planet and total lifestyle to achieve their goals.

    The Fearless Integrated Transformations aren’t about “changing” it’s about evolving your life! Want to lose weight or get in shape? Start with the “17 Day Lose a Pant/Dress Size.”— 100% Proven and You are guaranteed to lose a WHOLE size or your money back.

    Click the link below to find Beccas website!


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    Becca Moore Mom Author and founder of the Bipolar Project

    in Motivation

    Three years ago Becca Moore was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. Alone and scared she reached out to find other parents going through the same thing. Sadly there were not any resources for parents. That is when she started The Bipolar Parenting Project. Raising funds to turn the Project into a non-profit organization that can help parents on a national level.

    For more information including how to purchase her book and for other resources.

    or call

    Strategies of Success
    Brian A Cohen DTM Host



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    The Becca and Kelly Show

    in Entertainment

    WARNING WARNING WARNING ADULT LANGUAGE ON THIS.RADIO SHOW. Welcome to the new Radio show where anybody's voice is heard and anybody can pick the topic to for your Host and CO Host's can talk about it is a open table anything can be said and heard on  The Becca and Kelly Show.Starring your Host  Becca And her Co Host Kelly and the head of there panel Steph. At 5:00 p.m. central

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    Ancient of Days with Tessa Dick / Higher Frequency with Becca Covin

    in Current Events

    In the first 90 minutes, Tessa Dick will discuss Robert Guffey's books Cryptoscatology and Chameleo, as well as some of her own books dealing with secret government experiments and mind control. 

    In the second 90 minutes, plese welcome new Freedomizer host Becca Covin for her show, Higher Frequency. 

    Join us this week on Higher Frequency for an introduction to the show and a discussion of 'The Journey' with our special guest Miss LadyTara Kay. We will share stories, experiences, and more about our spiritual journeys and awakening. We want to hear from you too!