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    Autism Spectrum Disorders and the Genetic Link

    in Science

    The goal is to empower families by providing a review current research, medical advancements and review of recent literature on Autism Spectrum Disorders. To help answer the basic questions so many parents face: how, why and what can be done now? 

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    P2P Global Health Forum Presents: Autism Spectrum Disorders

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    The Global Health Forum presents "Autism Spectrum Disorders" with guests Leah Seyoum-Tesfa, RN, NP Autism advocate and researcher, and Founder and President of REACh Families, a non-profit organization that supports, educates and empowers families from East Africa raising children with various disabilities; and Cristin Dooley, PhD, LSSP who is currently a professional member of the special needs resource team at Jewish Family Service of Greater Dallas. She has worked in various school districts in Dallas and the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center for Autism and related Disorders. Dr. Dooley has been an invited speaker and presenter in multiple forums and is a co-author of a book in neuro-psychology.

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    The Survival Guide for Kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders

    in Parents

    Parent and award winning author Elizabeth Verdick, Joins us to discuss her wonderful new book The Survival Guide for Kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders This positive, straightforward book offers kids with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) their own comprehensive resource for both understanding their condition and finding tools to cope with the challenges they face every day. With an emphasis on helping children gain new self-understanding and self-acceptance. Elizabeth’s book addresses questions (“What is ASD?” “Why me?”) She also provides strategies for communicating, making and keeping friends, and succeeding in school. Helping kids handle intense emotions and behaviors are topics she has been writing about for years with her award winning book series – Toddler Tools, The Best Behavior Series and The Laugh and Learn Series Elizabeth’s positive spirit and humor, along with her helpful tips and resources for 2ekids and their parents is a don’t miss combination.

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    Autism With A Side Of Fries - Getting out of the house - Easier Said Than Done

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    SHOW PREMIERE - Getting out of the house - Easier said than done!  Are you a parent of a child with autism?  Often going out to eat, to a movie, library or a place of worship can be very stressful for autism families, tonight we talk about the importance of getting out with and without the kids.  Breaking the isolation and starting early. 


    You all know her and love her ..... Dianne Porter's first guest on Missing Piece Autism Awareness Show is Eileen Shaklee author of Autism With A Side Of Fries 

    Autism is a trip this mom didn’t plan on taking but she sure does love her tour guide.

    This week we talk with an amazing mom, Eileen Shaklee,  founder of the blog "Autism with a Side of Fries" which provides a fun place to share, support and have a laugh.  It does not matter what socioeconomic status, race, religion or creed you are, if you have a family member with autism you have been put on the path of a trip you didn’t plan on a path with no predictable itinerary.  Eileen's inspirational message reminds parents to laugh as they face real life battles. Her message is empowering and reminds parents that you are not alone on this journey.

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    Low Dose Naltrexone. An Update from Linda Elsegood, LDN Research Trust

    in Health

    Thinking about LDN (low dose naltrexone)?

    Want to know more?

    This podcast is for you!

    On Monday, April 18, 2016 Dr. Jess Armine has the great pleasure, once again, to interview the creator of the LDN Research Trust, Linda Elsegood!

    Diagnosed with Relapsing/Remitting MS in August 2000 at the age of 44, Linda was told that she had Secondary Progressive and there was nothing anyone could do to help. She decided to take matters into her own hands, and started LDN in December 2003.  LDN  helped her with fatigue, restless legs, bladder, bowel, burning legs, leg strength, tingling in feet, sleeping and 'fog in the head'. She now has a better quality of life and hope for the future.

    As a result of her amazing improvement, this indefatigueable and loving individual created the LDN Research Trust which disseminates information about LDN throughout the world and empowers people to speak with their doctors about LDN and empowers healthcare providers with information about this vital substance. She takes no money whatsoever. (www.ldnresearchtrust.org) 

    In this prerecorded interview (she is in UK), Linda will update us on all the research concerning low-dose naltrexone (LDN) including the benefit of LDN in cases of autoimmune diseases, posttraumatic stress disorder, Crohn's disease, MS, autism, autism spectrum disorders, chronic fatigue, CFS/ME and cancer.

    She will introduce the new book about LDN that is presently available on Amazon worldwide (search for "The LDN Book").

    Join us and learn from this facinating and dynamic woman!  See you then!  Dr. Jess.

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    Real Talk: What To Know About Autism, Signs, Treatment & Answers

    in Women

    Marguerite Elisofon is a New York City writer and the author of My Picture Perfect Family, a memoir about how her family navigated life with a child on the autistic spectrum before the internet and support groups existed. She also blogs about parenting young adults and disability related issues in The Never Empty Nest. Her writing has been featured in a variety of publications, including Time and NY Metro Parents magazine, and her family’s story has been featured by the NY Post, Fox News, Parents Magazine, and on Jenny McCarthy’s Dirty Sexy Funny radio show. A Vassar graduate, Marguerite was born and raised in New York City, where she still lives with her husband, Howard, in their mostly-empty nest. She is available to speak about a wide variety of issues relating to twins, parenting, and autism.

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    RCI Radio Welcomes Gil Hoffman Chief Political Analyst JPost, & Elana Watson

    in Politics Conservative

    Real Clear Israel Radio is delighted to welcome Gil Hoffman, Chief Political Analyist for the JPost & Fellow Canadian Elana Watson Tuesday May 3, 2016 at 9PM Pacific Time and 7AM Wednesday May 4, 2016 in Israel. 

    Gil Hoffman is the chief political correspondent and analyst for The Jerusalem Post. He has interviewed every major figure across the Israeli political spectrum, has been interviewed by top media on six continents and is a regular analyst on CNN, Al-Jazeera and other news outlets. Follow Gil on Twitter @gil_hoffman and read his articles at the Jerusalem Post. 

    Elana is a resident of Jerusalem, singer, recording artist, songwriter, musician, Hebrew Teacher & Renaissance woman. Elana's Facebook page Israel Tours, Arts & Culture:https://www.facebook.com/gotoisrael/?fref=ts & Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz7aFBaofJ1Pw94Vnf8U2VA

    Tonight we will also welcome Merv Watson back to discuss current events and some news stories. 










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    UCC Show 3.18 - What's In A Name 3: The Names of Satan

    in Christianity

    We talked about the names of God back on February 23rd, and then on April 5th we talked about the names, types and shadows of Jesus Christ. Now we turn our study of names to a much lesser being... Satan. 

    Some claim him to be fantasy and fiction; something created solely to keep people under control. Others ascribe him as much power as God Himself... Or more. Those in the middle of these two ends of the spectrum believe him to be nothing more than a tempting spirit; others, that he is bound and unmoving in Hell; and still more that he is the antithesis of Jesus Christ. 

    Much can be learned about Satan by simply understanding what he is referred to as within the Bible. His names and titles, when learned and understood, can tell us a great deal about the enemy of our souls. For this reason, we now shine a light into the darkness to expose the truth about... The Devil.  

    You can send us feedback  and or questions at AskUCCShow, call in at 347.989.8865, tweet us @UCC_Show, send us a message via facebook.com/uccministries or join us in the live chatroom!

    Join us once a week as we review current events, answer questions, provide commentary on social happenings, and more. This may be one of the most informational, fun, and thought-provoking two hours of your day- Join us and participate!

    Check out BeNotCommon.com, and join us here weekly for a show you definitely won't want to miss!

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    MMA Destruction w Caveman, Wilk, Harris, Grandma's Boy, and Nunez

    in Sports

    Join MMA Destruction Tuesday night at 9pm cst with your hosts Dustin Hill and Don Mcguire. Presented by Lana's Egg Whites. Joining us on the Fighting for Autism guest line will be one of the most colorful men in all of MMA Fighting for Autism Fight Ambassador and Wichita's favorite son David "Caveman" Rickels who in his own words tells fans "your going to flip shit when i announce my next fight.". One of fastest rising Middleweights in the country and EFC 3 main event winner Chris Harris will stop by and talk about an amazing performance this past weekend and when fans can see him in action again. One of the most intense and exciteable cornermen in the sport Joe Wilk will join us as even as a kick ass cornerman is in the middle of his own fight camp. We will find out the fire and fiery behind the man. "Grandma's Boy" JT Donaldson will be in the hot seat to talk about his recent win this past weekend at CFC out in Cali and what the future holds for this rising star. UFC and TUF alum Johnny Nunez will chill will with us to talk about what life was like in the tuf house and what fans can expect in the near future from "Johnny Boy".

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    Managing Conflict in Your Blended Family

    in Family

    Raising children in a blended family can be challenging, frustrating, and overwhelming at times.  It can be a real test of endurance to manage to stay together through some of the tough times that can erupt with your stepchildren.  It can also be a time of growth and lasting relationships. Join Kim Abraham, Marney Studaker-Cordner and Zena Zumeta to hear how conflict is actually an opportunity to teach your children - step and biological - values and skills to last a lifetime.

    Kim Abraham and Marney Studaker-Cordner are licensed child and family therapists, practicing for over twenty years. Specializing in children with severe emotional and behavioral disorders, Kim and Marney are published authors in the areas of parenting and codependency.  They both have personal experience with stepparenting and blended families.

    More Information about Kim Abraham and Marney Studaker-Cordner

    Zena Zumeta, internationally known as both a mediator and trainer of mediators.  She is president of the  Mediation Training & Consultation Institute, Zena Zumeta Mediation Services, and The Collaborative Workplace in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Zena is a lawyer and a former president of the Academy of Family Mediators.  She is the recipient of the Michigan Lifetime Achievement in Mediation Award; the National Education Association/Saturn Corporation Award for Union-Management Collaboration; the John Haynes Distinguished Mediator Award; and the Kumba Award from the National Conference on Minorities in ADR.

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    WebbWeaver Books Proudly Presents: Author Jo Anne White PhD

    in Books



      Based on a true story, More Heaven: Because Every Child is Special about six children with autism and special needs and their teacher who gives them a chance at learning and life. Despite challenges and a lack of support, Miss Tina Randolph's commitment to reach, teach, and inspire these children is unwavering. 

      By accepting their uniqueness and participating in their private fantasy world, while at the same time engaging them in the real world, she eventually succeeds. Tina, her teacher's aide, Kaye, and the children mount a tireless, daily battle to shift the tide toward the acceptance of people who are different. 

      The experiment, begun in chaotic, uncharted waters, bridges the gap of understanding and paves the way for the inclusionary practices of education and society's acceptance of children and adults with special needs. This is a road that continues to need paving, making the messages inMore Heaven: Because Every Child Is Special equally relevant today. 

      The book evolved from an experiment in the Philadelphia school system in the late 1970's in response to the 1975 Education for the Handicapped Act, ruling that public schools in the US educate all children with disabilities, despite their severity. 
      Previously, many of these special needs children were kept at home-isolated and denied access to the mainstream. More Heaven is a powerful story of compassion, determination, disappointment, triumph, and love.