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    Audience Response System: PowerCom ARS Introduction

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    A brief introduction to PowerCom ARS - We provide Audience Response Systems to a public/private speakers, teachers, Entrepreneurs to help to enhance interactive communication and data collection and real time feedback for all kinds of events like seminars, conferences, field surveys etc. From the boardroom to the classroom and beyond, We will talk about Audiemce response diverse systems for every type of audience response user worldwide! 

    - http://www.powercomars.com/response-software/response-software.html

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    MotorSports Marketing with Audience Innovation

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    Hosted by Tia Carr Williams, Social Media Maven, How to Harness MotorSport’s powerful B2C and B2B opportunity and fast track your success with NASCAR, Indy and other MotorSports opportunities. Kostial delivers effective forward-thinking strategy to MotorSports development and client sponsored programs.Tia interviews Paul, Patty and Moe, KCo executives, who share their expertise and understanding of MotorSports Marketing Platforms. You will learn how Audience Innovation can provide your business with an effective, efficient, direct route to client-driven,media-centered programs of any magnitude from $50,000 to $20,000,000.

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    Branding tips to help you attract the right audience

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    Branding yourself is the first rule of online marketing. But, how do you do it? Listen in as we discuss tips from some of the top marketers for branding yourself so that you attract the right audience for your products and services.

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    SM Marketing 2015/Where is your Audience!/Jordan Davis

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    In 2015, social media is no longer just mainstream.  Today's Social Media's audience is mature in more ways than one. Social media is not mature in terms of its life cycle but also in terms of the age of participants. The bottom line is social media is here to stay. Marketers must figure out where their audience is on social Media.  Do you know where yours is??

    My co-host back by popular demand is Jordan Davis with Socially Exceptional.Your personal 'Social Agent' Developing Social Media Strategies & Wordpress Expertise for your Growing Business. She will have special tips on all SM areas.  Check out her website @ http://sociallyexceptionalseo.com/

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    Story Secrets - How to grip and hold an audience

    in Motivation

    We are wired to tell stories because it is how we make sense of the world around us. Storytelling is an ancient art form that has been around as long as mankind has. Being able to tell a story in a compelling way is a skill that can be developed. It helps an audience understand your message and retain it for longer. In this episode we discuss some of the secrets of storytelling at its finest. Tune in. 

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    "Keys for Success Monday" Have You Been Targeting The Wrong Audience?

    in Marketing

    How you can benefit

    Now that advertisers are looking at data in real time, it is clear that the coveted demographic segment that marketers chased over the past 36 years is a myth. It may have been true at one time, but it is not now. How can marketers take advantage of this new information?

    Measure and don't assume. Learn about the tools and metrics available to identify and track your target audience (what I call the “lock”).
    Build a marketing information system to incorporate the most appropriate metrics to monitor, collect, analyze, report, and take action on information from this audience. This does not have to be done all at once, and can be built in stages.
    Look beyond the traditional segments defined by organizations, such as Nielsen, to determine the segments that are most likely to buy your products.
    When Nielsen and the networks develop new metrics don’t accept them at face value.
    If you find inaccuracies in the metrics they use to formulate their advertising rates, use that information to negotiate a better deal with the media in which you want to insert your message.
    Build into your marketing information system ways to measure how well it is working so you can tweak the system to continually produce better results and negotiate for better rates.
    Understand that the big numbers in the US are trending older because of Baby Boomers. This will continue until the segment dies out.


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    Pajama Party Adult Night Time Talk Show-LIVE AUDIENCE!

    in Entertainment

    Join the Pajama Party Crew for lively, humorous conversation on today's hottest topics, commentaries, TV and movie reviews and more. We've got Poppa DD with "Living for the City" and "What's Poppin," Ketel with the Weird News and the Hollywood Wrap Up and Redwine with "I'm Just Saying."

    Each week, we feature a "Cocktail of the Week" and the world-famous "Kiss It List" where we call out people or organizations who got on our last nerves and deserve to be told to just KISS IT!

    We have guests, and our callers and we do it all with our special brand of humor, so don't miss a single episode!

    This week, we're broadcasting for 2 hours with a LIVE STUDIO AUDIENCE! We'll be tackling the touch issues of the week and letting our audience sound off with their opinions too.

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    How to Gather Data to Discover Your Target Audience

    in Internet

    How to discover the target audience of your business, and why that is important. Be sure to tune in, and if you like the episode, like us on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/websnoogie.

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    Best Practices for Boosting Audience Engagement on Social Media

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    My guest will be Liza Horan. Liza is a digital strategy executive whose media career switched from print editorial to the online space in 1995, when she launched TENNIS.com for The New York Times Co. After leading the creative and business sides for 10 years, she founded Media Moxie to provide digital strategy and communications for a variety of clients in consumer and B2B sectors across several industries. Employers and clients include ESPN, software companies, retailers, and entertainment brands. Her specialty is aligning content strategy and digital product development with business goals. The ultimate win, she says, is building audience size, quality and engagement (quality interactions). Liza earned her master's degree in strategic communications from Columbia University and her bachelor's degree from Mount Saint Mary's University. She  can be reached at Liza@MediaMoxie.com.


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    Sherri Rabinowitz Talks With Jennifer Perry About Expanding Your Audience

    in Books

    Good evening everyone! I'm Jennifer Perry, your host, and this is Promote This! With Jennifer Perry.  We are proud to be a part of the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network.  If you're listening LIVE, please click the follow button. Promote This! With Jennifer Perry is a copyrighted, trademarked podcast solely owned by Authors On The Air Global Radio Network, LLC.

     You can find out about my show and all the radio talk shows in the network by visiting our web site at www.authorsontheair.com, or on FB at Authors on the Air.

    I’m an entertainment publicist and the owner of Lone Wolf Communications, LLC. The mission of this show is to show authors different ways to promote their books, and introduce authors who can share useful tips, and while they’re here we get to talk about their books, characters and what’s new.

    Blog talk radio shows, like the one you’re listening to now, are a fantastic way to connect with your readers and grow your audience. It’s even better if you use it to interview other authors. There is the good karma of helping someone else along with each of you sharing your audience with other as you promote the show. This is precisely how I met this week’s guest. She’s a very successful author, playwright, actress and speaker who also produces and hosts the popular, and long running, talk radio show “Chatting With Sherri.” I’m delighted to welcome my friend Sherri Rabinowitz.