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    Is what you're feeling really attracting more of it, to you?

    in Spirituality

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    It is often said that ‘like attracts like’, with concepts such as the law of attraction, and the idea that we create our own reality. But is this really the case? If so, how come there is so much suffering in the world? This week in addition to live coaching we explore the ‘law of attraction’ and the relationship between our thoughts and the reality we experience.

    Call the coaching line (818-495-6930) - between 9.00am and 10.00am MST - on ANY personal or business matter- this is an opportunity to receive masterful coaching in the moment leading to a shift in perspective that can quantum leap your life!


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    How to Increase Self-Esteem for Better Decisions in Health & Relationships

    in Relationships

    Today we’re going to connect the dots between self-esteem and how that plays out in the choices you make. Higher self-esteem leads to better decision making and more power in attracting the right partner for you. Low self-esteem leads to dysfunctional relationships that often end in heart-break.  We are going to give you some ideas for how to improve this area of your life in order to make decisions that support the happy, healthy person you truly want to be.

    Alison Kero will be joining me in the second half of the show to talk about how to use your organizing skills for better decision-making. Alison is a decluttering and organizational expert who has some really good tips to help you organize your life. You can reach Alison at akero314@gmail.com and visit her website and blog for more tips at ackorganizing.com.

    Be sure to send me your comments and any questions you have. Send to nancy@nancyatnoon.com and please visit my website at nancyatnoon.com for blog articles, tips and personal and private email consultation services. If you feel stuck in the areas of love, life or relationships, let's start a conversation to get you unstuck.

    Nancy Murdoch is an artist, author of 3 books and a licensed HeartMath coach.

    If you want help to get over a break-up or a broken heart, I provide step-by-step guidance via personal Email Conversations Services. Get the details here.  If you want to build up your self-esteem in order to make better decisions, I offer a free E-Book, 24 Strategies to Dramatically Increase Your Self-Esteem. You can find the download on the bottom of the front page on my website.

  • The BARBERSHOP: Eulogy for Black America

    in Relationships

    Slave owner theology. Black supremacy theology. Last days laziness theology. Political ignorance theology. Spiritually weak buster theology. Just love Jesus but don't study nothing theology. Modem day Pharisee theology. Sheesh. The church in general--and the black church in particular--is full of false wack doctrines that not only weaken the church but run off the men they should be attracting? What's the answer to these false teachings? The ICE Men will discuss solutions Sunday--in The Barbershop!

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    Why Vision Boards Don't Work!

    in Self Help

    Creating Vision Boards is a technique that works when used properly.  However, it can also sabotage your best efforts if it evokes feelings of resistance or fear that what you want can't happen.

    Your subconscious mind does work with images however if your conscious mind (the gatekeeper) contradicts what you have posted on your Vision Board you will manifest exactly what you are resisting.  You do experience whatever you focus on and depending on how you feel your life can become a life of wealth and happiness or a life of hardship.

    You change your reality by getting in alignment with being balanced in your emotions so you have to change your energy frequency (vibration) so that you truly can have it all!  Sometimes you just have to get off the subject.  Tune in as I share ways that you can make to allow your ability to  manifest a whole lot easier!

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    What Are U Attracting- Chaos or Calm- Annette McCoy with Agnes Vivarelli

    in Motivation

    Are U happy with your life?

    Do U like what U are manifesting?

    What are your dreams?

    Would U like them to come true?

    AGNES VIVARELLI,a Law of Attraction coach  
    has written two compilations of fascinating
    true stories of people's manifestations

    Agnes joins Annette McCoy
    to share how to manifest your true desires

    Find out more from AGNES now!!!!!
    Join us in the chatroom or ring in on 347 202 0232


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    Let's Coach with Mark and Carolyn - Say Yes to YOU!

    in Motivation

    Say Yes to YOU! 

    Are you ready to upgrade your lifestyle by saying ‘YES’ to yourself?   Regardless of where you are in life, there is an irresistible inner-self that is waiting to emerge to the surface. This magnetic self can be created in any moment, while constantly evolving to attract virtually anything that is missing in life. Our guest this week, Lorie Woodruff, is here to show you how. Lorie is an author, speaker, multitalented real estate extraordinaire, and host of Lorie TV. She has presented countless seminars on personal growth, real estate, credit repair and business opportunities, and has appeared on TV One with Roland Martin and several radio shows and magazine covers.      

    Her most recent book, "Unleash Your Irresistibility, Secrets to Making Every Man Want You" is the quintessential guide to understanding the nuances of personal, spiritual, and professional attraction. This book unveils the secrets to attracting virtually anything you’d like to possess and/or experience.  But don't let the title fool you, The Unleash Your Irresistibility approach is quite unique as it is more than a book about sex and relationships.  It’s about healing every false thought you’ve ever had about personal and business relationships.  It’s about waking up and being alive, being expressive, and most importantly, being you! 

    With the ability to say “Yes,” all doors are open to your dreams and future.  So if you are ready to say YES to YOU, tune in with host Mark and Carolyn and guest Lorie Woodruff and upgrade your lifestyle...  YES! 

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    Psychic Tapestry's "Love Show"

    in Spirituality

    This is Psychic Tapestry's show with Psychic and Author Toni DeMaio, Spiritual, Intuitive Transpersonal Practitioner Julia Hoffman and Music Intuitive Ken Kessler, focused on the topic of Love. This show is completely devoted to that topic - finding love, attracting love and learning to love ourselves - and all matters of the heart. We'll be here every Friday at this time, answering your calls and your questions from the chatroom, Facebook and Twitter!

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    Generational Wealth School: (215-383-3803)

    in Education

    Today on Black Towns Nations Radio we shall be discussing our school which teaches about Gernational Weatlh Science.

    Call into our LIVE STREAM @ 215-383-3803.

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    The Story of Mike Adams

    in Higher Education

    In this episode of Pot Talk Radio we share the Story of Mike Adams.

    Mike Adams is a literary slop zombie, a mutt breed of surrealism and violence, a man who likes his metal heavy and his rock southern. Adams isn’t some uppity velvet hipster publishing dead horse vomit on the perils of love, terminal cancer, or vampires. He’s not going try to impress you with an extensive vocabulary or a goddamn fedora… And no, Adams doesn’t write poetry and he damn sure doesn’t want to read yours! 

    In May of 2007 he boldly published a book of maniacal short stories entitled "Toilet Bowl Soup: Redneck Tales from the Armpit of America", selling more than 10,000 copies worldwide. With an America tour under his belt, Adams’ book has been well on its way to achieving cult-classic status, attracting both traditional literary minds as well as non-traditional readers with its absurd and immoral content. 

    Mike Adams also co-stars in the films “Watch Out”, Phone Sex”, “Wamego: Ultimatum”, and “Trust Me”. He has also contributed music to the movie “It Came from Trafalgar” staring Hank Williams III and Gunnar Hansen.

    After a good old fashion trip to rehab last year, Adams has resurfaced in 2011 with his second installment of the Toilet Bowl Soup series entitled The Holy Sh*t.

    Mike Adams currently resides in Southern Indiana where he claims to be more of a drinker than a writer. Yet, he does continue to document his deviant tales every chance he gets. Legend has it that if you drive by his house just after sundown, you might catch him during a flashback, sitting on his rooftop screaming at the top of his lungs, simply waiting for the time to come when he can finally rest in peace.

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    Attracting Abundance with the Angels

    in Spirituality

    Join me Monday at 1pm April 11th on Blog Talk Radio - Let's Ask the Angels. My short topic will be 'How to Attract Abundance with the Help of Your Angels'. My weekly reading will be from the Flower Therapy Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.

    Call in at 424-675-6837 for a reading!

    Follow me at www.Facebook.com/bcalvanocoaching

    www.bcalvanocoaching.com    Subscribe to my email to receive my free weekly angel messages. 

    See Services for information to book an angel card reading healing session with me.

    Ange light and love, Barbara


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    The Kerri Edelman Show presents Alternative Rock Band Holy White Hounds

    in Rock Music

    Holy White Hounds is an apt name for the quartet’s endearing but feral alt-rock. The moniker also conjures the band’s origins as small town underdogs who are rising to earn national prominence. When pressed on the significance of the handle, lead vocalist and guitarist Brenton Dean states: "We're dirty but we're not unclean. We're mangy, but you'd still let us sleep in your bed.” Now, the band announces its debut album, Sparkle Sparkle (Razor & Tie).  “We are a band that comes from the basement who has worked real hard to gradually make our way up the staircase,” says Brenton. In addition to Brenton, on vocals/guitar, Holy White Hounds is comprised of Ambrose Lupercal (bass), James Manson (guitar), and Seth Luloff (drums). Their debut album, Sparkle Sparkle, coolly conjures The Strokes, Beck, Nirvana, Queens of The Stone Age and The Pixies, which features the hit single “Switchblade.” Holy White Hounds are currently building a robust profile on alternative and active rock radio stations nationally. In 2014, the quartet self-released their debut EP Oh Mama which garnered critical acclaim, attracting the attention of local rock powerhouse station KAZR/Des Moines. The station’s support, and respected standing as a barometer of quality new music, kicked off nationally an unofficial radio campaign for Holy White Hound’s current single “Switchblade.” The track also has the distinction of receiving backing from digital tastemaking outlets. "Switchblade" has also been featured on the Rock homepage of iTunes as a New Artist Spotlight, and Apple Music Rock has added the band to their "Ones To Watch" playlist. They have shared the stage with artists such as Cage the Elephant, Sick Puppies, Cake, Wavves, Surfer Blood, and Rob Zombie. For more information, visit www.holywhitehounds.com