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    Sexual Assaults in the Navy....Can we stop it??

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    As we wrap up Sexual Assault Prevention month, I can't help but to notice, that each week, there are still incidents.  Are the trainings, roving watches, talks at quarters, etc putting a dent in Sexual assaults in the Navy?  Share your ideas on what we can do to get sexual assaults in the Navy down to ZERO!  

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    SB Barber Morning Show - Business of Health.Well.Fit. "MN Health Disparities"

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    Business of Thursday Health.Well.Fit. - SB Barber Morning Show. "What grade do we get as a community in Health.Well.Fit.?" Topic: Health Disparities can be defined as inequalities that exist when members of certain population groups do not benefit from the same health status as other groups.

    KARE11 reports assaults on caregivers - Attack by a patient on nurses at a Maplewood hospital highlights issue MN healthcare workers deal with - increasing risk of violence.

    Fitness Focus: Mental Health; Breathing exercize to strengthen your core; Teen fitness (body growing & speed burning calories @ faster pace - key eat nutritional meals, get plenty rest); Workout at your desk (sit on flexball/stability ball @ your desk, if possible, strengthen core - hamstring, quads, different ranges of motion); Ministers stay/get fit suggestions (do standing lunges or squats, get up & move around while on a call). 

    Get UP! with the SBBMS BoTHWF Crew - Kimberly Brown is Indie Gospel Recording Artist, American Heart Assoc Ambassador & Founder of "Get Up, Get Moving Now".

    Visit Website: 

    Send us your questions/comments before, during, after the broadcast. Join us on Twitter@GMNetwork, Facebook@GMNLiveTv, YouTube@GMNLiveTv or Instagram@GMNLiveTv -- SB Barber Morning Show with Apostle Shena SB Barber is produced by ShenaBarber.com and presented by GRACE Media Network.

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    Behind the Headlines: Historical Revisionism in the 20th and 21st centuries

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    Everyone has heard the term "those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it." If that maxim is true, and if it is to be useful to everyone, then it is essential that we have access to an accurate account of history and the reasons why historical events occurred. 

    Most people would agree that war should be avoided if possible, yet in the 239 years since the American declaration of independence, the USA has been at war for 229 of those years. Were all of those wars necessary? If that isn't a repeating historical pattern, we don't know what is.

    The First World War was called "the war to end all wars" and yet, just 20 years later, an even worse conflagration consumed the Eurasian continent, killing 65 million people.

    The phrase "never again" is most often heard in reference to the genocidal policies of the Nazis towards the Jews of Germany and Poland, yet today a record number of Jews are fleeing Europe for Israel in the face of mounting anti-semitism.

    Apart from 4 military assaults on sovereign nations, the deaths of at least 2 million people and the creation of an extremely instable security situation in many parts of the globe, the almost 15-year-long US-led war on terror has created a distinct anti-Muslim climate in many Western nations that bears many of the hallmarks of the first waves of anti-Jewish sentiment in Nazi Germany. 

    So if we have an accurate understanding of history, why does it appear to continue to repeat? Is there something wrong with our official historical narrative?

    Behind the Headlines airs live this Sunday, 08 March 2015, from 3-5pm EST / 12pm-2pm PST / 7-9pm UTC / 8-10pm CET.

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    Microaggression Same as Prejudice Behavior

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    Microaggressions are more than just insults and insensitive comments that show people's biases against marginalized groups leaving their victims feeling uncomfortable or insulted Remarks, questions, and actions  are painful because they have to do with a person's membership in a group that's discriminated against; they happen casually and often without any harm intended.  These racial assaults to black dignity  are incessant and cumulative.The major vehicle for racism in this country is offenses done to blacks by whites in this sort of gratuitous never ending way. These offenses are microaggressions. Almost all black: white racial interactions are characterized by white put-downs, done in automatic,  fashion. These mini disasters accumulate. Statements appear to be a compliment or a joke, but contain a hidden insult about a group of people.

    Since our thoughts often determine our actions, implicit bias can lead to discriminatory behaviors; it's no surprise race is a prime area for implicit bias, and if you live in America,There's a widespread preference for light skinned over dark skinned and white over black. The implicit associations we hold often don't align with our declared beliefs. Racial minorities can hold implicit biases against themselves, too. These results are rarely reflective of conscious attitudes. The most popular of these tests is the Implicit Association Test, or IAT. Anthony Greenwald and his colleagues invented it in the mid-1990s. mplicit racial bias can shape our beliefs and assumptions, color the way we treat other people, and even help decide what "feels true" for us when it comes to larger social and political issues.The sum total of multiple microaggressions by whites to blacks that has pervasive effect to the stability and peace of this world.

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    --Wagatwe Wanjuki Black HERStory Activism Feature

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    Wombanist Views is delighted to feature Wagatwe Wanjuki, a feminist and activist, and outspoken rape survivor who works tirelessly to raise awareness and facilitate discussions about sexual violence, as well as gender and social justice issues.


    She joins us on Wombanist Views to speak about these issues, as well as the lingering stigmatization and blaming of victims sexual assault, the epidemic of rape on college campuses, as well as universities unwillingness to properly investigate these assaults, and more.


    Wombanist Views, created, produced, and co-hosted by Cherise Charleswell, is dedicated to broadcasting the voices of women who are doing positive and exciting things in their communities around-the-globe.

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    Covering Childabuse

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    Sexual Assaults in Canada statistics and frontline Responses.

    Inner Child.

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    Episode 342 2014 Security Officer Deaths

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    In this episode, we review the 2014 private security officer death report, injuries and workplace violence

    While deaths have decreased about 15-18% over the past three years, injuries, especially involving gunshots and stabbings, armed confrontations and assaults continue to dramatically increase.

    We'll also be talking about the most dangerous types of assignments, the top 10 states where most injuries and deaths occurred and review some of the reasons why these things keep happening.

    We'll also look at some upcoming shows, a new resource on POI member services and beneifts and the expansion of Armour College.

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    Crisis Intervention - Strategies for Sexual Assaults

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    The National Violence Against Women Survey conducted in 1997 found that 1 in 6 women and 1 in 33 men in the United States had experienced an attempted or complete rape as a child and/or as
    an adult. These fisgures were arrived at with a definition of rape that includes forced vaginal, oral, and anal sex. Other studies range from 10 to 15 percent of men and 15 to 33 percent of women in this country. In 2002, 3 out of 5 sexual assault victims stated the offender was an intimate partner, a relative,  a friend, or an acquaintance.

    This broadcast deals mainly with adult males as perps and women or children as their victims. Adult males get raped too women are capable of some of the worst sexual and physical abuse imaginable on their own children. The majority of assaults are perpetrated on children and females under 25 years of age and from every segment of society. About 103,000 children are reported as having been sexually abused in our country out of 903,000 child maltreatment cases. The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services estimates the true figure to be closer to between 250,000 and 350,000. Roughly 1 in 12 children surveyed indicated they had been sexually victimized in
    one study year alone! Statistics in nations of Asia, Africa, and Latin America are equally grim or worse with children being sold as child prostitutes or indentured servants.

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    "State Of The Community: Tipping The Scale"

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    There's no doubt that the 400-year-old---(and counting), atrocities committed against African-Americans remains the foundation and living catalysts of the Black diaspora. Past generations and their descendants disagree about what is to blame for the state of Black America, and the disputes vary by angle of viewpoint, experience and where both personal and collective responsibility apply to the problem. Undoubtedly, existing in a "free world" as a Black person seems to be a myth that exists only on paper, if the escalatig and out-of-control political, judicial and social news incidents are any indication. But, through the thick wall of blockades, sabotage, hatred, and assaults...are there aspects to our current state that can be attributed to personal accountability? Join in tonight at 11 pm EST by calling 347-327-9967.

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    Colonel John Eidsmoe and Pastor Alan Stewart On More Assaults On The Foundation

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    Hear perspectives from Foundation for Moral Law's Colonel John Eidsmoe on the latest assaults to the rights of freedom loving American.  Joining him is Pastor Alan Stewart who was asked by Sale Creek Middle and High School, a local school, to speak at their 9/11 Tribute last year. He diligently prepared a speech and delivered it on September 11. You can read it by clicking Address for Sale Creek Middle and High School. A couple of weeks later, one of the Department of Education’s attorneys received a letter from the National Freedom From Religion Foundation.  Hear their discussion on this and other things affecting the soul of Americans today (including a bit on the education system's Common Core).

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    Child sex exploitation can be prevented

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    Topics to be discussed   Missing and exploited children, sex assaults against a child, child sex trafficking, child , child prostitution, aggravated physical abuse, questionable parenting

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