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    Women Veterans Speak

    in Military

    Ruth Moore Act HR 671: The bill would allow a statement by a survivor of military sexual trauma to be considered sufficient proof that an assault occurred. The House approved the bill by voice vote Monday night. Cathy Santos contacted the office of Congresswoman Pingree and shared the following comments as being the only victim of sexual assaults to fight the government and win while service with a 15-6 Pentagon Investigation.

    I was concerned about the language here that appears to give sexual assault victims way too much power over their authority. These subordinates while serving, in my interpretation will be able to provide a statement - now, in my experience of 22 years, I know that their are a great deal of women who have been denied the opportunity to tell their stories and to get the remedy they deservied; however, I also believe that the national security is being compromised by the command's ability to lead without these restrictions placed on them by advocates in the civilians world.


    How is it possible to lead a command in combat with thiese type who have no real training for war because of the restricitions placed on their leaders.

    Sexual assault victims and sexual harassment is a complicated matter and victims die, are murdered in combat. There are no protections for these victims when in combat or other remote environments and the power to use "rape" over their superiors is not to be taken lightly.


    Civilians can not protect victims of rape on active duty, it will get worst for them, and no civilian can protect those who are given the power to provide a "statement" that becomes the only evidence required when false accusations are made, and reputations and careers are ruined - this is a poorly worded legislation and the military is not moving forward as a result. I will be following up.

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    in Politics Conservative

    Debbie is talking with the co-author of “Waking The Sleeping Giant”, Timothy C. Daughtry, about waking up mainstream Americans, and his seven principles, for taking back America.

    Mr. Daughtry, and his co-author, Gary R. Casselman offer strategies and tactics for breaking the momentum of the left’s advance, turning liberal assaults against them, and seizing control of the nation’s political discourse.

    How has the liberal minority forced their agenda through our government, our schools and universities, and the news media?  How are Liberals different from those in the mainstream? How does the political mainstream need to change our tactics if we are to regain and protect our freedom?

    How does using humor actually disarm? What is “the power of threes?” So many questions … and Timothy C. Daughtry has the answers!

      Panelists ... Lynn Thornily Bensy and Linda J Alexander will be sitting alongside Debbie, and sharing their thoughts and comments, as well.

    Call in with your questions and comments at 323-792-3071

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    Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 1118

    in Self Help

    Tonight's special guest is Tree Turtle from Baltimore, Maryland, a survivor of multiple forms of child abuse (in and out of foster care) who's now an activist. Tree says, "I survived physical and sexual assaults as well as child ography and am a longtime facilitator and mediator for child and youth welfare. As a Buddhist educator, my aim is to guide others to use loving-kindness and peace-building to conquer societal ills." Beginning in the mid 80s, Tree has offered educational workshops as an anti-violence facilitator, anti-bias mediator, and sexuality educator for such organizations as Public Allies, the Urban League, SMYAL, OUTPost, and scores of schools, shelters, and foster facilities in the Mid-Atlantic region and the Midwest for over twenty-five years. From the 1980s until today, Tree transitioned from being a survivor to becoming a preventer: an American citizen who works to bring awareness to the enormous harm that violence, inequities, and ignorance breeds amongst humans and other species. Tree believes that speaking out against violence as a survivor and a preventer is not enough: we must also give others tools, practices, concepts, policies and procedures to supplant hateful, violent, inequitable acts with peer-to-peer and institutional love. She writes, "Peer-to-peer love models care in our everyday relationships. Institutional love models care in our governmental, educational, and professional communities. Thus, preventing abuse flourishes when we learn how to treat others well regardless of differences; when we learn how to transform conflicts into caring, mutually beneficial opportunities; and when we learn how to change institutional policies, procedures, and practices to ensure equity while caring for and protecting others from harm.

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    How Con Artists Trick Your Mind

    in Politics

    Sociopaths, they are everywhere  (and not necessarily in jail).  Tey are your teachers, CEO's, government officials, your neighbor next door-or even in your family.  “They appear to function reasonably well—as lawyers, doctors, psychiatrists, academics, mercenaries, police officers, cult leaders, military personnel, businesspeople, writers, artists, entertainers and so forth—without breaking the law, or at least without being caught and convicted. These individuals are every bit as egocentric, callous and manipulative as the average criminal psychopath; however, their intelligence, family background, social skills and circumstances permit them to construct a façade of normalcy and to get what they want with relative impunity.”DR. Robert Hare.  According to DSM-IV, a person can be diagnosed as antisocial if since age 15 he or she has shown a pervasive pattern of disregard for, and violation of, the rights of others. The person must have indicated at least three of the following:

    Failure to conform to lawful social norms
    Impulsivity or failure to plan ahead
    Irritability and aggressiveness, as indicted by repeated physical fights or assaults
    Reckless disregard for safety of self or others
    Consistent irresponsibility, as indicated by repeated failure to sustain consistent work behavior or honor financial obligations
    Lack of remorse, as indicated by being indifferent about having hurt, mistreated or stolen from another
    Donna Anderson, author  of Love Fraud and Red Flags of Love Fraud 
    Will be joining us tonite telling us what to look out for.
    Hosts Doreen Finkle  and Rueben Torres

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    Operation Self-Defense with~ Deva Hoffman

    in Women

    Self-defense can be a crucial part of strategies to prevent rape. Yet most self-defense courses taught on college campuses don't prepare students for the violence they are most likely to face -- sexual assaults perpetrated by people they know. Please tune in and support our guest, Deva Hoffman. Ms. Hoffman has more than 15 years of self-defense training, Deva Hoffman has a passion for helping women learn how to defend themselves. Deva learned firsthand the importance of self-defense after almost becoming the victim of a random violent crime in 1988 when a man attempted to pull her into his car in a grocery store parking lot. Since then, Deva has been on a mission to help women avoid becoming victims of crime and abuse.  

    National Statistics about Sexual Assault provided by the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center

    1 out of every 6 American adult women has been the victim of an attempted or completed rape in her lifetime (14.8% completed rape; 2.8% attempted rape).1
    About 3% of American adult men — or 1 in 33 — have experienced an attempted or completed rape in their lifetime.1
    15% of sexual assault and rape victims are under age 12.2
    73% of sexual assaults were perpetrated by a non-stranger. 2
    1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys are sexually abused before their 18th birthday.
    93% of juvenile sexual assault victims know their attacker.3

    34.2% of attackers were family members.
    58.7% were acquaintances.
    Only 7% of the perpetrators were strangers to the victim.
    Nearly 50% of all victims of forcible sodomy, sexual assault with an object, and forcible fondling are children under 12. 


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    TRUTH SERUM with Lone Wolf

    in Current Events

    Tonight’s Topics The tragedy of Kailef Browder. The destruction of another young brother. Swimming while black. PIG assaults young sister at a pool “America’s FUCKED UP PRIORITIES.” Which is newsworthy, Bruce Jenner cutting his nuts and dick off, or Akon providing electricity to 600 million Africans? “Shame on you parents.” Social shame or 15 minutes of fame? Parents shaming their kids on social media. UNCLE Charles gives $1 million to Morehouse. GIVE IT BACK! All money aint good money. party in Texas.

    When people show you who and WHAT they are, BELIEVE THEM.

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    The Legalization of Marijuana: Lunch with Louden 6/11/15

    in Politics

    Special guest Steve Sarich, Executive Director, Cannabis Action Coalition will join us today.

    July 1, 2015 first day to legally use marijuana legally without a prescription in my home state of Oregon. The people used the ballot box to change the law. In a 69% voter turnout, legalization won 56.11% to 43.89%. In votes, that is 847,865 to 663,346.

    On the other hand, national figures like Chris Christie are all but declaring war on citizen sourced law that allows the use of marijuana. Governor Christie is not alone.

    Those with national and international concerns are quietly trying to deal with international treaty violations that would be easily solved if marijuana was no longer a Schedule I prohibited substance under federal law (although US Attorney General Eric Holder said the Justice Department will allow Washington and Colorado to proceed unhindered).

    But the public rehtoric is about crime waves and declining moral values, claims that appear steadfast even in the face of the positive outcomes for legalization leaders Colorado and Washington (you on the east coast call it Washington State - we in the northwest call the nation’s capitol DC): tax income, reduced crime, even homicides and sexual assaults.

    So while we in Oregon see the clock is ticking down to THE BIG DAY, it appears that members of the anti legalization team are plotting to make this as difficult a transition of law as possible.

    We will ask Steve Sarich to give us the 411 on 420 on today's Lunch with Louden.

    Follow Lunch with Louden and Join the Coffee Party Movement on Facebook.


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    How to keep from becoming a Vacation-Statistic

    in Education

    There are all sorts of crime statistics out there. One will tell you how many robberies occur every second, how many assaults will occur every second....and on and on. Today's program will give you Tips on how you can Vacation Safely. In other words, "how to keep from becoming a vacation crime statistic," -- join us on this episode for more "crazy crook" stories, more cyber crime lessons, "news you can use" and much more along with our theme of Vacation Safety. 

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    Strategies on How to Maximize your Goals

    in Entrepreneur

    Sheronda Barksdale will be our guest on Monday and will share powerful tools for entrepreneurs. Sheronda L. Barksdale is an author, entrepreneur, life empowerment coach, and speaker. She specializes in spiritual and personal growth, stress management, time management, relationship coaching and motivation for teens and adult women. Sheronda graduated from Atlanta Metropolitan College with High Honors in 2009 with associate degrees in Sociology and Business Administration. She then graduated in 2011 from Atlanta Christian College (now known as Point University) with High Honors with a Bachelor’s degree in Counseling and Human Services. After being strengthened through many traumatic life experiences, from sexual assaults, to her 1-year-old suffering a traumatic brain injury, Sheronda uses her strengths to encourage others to be empowered by their pain. Mrs. Barksdale’s most recent contribution to her work as an author is her book, Fearless Prayer. Fearless Prayer helps the reader identify fearful places within them, shows them how to distinguish the moments when they approach God filled with doubt, and goes on to teach the reader how to pray fearlessly. Sheronda is currently working as a life empowerment coach to encourage women and teens ages 14-18 to define their goals in life, eliminate any negative mindsets that may hinder their desire to grow, and learn the necessary skills to lead a focused and passion-driven life.


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    in Lifestyle

    With all of the recent national uprisings, that stemmed from what  has been proven in most of the cases, to be blatant miscarriages of justice, steps have been taken to rectify said injustices. But, as it too often occurs, for every step foward that takes place, a step backwards will also. Unfortunately, this reality has hit home for myself, and the residents of Decatur, Al. Over this past weekend, a group of 3 youths and 1 adult went on a crime spree that led to robbery, assaults, and murder, hence the reason for this special Monday night broadcast. I'm imploring everyone to take part in this broadcast, as we discuss ways to RECLAIM OUR YOUTH.