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    What Your Dreams Mean Part 2

    in Spirituality

    In this edition of "Beauty for Ashes" Prophet Kyle disucsses wheat your dreams mean and gives the interpretation of dreams that people commonly have. 

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    Cricket Talk Featuring Carlisle Powell former L.I. Cricket President

    in Sports

    Cricket Talk weekly: Listen to the views of Carlisle Powell former Leeward Isald Cricket President. Also featured the regular panelist: Ivor Henry, Cardinall Mills, Audley Watson and Virgil Francis. The show was hosted by Leon Francis

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    Connecting with your Angels and Pathways

    in Spirituality

    Rebecca is a seer and sees beyond the realm of the ordinary. She is here to lift other to help them get in touch with their Spiritual side. Opening the door, to a world of possibalities. Unleashing the powerful Being they are suppose to be. Letting them share the Heavenly light of Spiritual growth, by opening the pathways of the body, mind and spirit.

    Author of three books; "And The Angels Spoke," "From Ashes To Angel Light," and "And The Angels Speak ", She is also an  Angelic Channeler, and Master Reiki. Rebecca J. Steiger, will lead you forward on your Life Path, through the Angels. She will be Channeling Live during her show!

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    US Open Cricket Action

    in Sports

    Cricket Action . Live Cricket Commentaries

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    Benjamin Scott Allen discusses tips for self-care in the holidays

    in Self Help

    Feeling the loss of the ones you will always love is daily, but special days – such as birthdays, anniversaries and holidays – can magnify all the emotions, the memories, the missing… and the love. Benjamin Scott Allen discusses 5 tips for self-care in the holidays. Get the ebook 5 Tips for Self-Care in the Holidays.

    This show is about healing loss. Whether it is the loss of a loved one, a relationship, a job, or a dream, we find ourselves lost in another world. What was before no longer is. This is the world of the Afterloss.

    It is our goal to share this world together and to help each other navigate this new experience. We are here to explore what was lost and what is left, and find a new way to relate to both. Loss is a part of life, and we all deal it differently.

    Benjamin is the author of Out of the Ashes, Healing in the AfterLoss. This book is about profound loss and forging a new path after his loved ones died. 

    When we give ourselves permission to lean into loss, this unique process of healing finds its own time and rhythm. There are parts of the Afterloss that only you know and only you can travel, but everyone who has experienced loss in one form or another knows the path has many footprints that can lead us into healing. We are not alone.

    Your hosts Benjamin Allen and Deborah Brown will share their journeys through grief into healing and create a container for others to explore, define and lean into loss of all kinds.  We meet here and now on the path to the rest of our lives, at the intersection of Loss and Hope ... may we all be blessed by sharing what we have lived and learned.

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    King Ellie Matt live on The Cricket Show

    in Music

    After a week break King Ellie Matt is back. Listen to the latest news from St Kitts/Nevis. It is carnival time In the twin Island Nation. 

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    Beauty For Ashes Bible Study : Rejection & Betrayl

    in Religion

    On tonight broadcast our host Pastor Bonnie Howell had a double hitter prepared for us as we examined the life of Josph what what he went through that helps us gather strength for ourselves.

    The nuggets in this teaching come from Bishop Lyndon B. Hutcherson's Book "Beauty For Ashes" Lessons 9-10 from this we the TLO Ministry staff drew up a awesome and power packed class that is sure to bless your life as you listen in.

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    Cricket Talk Weekly

    in Sports

    Cricket Talk weekly

  • 01:28

    What do my dreams mean?

    in Spirituality

    In this episode of "Beauty for Ashes" Prophet Kyle will discuss the biblical meaning of dreams and how you can interpret what God is trying to say to you in your sleep.


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    in Radio

    We are Americans who worked all of our lives to now this condition which is worsening as we see the destruction of  our society via the lack businesses which create employment, healtcare systems that are collapsing to the very rich, elders within the US are forced to live in a status less than human in many cases and tossed into kill zones established again to make money and nothing more after years of work which cause the very people to become Made Men and this sociality. And more and more criminal acts because the people themselves can see little as a result in being sociality slaves to drive up income into the pockets of the few.

    On the Detectors we cover it all and this program is not created for the weak minded, and those who are not willing to walk amongest the free thinkers, and others who have the dream that America is the place, where everyone can come to escape from other places that offer them no rights at all. America has been invaded, and unless we within the ral media allow you to see all of the sides of a story... Not just to story that creates us income, then we are no better than the very media to push into power the very evil men in the world as within 2014  we are witnesses the return from the ashes the very people who destoryed are world many times in the beginning......

    As history repeats itself if we allow it, and its all about people connecting together in a better fortune, come learn of the history that had generated this future and now we together can create change.

    Hosted by D'Anne Burley and Bob Jones callers 1-718-508-9513 join and like my fan page and become a part of the millions who want to learn and create a world that is for all of us .

    Respectfully yours

    D'Anne Burley

    email danne.burley@gmail.com

    call me 1-630-863-9971




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    The World Cricket Show (Phil Hughes 2013 Somerset V Australia Live Commentary)

    in Sports

    Presented by Ben Manning this is A half hour clip of Commentary on somerset county cricket club Radio.  The historic fixture between Somerset and Australia was a crucial warm up game for the ashes and featured a fine performance by the late Phillip Hughes and shane watson.  This official coverage was available on fm radio in and around Taunton and worldwide via the somerset county cricket club website.

    Commentators are Ben Manning and Richard Oliver.

    Manning was professionally coached as a child until a back accident meant he could not persue the game, however - he has commentated (as a collector and devotee of the game) with the BBC and for Somerset county cricket club's radio commentary - some of which can be found on youtube.  The Murali Kartik incident in 2012 achieved 13,000 listens on youtube.  His proudest moment was to be coached by Norman Cowans and the late Wilf Slack (England cricketers of the early eighties ) as a child, but as an adult his proudest moment was when he attended the memorial service of the late Christopher Martin Jenkins - "CMJ" - at St Pauls Cathedral in 2013.

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