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    Dr. Bernie Siegel returns to the Art of Joyful Living and this time, it’s to discuss his brilliant new book: The Art of Healing: Uncovering Your Inner Wisdom and Potential for Self-Healing.
    Dr. Siegel retired from general and pediatric surgical practice in 1989 and has since dedicated himself to humanizing the medical establishment’s approach to patients and empowering patients to induce their own healing.
    In this interview, Dr. Siegel will reveal:
    The connection between dreams and healing How to tap the body’s potential to heal The one piece of advice he would share with those who are facing end-of-life transitions For many, Dr. Bernard Siegel—or Bernie, as he prefers to be called—needs no introduction. He has touched many lives all over the Planet and Cindy and Linda are delighted to welcome him back to the show!

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    The Art of Healing with Jacqueline Ripstein

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    Ripstein, who lives in Florida, is recognized worldwide for her art, and the unique, patented and unprecedented, Invisible Art techniques that she created. She is also recognized globally for her work with the United Nations as a peace envoy. Born in Mexico, self-taught but already on her way as an acclaimed artist at the age of 12, she has long earned the praise of international art collectors and critics. However, much like her artwork, the origins of The Art of HealingArt is itself steeped in mystery. For three years, from 2005 to 2008, Ripstein was unable to speak. Doctors could only surmise that she had suffered a stroke or brain injury, but they ultimately diagnosed a brain tumor. Suffering from a complete lack of vital energy, she couldn't live a normal life. Unable to communicate, Jacqueline drew inward and began to receive the "lessons" offered in the book. Eventually one doctor finally did discover the cause of her disability--the complete collapse of her immune system. It took one more year of intense treatments to restore her health. But tests showed that Jacqueline's pineal gland behind her forehead had grown to large unusual dimensions--the part of the body associated with The Third Eye...the chakra that connects us to the non-visible world.


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    Project Empowerment - The Art of Healing

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    Project Empowerment is thrilled to have on Dr. Bernie Siegel, author of "The Art of Healing, Uncovering Your Inner Wisdom and Potential for Self-Healing".
    Dr. Siegel is retired from general and pediatric surgical practice in 1989 and has since dedicated himself to humanzing the medical establishment and empowering patients to induce their own healing.  His bestselling books include "Peace, Love & Healing" and "365 Prescriptions for the Soul". 
    To learn more, please visit his website at www.berniesiegelmd.com.

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    The Art of Healing Art:Jacqueline Ripstein

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    Imagine a book that opens a window on a hidden world that is the key to what is beyond what we see and know. An Invisible World revealed in front of your own eyes. Now imagine a book with astonishing images in three different wavelengths and light frequencies that illuminate your soul and create instantaneous uplifting healing effects. Lastly, imagine a book that you can open to any page, and see the exact right message for you at that moment to provide guidance and wisdom.
    All of that can be found in award-winning artist and art healing pioneer Jacqueline Ripstein’s remarkable one-of-a-kind book, The Art of Healing Art: The Keys to Power and Awareness.
    If you are seeking a transformation in your life and wish to unveil your light, then this interview with author Jacqueline Ripstein is a must. She will guide us to revelations that are life-transforming as she discloses how her book encompasses our life's journey.  It is a call to raise our consciousness and vibrations and to guide us to reunite with Spirit.

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    Dr. Bernie Siegel Talks About The Art of Healing

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    Did you know that you have intuition and inner wisdom the can help you diagnose and even heal your mental, physical and emotional problems? On today’s episode of Changing Direction, Michele welcomes best-selling author Dr. Bernie Siegel to discuss how you can access your intiution and use it to heal, plus his new book, The Art of Healing: Uncovering Your Inner Wisdom and Potential for Self-Healing. 

    Michele’s shows combine scientific research, cutting-edge guests and personal stories that highlight the challenges and successes of deliberately deciding to change the direction of your life. If you could use some inspiration, motivation, how-to strategy or just company along your own private journey, tune in for each episode's insights and suggestions guaranteed to help you move forward. For more ideas about how to create change you choose, visit ChangeYouChoose.com

  • Aggie Villanueva

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    Media specialist, photographer and author, Aggie Villanueva, will discuss her recent publication, "The Rewritten Word: How to Sculpt Literary Art no Matter the Genre”. She is also the founder of Promotions A La Carte.

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    The Art of Healing with Dr. Bernie Siegel

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    Dr. Bernie S. Siegel, MD, retired from general and pediatric surgical practice in 1989 and has since dedicated himself to humanizing the medical establishment’s approach to patients and empowering patients to induce their own healing. A sought-after speaker on patient and care-giver issues, he lives in Woodbridge, Connecticut. www.BernieSiegelmd.com.
     Bernie's talking points include:
    **Why Bernie advises patients to record their dreams
    **What spontaneously drawn pictures truly reveal in life-threating situations
    **Why Bernie refers to himself as a "Jungian Surgeon"
    **What the Paradox Technique is and how it is helpful in the healing process
    **The most important things for caregivers to remember
    **What he means when he says words can kill or cure

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    The Art Of Healing

    in Spirituality

    In this long-awaited follow-up to Love, Medicine & Miracles, renowned medical doctor and spiritual teacher Bernie Siegel demonstrates how science and spirituality interact — and how one can tap the body’s potential to heal. After studying the use of crayon drawings by patients facing life-threatening disease, Bernie founded Exceptional Cancer Patients to facilitate self-induced healings, which were often called miraculous. Bernie realized our bodies actually want to heal, and we can aid this innate propensity through what are currently seen as unconventional practices, including drawing, visualization, dreams, love, and laughter.
    Dr. Bernie S. Siegel, MD, retired from general and pediatric surgical practice in 1989 and has since dedicated himself to humanizing the medical establishment’s approach to patients and empowering patients to induce their own healing. A sought-after speaker on patient and care-giver issues, he lives in Woodbridge, Connecticut. Learn more about him at http://www.berniesiegelmd.com.

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    Art and Healing - the Correlation!

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    What is the correlation between Art and Healing within the body?  Is there one?  

    Find out in this discussion with Asheville Natural Wellness members: Mark Hoch, Suzannah Tebbe Davis, and Mark Neville.  


    Regularly scheduled Asheville Natural Wellness Show times are Wednesday at 10 PM Eastern Standard Time.

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    This article contains general information about medical conditions and complementary treatment, and is not to be considered expert advice. Always consult your physician or other qualified healthcare provider before beginning any new treatment, diet, or fitness regimen.

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    The Art of Healing Art - with Author & Artist Jacqueline Ripstein

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    Born in Mexico and self-taught, Jacqueline won a national diploma at age 12 in a Prismacolor competition, setting off what would become a singular career as a pioneer in healing art. A unique creative who has dared cross the boundaries of the traditional art schools to create new techniques in the world of art, Jacqueline’s mystical journey and insatiable search for the Divine Light guided her to patent The Invisible Art & Light Technique© in 1986, a gift to humanity, a unique revelation, an encounter with the spiritual world through her art. www.theartofhealingart.com


    The Awakenings Radio Show is Your place for insight, tools and the 411 to track & navigate the Path of Awakening, Soul Alignment,  Healing, Self Development, Spirituality, the Planetary Shift and Ascension.

    Awakenings broadcasts live every Wed. 12pm -1:30 pm PT   Call in for Psychic Channeled Guidance, with your questions and to share.  #347-539-5122      Michele gives a talk every week and answers listener's questions; as well as does readings  for callers from 12 pm – 12:45 pm 

    Through Awakenings you can get the support and tools to make the changes to live more fulfilled, authentic, Soul connected and prosperous Email awakenings@selfinlight.com to get your questions answered on air; or for guest and topic suggestions.  

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    Jacqueline Ripstein - The Art of Healing Art (Magnificent Soul Pieces)

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    Internationally renowned artist Jacqueline Ripstein has inspired hundreds of thousands of people all over the world through her highly vibrational art, books, self-awareness seminars and workshops.

    She is the WOW factor! 

    Her newest endeavor "The Art of Healing Art: The Keys to Power and Awareness," is a unique transformational book that is an astonishing work of multiple levels-a tool for healing, a doorway for enlightment and awakening, a revelation of the hidden world and messages around us, and oracle, a teaching tool of profound spiritual messages and a beautiful world of art. The messages from 15 of Jacqueline’s paintings are thoughtful and thought-provoking, offering clues to personal metamorphosis.

    Says Jacqueline: "May my art serve to guide you in an inspirational journey to where its images and hidden messages become a way to reveal your Inner Light Being. Let each painting be the Mirror of your Soul!

    For more information go to: www.theartofhealingart.com


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