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    Moment In The Word :Antinomian in The Body of Christ

    in Christianity

    Take a moment to stop by "The Well"  to refresh your spirit man.   Just relax and open your spiritual ears to the voice of God.  Take hold and eat the bread of life as  you drink from the rivers of water to quench your spiritual thirst.  At “The Well” you have the opportunity to not only listen to the "word", but to join in the conversation so that you may work out your own soul salvation with the leading of the Holy Spirit and covered in the blood shed for you and I by Jesus Christ.

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    Jesus and the Law

    in Politics Conservative

    Many compromising Evangelicals attempt to advance their antinomian agenda by appealing to Jesus as if all of Scripture are not inspired, infallible, certain and sufficient.  However, their appeal is not to the Jesus of the Scriptures but to the modern Hollywood "Jesus."

    What did Jesus teach concerning the law of God?  In this episode of Standing Firm, we will discuss what Jesus actually taught in Matthew 5 on this topic.

    The issues we are facing today is revealing light and darkness.  No issue is bringing this to the surface more than the marriage debate.  What one believes about marriage reveals their true view of Scripture.  Do not be deceived by the antinomian apostates.  Jesus did not come to give man a license for perversion.  He came to establish righteousness and confirm this world back to God, not God to this world.

    Covenant Commission is an educational and evangelistic ministry of Reformed Church of the Holy Trinity.  To find out more about Covenant Commission go to www.covenantcommission.org

    For more information about Reformed Church of the Holy Trinity, go to www.reformedholytrinity.org

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    Antinomian Perfectionism

    in Religion

    Join Kerrigan Skelly, John McGlone and Jesse Morrell as they discuss many things that effect the Christian life: from Theology to Evangelism to News to Politics. This week they discuss, Christian persecution, Michael Jackson, the Ark of the Covenant, new YouTube videos, the physical ashen remains of Sodom and Gomorrah, some "Whose line is it anyway?", the Theological Question of the Week (Who was the first person to teach unconditional eternal security?) and Antinomian Perfectionism.

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    My Favorite Christian

    in Spirituality

    While slaving away at work in front of a hot keyboard this week, Dennis got all nostalgic and decided to revisit the sermons of a quite remarkable Christian speaker by the name of Steve Brown.
    It's not often that you find a devoted Christian with a personality - and message - like Steve Brown.  It's even less often that they are living contemporaries.
    A self-described "old white guy" that is "sick of religion," Steve Brown speaks actual TRUTH, and is a breath of fresh air in a profession that is all to often choked with sterile religiosity.  Sometimes called an "antinomian" by his detractors, this man has surely encouraged more hurt Christians than ANY of the religious windbags we've seen far too much of.
    He frequently begins his messages with the prayer, "forgive this speaker his sins, for they are many.  We would see Jesus and Him only."  For that reason and in that spirit,  we offer this (free and unsolicted) half-hour commercial in the hopes that it doesn't go to his head.
    TUNE IN!

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    Satanism Series: Interview with Pomahazael Draconis

    in Culture

    Founder of the Temple of Adversarial Forge, Draconis Pomahazael began his studies in the Occult at an early age.  His explorations brought him to initiate in a diverse set of philosophical and magical paradigms such as Traditional Wicca, Neo-Druidry, Draconian Low Sorcery, Luciferian Witchcraft, Wizardry, Sorcery and the Martial Arts.  He fuses his accumullated knowledge with Antinomian, Sethian and Left-hand Path higher knowledge to create a unique and individualised personal path.
    He is Adept in the Physical and Metaphysical arts, has organized movements such as the Pan Handle Pagan Alliance, and passes knowledge on to others. He is a integral member of Order of Phosphorus, Dragon Rogue and continues to ascend his path towards personal excellence.
    Pomahazael Draconis holds degrees in the Magical and Martial arts that integrate his Warrior Spirt to create a journey experienced by the few but explored by many.
    He doesn't allow labels to pin him down, they are merely used in his learning process.  He is sure to be an interesting guest.  
    Tune in Friday Night 7pm Eastern on Poison Apple Radio with Syndication on SEPIA RVP Network.  
    Callers welcome!

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    The True Experience Of Gods Grace

    in Religion

    Please join us Tuesday April 10th for our investigation about the grace of God.
    Were going to prayerfully divide the Word of God rightly on the subect of grace , according to the scripture.
    The Holman Dictionary says this.
    Paul sharply rejected any antinomian perversion of the gospel which failed to recognize that the true experience of God's grace changes one's life in the direction of righteousness (Romans 6:1,Romans 6:14-15). Grace never gives freedom to sin. His own experience had shown him a new power of the divine grace active in his ministry in spite of his human weakness. Please join us  as we discuss His marvelous grace

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    Why Obama Refuses to Defend Marriage: Marxist Theology v. Natural Law

    in Current Events

    Today's show is on Obama & Defense of Marriage Act and his refusal to defend marriage.

    Obama just announced he will not defend DOMA, the Defense of Marriage Act, designed to block gay marriage legalization. Barack stated the reason—because it is “unconstitutional.” But is it any coincidence Marxist doctrine teaches marriage is a subset of the state; whereas our Founder’s Natural Law only countenances heterosexual unions?

    By stating he will not honor legally passed statutes, Obama openly rejects the rule of law. He has pushed the presidency from a defender of our laws into being its destroyer. The reason is that, despite any disagreement Barack has with particular pieces of legislation, he swore an oath to defend the whole Constitution. If he were to challenge this law in a law-abiding manner, this would at least respect our institutions. But to simply declare a particular law “illegal,” is certain to sow future chaos and an antinomian spirit into our Republic.

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    Refining Fire Radio

    in Religion

    This show we covered: the Calvinist's redefinition of the word, 'dead', a wicked antinomian YT video, the 2010 census, jailed for Jesus(Bros. Holes and Morrell), Faithful Soldier SOE open air tips, Key differences between Evangelicals and Anabaptists.

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