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    Beyond the Veil – Reloaded - #OpSLFOC

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    Anonymous North Texas is now operating on it's own platform!


    Join us Wednesday 2/4/2015 at 7pm Central as we discuss the exciting new direction we are taking the radio shows. Of course you can still catch Switch Blade and Orlando Phoenix on 'Beyond the Veil' Wednesday nights, but we will also be introducing other Anons who will be taking on shows of their own on the Anonymous North Texas Radio Network.


    We will also be discussing #OpSLFOC and the upcoming event planned in response to the fatal shooting of Kristiana Coignard in Longview Texas. It is time to get serious about the issues with police use of force; as well as the cause behind it.

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    If You Leave Can I Come With You. A Story about Addiction by Misti B.

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    Have you ever awakened in the middle of the night to re-hash a conversation that happened yesterday, or even years ago? Ever stalked someone online, at work, or found yourself holed up in the trunk of a lover’s car so you could be “close” to them?

    If you find yourself frazzled, anxiety-ridden and perplexed by people, places or things, you might be codependent. Today’s podcast will teach you how to lighten up a bit, if you are!

    Misti B. writes humorous books about life on the road to recovery. Writing If You Leave Me, Can I Come With You? 365 Daily Humorous Meditations for Al-Anons & Codependents” kept Misti's mind busy and allowed her to shine some light into normally very dark spaces while on her own journey to recovery from codependence. Misti's pre-recovery writing included a successful career in the entertainment industry, writing for stage, live theater and film. These experiences, combined with her highly dysfunctional upbringing, provide the fodder for her gritty, but inspiring recovery stories. 

    Listen in to learn more. You can also find her on Twitter and Facebook. 

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    Quagmire America Radio: Social Media Cliques: Ignorant Cowards

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    Social Media Distortion: The Imploding Of Twitter.

    By, Jason Wade Taylor

    The imploding of Twitter you see happening today is not only caused by the millions upon millions of fake accounts, kids playing with mom and dad’s home computer and the overload of “trolls” who basically live and breathe to ruin an innocent persons day. But the plan does not stop there, oh no. Ruining someone’s day is just the beginning, there ultimate goal is to ruin their life; forever.

    Then you get into the “hashtag” groups, or there Twitter or Facebook Cliques. And I’m here to tell you nothing gets done, nothing. They say that they hate the drama, bullshit; they live for it. It’s what makes there clock tick. All this is done in the name of the Conservative party; or some stupid hashtag they came up to become Twitter police for a cause they know nothing about.

    Please join host Jason Wade Taylor/Randy Hahn  LIVE @ 10:00pm EST for three hours of hard hitting Conservative radio.

    Please follow me, Jason Wade Taylor on Twitter and be sure to check out my website Quagmire America.

    Call in and speak with the host (347)989-1665

    If you believe as I do that 'a house divided must fall' you should not only be praying for America, but for the World. #JWT



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    #HelpStarSeed Beneft Show

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    One of our most dedicated and loyal Anons, who you may know AnonymouSky, Sky, Starseed or @AnonStarseed on Twitter is currently facing the physical trial of his life.  Sky has been involved in more Anonymous causes than can be listed, and has been a regular and important contributor to @YourAnonCentral. Recently, Sky was in an automobile accident where he suffered a broken leg and a severe head injury. As a result of this accident, the hospital where he was admitted performed an MRI scan, during which they discovered a malignant tumor in his brain.



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    True randomness radio : GHOSTLER

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    Today we shall talk about the only true GHOSTLER, GH0STP0LITICS. Also about all these anons, stay tuned, call in without being a freaking troll

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    Tonight we discuss our favorite FBI informant, Hector "Sabu" Monsegur!! Today Hector had his sentencing delayed AGAIN, as he continues to cooperate with authorities. Many have speculated that Hector is the FBI's "Agent-1" who has helped bring down the black market site "Silk Road." We will discuss Hector's role in the various criminal cases against Anons, including Jeremy Hammond, and discuss the heady days of the "Summer of Lulz." We will be joined by several special guests and you!! Open lines. Call in!!

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    Rifkin's 3rd Industrial Revolution, Vigilante and Anonymous

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    Listen Add Free Here:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MUYwzDjYgh8&feature=youtu.be This week Ben McLeish hosts, reviewing Jeremy Rifkin's 2012 book The Third Industrial Revolution.
    This week, we also interview Ivan Munoz from the industrial band Vigilante. Ivan, based in France, has released a single whose profits go to fund Anonymous members through the Electronic Frontier Foundation (who represent Anons in a legal capacity when required.)
    Links for the episode: Jeremy Rifkin's work: http://www.thethirdindustrialrevolution.com/
    Vigilante's Anonymous support effort: http://www.vigilante.cl/ourtime/  
    About: ZM Global Radio is a weekly radio show presented by various active coordinators of The Zeitgeist Movement in a rotational fashion. These broadcasts discuss the developments and aims of The Zeitgeist Movement.

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    AAYAN: It's creation and the recent "transformation"

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    I will detail the creation of Anons Against YourAnonNews aka AAYAN and the hacking/hijacking of the account

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    Tonight Vince welcomes folks from Chronicle.su for an exclusive discussion on the amazing Twitter antics of "Glen Greenwild" and @EJosephSnowden. Apparently "Greenwild" was able to dupe several media outlets into re-tweeting disinfo from the parody account. The account name has since been changed to "chroniclesu" which has given the alternative news site thousands of unsuspecting followers. Meanwhile, the @EJosephSnowden parody account continues to tweet about the absurd media coverage of the NSA surveillance program.
    KYAnonymous, continues to raise cash for a potential legal defense, while poking at the hive. Adrian Chen wrote a fawning 257 page story on KY. N1gg3rChr1st produced a diss track dedicated to KY and several anons gave the former #OpRedRoll participant a piece of their mind.
    @TylerBass @Kilgoar @LebalDrocerInc @asshurtACKFlags @plussone @HammurabisCode @Javabooter @ShadowDXS @0fficialAce @scriptsquid

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    Show # 4 - interviews with some Anons

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    We will be interviewing some Anons from 3 different US cities to see how the year of protesting went, to compare notes, and look toward 2009.

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    DISORDERLY CONDUCT - Free Ball Friday

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    TGIFBF!!! The end of another work week means it's time to hang out with VITB without underwear. No panties ladies!Tonight we answer the question: Does Anonymous still exist? Is the "idea" alive? Several former anons will be calling in to address the state of Anonymous and the future of the digital collective.Call in and share your opinion or we can talk about whatever else pops up. VITB loves you! No underpants allowed. Open lines.

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