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    Urban Annapolis Magazine Radio: The Art Of Professional Networking

    in Culture

    This episode of Urban Annapolis Magazine Radio will focus on the Art of Professional Networking.  No matter your business of profession, networking with the right people, entities and organizations can hold the key to your success.

    Join #TeamUAM as we discuss this art with our audience and our special guests!  This episode is especially important for professionals, entrepreneurs, those seeking to elevate their positions and those who are job searching.

    A few of our special guests today will be Mr. Leutrell Osborne, Sr. He is an inspirational leader, entrepreneur, master networker, transformation agent and recognized as a national and international security expert, who was hired by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) for over 26 years.  He has distinguished himself as a Counter Intelligence (CI) expert who has supervised CIA agents and assets in over 30 countries and traveled to more than 100 foreign cities in over five different continents. www.LeutrellOsborne.weebly.com

    And also, Crystal Johnson, a community organizer and youth Development educator in faith-based organizations.

    And finally, Natasha Jackson, former Boys & Girls Club Director for the Baltimore Region, now in Atlanta pursuing a career in entertainment.

    You never know who else may call in to the show...don't miss out!

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    Urban Annapolis Magazine Radio: Mental Health & The Community

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    In this upcoming episode of Urban Annapolis Magazine Radio join us and our special guests as we discuss Mental Health in Our Community.  Hosted by #TeamUAM's own Kenyatta & co-hosted by Tarsha, this show promises to be full of great information and dialog.

    We invite you to call in and share with us your views on the episodes topics of dicsussion which will include:

    Scientific Breakthroughs and Discoveries
    Signs of Mental Illness
    Mental Health Disorder Prevention
    Mental Illness Stigmas
    Astronomy & Medical Health
    Access to Care-Evaluations, Emergency Care, Alternative Medicine, Crisis Hotlines, Emergency Hospital 
    Area Resources-Pathways, Arundel Lodge, The Children's Guild, Oasis Center for Mental Health, Anne Arundel  Medical Center
    Pros & Cons of Medicinal Marijuana and Mental Illness

    We will also discuss:

    Effects of violent movies and social media on teens
    Trouble marriages, history of depression, obesity and the promotion of unhealthy eating habits
    Survey Says- Where is the happiest place on earth?  The happiest foods?  Happiest hobbies?  Happiest colors?

    Call listen here at BlogTalkRadio.com/UrbanAnnapolisRadio you can also call-in to comment or to simply listen at (347)989-0272.   Join the conversation!

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    Urban Annapolis Magazine Radio: Global News Discussion, Ebola, Health & Media

    in Culture

    This awesome, informative episode of Urban Annapolis Magazine Radio will focus on a variety of Global News items including but not limited to Ebola, news framing, politics, emergency prepardness and much more.

    Hosted by Kenyatta Rowel and Gina Galil this weeks episode promises to be a show you do not want to miss.



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    Urban Annapolis Magazine Radio: Health and Healing in the Community

    in Culture

    In this segment of UAM Radio we will discuss various aspects of physical health (diet and exercise)n as well as mental and spriitual healing.  Hosted by UAM and SE7EN Magazine's Janell Divine and Community Activist UAM's Kenyatta Rowel.

    Call in to the show at (347)989-0272

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    Gospel divas DiVine of Annapolis join us

    in Lifestyle

    Gospel divas and 2Save Souls Records artists DiVine of Annapolis recently celebrated their 22nd anniversary. Join us as they discuss how they've had staying power in music and ministry, and their latest CD, "Touch And Agree.

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    Urban Annapolis Magazine Radio: Roundtable Discussions

    in Culture

    In this episode of Urban Annapolis Magazine Radio join #TeamUAM as we discuss current events.  We'll discuss voting, the environment, climate change, the public school system, the school-to-prison pipeline, economics and more.  You never know what we may end up discussing, so be sure to tune in!!!

    Call in to share your questions, concerns and comments with us!



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    Urban Annapolis Magazine Radio: Red Flags in Relationships

    in Culture

    In this weeks episode of Urban Annapolis Magazine Radio join hosts Kenyatta Rowel, Gina Galil and the rest of #TeamUAM as they discuss Red Flags in Relationships.

    The following will be discussed:

    Economics and relationships
    How do couples manage the balance of power?
    Stereotypes and dating 
    Signs a person may or may not be ready for a committed relationship 
    How can we love a partner, until we have learned to fully appreciate; and love ourselves?
    Why the truth is better than lies
    Your children children and dating...is there a need to sacrifice

    And much more tune in and we'd love to hear your comments.

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    Urban Annapolis Magazine Radio: Hometown Heros

    in Culture

    In this Hometown Hero episode of Urban Annapolis Magazine Radio will focus on some of the leaders in our community that have and still are making a difference.

    In today’s show we will include:  Wiley H. Bates, John T. Chambers Jr.  Gerald Stansbury, Stanford Womack, Lassie Belt, Larry Griffin, Jack Reed and more.  And though he is not an Annapolitan we will salute the incomprompable Frederick Douglass tune-in to the show to here why we choose to salute him on this day!

    Also we'll discuss upcoming events in the area, local news, and other updates you should know about!


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    Urban Annapolis Magazine Radio: Bridging The Gap Multi-Generational Discussion

    in Culture

    This weeks episode of Urban Annapolis Magazine Radio will feature a multi-generational panel of guest where we will have roundtable discussion on topics relating to the world today.  In our view it's important to Bridge-The-Gap by speaking about current events, news, values and points of view and creating dialog amongts the generations adolesents to baby boomers and beyond!

    As part of this special roundable discussion we will discuss the following topics:

    Global Events
    Education- Primary school & higher education 
    Workforce Development
    Law Enforcement 

    ...this and more.  Don't forget to listen in you can call-in to comment or just listen by calling (347)989-0272!

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    Annapolis Sailboat Show Preview !(For real this time)

    in Lifestyle

    United States Sailboat Show

    October 9-13 2014

    In October sailors from around the globe gather on miles of docks in historic Annapolis for the United States Sailboat Show. This internationally acclaimed sailboat show is the largest and oldest in-water sailboat show in the world.

    - We'll preview the show. Tell yuou what not to miss.  discuss new sailboat models  by the leading boat builders, talk financing, commssioning and getteing the season started off right in a new boat!

    - We'll be at the show, broadcasting live.  Make sure you stop by and say hi.  We'll also be on the move throughout the show interviewing dealers, brokers and other exhibitors.


     Next week, It's the Annapolis Power Boat Show Preview on Boat Talk Live with Andy Kimbel

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    Urban Annapolis Magazine Radio: Blackout Monday, Small Business & Economics

    in Culture

    This Blackout Monday episode of Urban Annapolis Magazine Radio will focus on the importance of small businesses in our community.  Well will discuss economics and how they play a role in our day to day lives, politics, school systems and how we treat one another.

    Remember Black Wall Street?  We will discuss the history of Black Wall Street, what is was, why it was destroyed and the  psychological impact that came with it's destruction.

    In the City of Annapolis not only is there a concern for Black-owned small businesses but small businesses in general are struggling and with no real help in sight.  The less than 3 year old Annapolis Economic Development Corp. has dissolved and the city's new SMBE Coordinatior doesn't seem to know how to reach out to local businesses let alone help them. We will discuss how to help them grow and thrive.

    Why Blackout Monday?  Because business that do not value and respect you don't deserve your money!

    Our special guests for this episode will be Ruby Singleton-Blakeney, former Annapolis Director of Small and Minority Businesses and of course our incredible #TeamUAM guests.

    Other topics include:

    "Black Wall Street"  or "Little Africa" in Tuslaand it's destruction in 1921 in Tulsa, Oklahoma
    "Black Wall Street" Parrish Street
    and more


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