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    Francesca Thoman - Tesla and Francesca Communicate

    in Self Help

    Our brilliant author and guest, Francesca Thoman is a conscious clairaudient channel since 1990 … Francesca Thoman has published in New Age magazines and newsletters, and channeled Nikola Tesla at various seminars. She’s been long aware of spirits, guides and angels, discarnates and extraterrestrials, and on top of this she is certified to read the Akashic Records.

    In her latest two works … Francesca shows that Nikola Tesla is still engaged with humanity and remains fascinated with the nature of the universe.

    In her first book:

    Nikola Tesla Afterlife Comments on Para-physical Concepts … Volume One: New Definitions and Meditations…   this is where Tesla and Francesca work together to offer several wholly new ideas. Working with concepts of light, gravity, magnetism and DNA from a human, spiritual perspective and more.

    And in her second book:  

    Nikola Tesla Afterlife Comments on Para-physical Concepts … Volume Two: Healing and Magic...  presents a fascinating 20-year correspondence between Nikola Tesla’s spirit and Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, an accomplished medical doctor who has trained medical students and residents.

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    PWR Presents Rampage Rants-Monday Night Mayhem

    in Wrestling

    We are coming off a pay per view that was marred by the accident involving Enzo Amore. Now while everyone tried to get things back on track you could tell that everyone was deflated and it showed. We'll talk about that tonight and more current news. Do you know who the top earning wrestlers in WWE are? We'll tell you that tonight, and the gap between some of the stars you thought were making big money aren't making as much as you may think. If you thought the issues between Hulk Hogan and celebrity scandal website Gawker were over and done with you'd be WRONG! Yes, there's ANOTHER case in the works. We'll tell you why he's suing now and who else he's added this time. Also, it appears another WWE star had his last match AGAIN. We'll discuss that as well.

    We already know what the main event of Extreme Rules will be, but now after the anticlimactic "decision" by Vince last night will we see Steph and Shane try to out violence each other? Will we start to see the other angles that will come to fruition at Extreme Rules start to play out tonight? We'll talk about those and other stories tonight. Send your comments and questions to Katie, Sean and Steve in the chat room, or contact us via Skype or by phone at (347) 850-8033. Join us TONIGHT!

  • What really is thinking outside the box?

    in Motivation

    In this episode, we will dive into the question of, 'What boxes are we supposed to think outside of?'  We will then examine those boxes, and try to look at them from various angles.  Changing perception can change our outlook on life, and that change in outlook can have a tremendous impact on our outcomes. This episode will also look at the importance of understanding that we all reside in a "state of perpetual boxes", and how we move from box to box, often without realizing the impact of the box until we have lost something, or are impacted in a negative way.   

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    BangTheBook Sports Betting Talk Radio April 27

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    The Wednesday edition of BangTheBook Radio is going to be bursting with information. We'll have the second edition of Cole Ryan's Betting the Buckets for this week to break down the NBA playoffs and some wagering angles and information for the remainder of Round 1. He'll also take a look ahead to Round 2. Wes Reynolds joins us for some golf betting analysis for the Zurich Classic of New Orleans on the PGA Tour and Volvo China Open on the European Tour. On the eve of the 2016 NFL Draft, we'll get some more info and some draft prop betting opinions from Joe Everett of NFL Draft Bible. Joe has his finger on the pulse of what the 32 teams will do this week.

    0:00-6:00 - Adam Burke talks NHL playoffs

    6:00-25:30 - Wes Reynolds, Volvo China Open & Zurich Classic of New Orleans

    25:30-36:00 - Cole Ryan's Betting the Buckets NBA betting segment

    36:00-1:16:00 - Joe Everett, NFL Draft Bible, NFL Draft prop betting

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    The Matt Duffin Show - "They Say It's Your Birthday..."

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    In the year of our Lord, 1960, on this date of April 24th, Woodrow and Georgetta Duffin gave birth to their fifth and final child.  The dear Angles, it took them from 1946 until then to get it right.  And did they ever.  2 boys, 2 girls.  It's said mom wanted something different on her final child, and boy, did she EVER recieve her wishes.


    We'll talk baseball, TBI's, birthday's, my former sex life - what ever you wish.  Call, join in.  424  243-9540.  Have a piece of cake, grab some punch - it's party time at The Downtown Milton Studio!   We all have them, once a year - call me, let me wish you a GOOD DAY.  That will make mine whole...


    Did you know that there are SO MANY versions of Happy Birthday, Rock N' Roll style?  Even Country, but no Hip Hop.  At least I didn't look for any...

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    Black Liberation Friday Conversation with Queen Renee Black

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    Black Liberation Conversation with Renee Black

    Peace and Black Power Family,

    Welcome to another episode of Do Tha Knowledge Radio. The place where Knowledge is Born. I am your host Knowledge Born Allah. Join us live on Do Tha Knowledge Radio tonight with the Almighty Queen Renee Black Founder of the hottest show on the Radio Rundown with Renee. Queen Renee is a graphic designer writer author activist and warrior in the cause of African people. We will be getting perspectives from one another and taking questions from the listening audience in a conversation centered around Black Liberation from many different angles. This our Liberation Friday episode call in live to phone number 713-955-0707 and press 1 with your questions or comments. Here is the link to listen remotely: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/dothaknowledgeradio/2016/04/23/black-liberation-friday-conversation-with-queen-renee-black

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           I can remember quite a few singers, performers that I met through my career.  I did radio for a long time saw a lot of people come and go.  I often wonder with the way people act, do ants have celebrities?  Or is this life we live just a circus of events.  Do elephants, gorillas?  Do they have meetings, and in their animalistic way - sign autographs?  Or is that special performance just for us humans?  And if humans are so great - why do they die?  Does it matter?

         I saw the sad faces when Michael Jackson left - and I understand when you have a mental bond with someone who sang a record that may have sparked a relationship, someone portrayed someone in a movie that parallelled your life to the point it was soothing, so when they're gone - it hits you.

          The most difficult exits are probably ones where you're not aware of any illness, then suddenly they're gone, like in the case of Gregory Hines - at 55 he was out of here, and now this - PRINCE at 57.  The cool critics take a look at it from all angles.  347-205-9366.

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    The Right Angle -- Write Stuff -- 4/19/2016

    in Entertainment

    We've all heard the expression, "If you look at it from the right angle..." Usually, it depends on the situation that we're in. If you look at it this way, it's not so bad. Or, if you look at it from this angle, it's worst than what we thought.

    What if everything we go through we've been viewing through the wrong angle? The angle of human understanding and finite wisdom. So when the situation gets bad, we say, "See, if it wasn't for that, this wouldn't have happened." Lets take a step back and wonder, "Am I viewing this event the right way?"
    The perspective of our lives should be from God's perspective, not ours. Yet, oftentimes, when various things happens, we tend to view it from the wrong angle.

    On this episode of the Write Stuff, we'll be chatting with author Sherry Chamberlee, author of the 4 week women's devotional "Right Angles" as we discuss this topic about perspective. You can call in at 646-668-8485, press 1 to be live on air. Or, you can download Stitcher on your mobile device. Or, you can click on the link here. http://tobtr.com/8545131. Tune in! 

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    Celtics Talk Radio episode 131 the 2015/2016 regular season has come to an end

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    The 2015/2016 Boston Celtics regular season has come to an end. 82 games over 5 and a 1/2 months we now know what the Celtics situation will be. Where did they end up in the final standings? Did they make the NBA Playoffs and if so what seed did they get? What about the Brooklyn Nets where did they end up in terms of the NBA's worst record? How about the other teams the Celtics could possible get draft picks from like the Dallas Mavericks, Minnesota Timberwolves. Did the Celtic's exceed the expectations that many had for them going into this season? If the Celtics did make the playoffs who are they going to be facing in the first round of the NBA playoffs? What is the realistic ceiling for them in terms of how far they can go in the playoffs? The Celtics Talk Crew will take the 2 hours to fill you in on the info coming from all angles. The chances the Celtics got of getting a high draft pick courtesy of the Brooklyn Nets. The salary cap space the Celtics are expected to have once free agency opens. The draft picks they are now officially slated to have once the draft takes place in a few weeks. All that and more will be discussed with our special guest Ty Ray on this episode of Celtics Talk Radio

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    9-year old girl Completes 24-hour BattleFrog. So begins the Controversy.

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    When I first heard that a 9 year old girl had completed a 24 hour BattleFrog obstacle race it was revealed to me in a blog post written by Ekaterina Solovieva, aka., “Solo”, herself a seasoned adventure/obstacle racer/psychologist.  Her catchy title: “A 9-year old completed a 24-hour obstacle race and why I am not impressed”.  I had to better understand why someone would “go there” and needed to dig into this topic simply because, well… it’s just really interesting. Anyone one who is or has raised children must be curious.  Is this a good or bad idea, should race promoters allow this to take place? Lots to think about and we tried to cover it from all angles.  If you care to read the blog for yourself here is the link to “Solo’s” Blog page: www.solovieva.com/not-impressed/

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    March 30th Home Court Sports Talk Show

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    Be sure to join us tonight, as we have another classic show! Chris Larson will be on to talk sports and politics with the guys tonight! He is currently running for Milwaukee County Executive.Tune in! Call in! Listen starting at 7pm CST via internet @www.blogtalkradio.com/homecourtsports or via phone @ (347) 945-7002. (Number also serves as our call in number, press nothing to listen or press 1 to notify us that you want to come on live to make a comment).


    Topics Tonight:

    Is Giannis at the point guard, the answer for the Milwaukee Bucks?
    What should the Lakers do with D' Angelo Russell?
    Your thoughts on the Praririe View scandel that led to their head coach being fired?
    Will RG3 work in Cleveland?

    Tune in! Call in!