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    Much Ado About Angelina Jolie

    in Family

    It's not entirely clear why, but Angelina Jolie's choice to have a mastectomy has generated a lot of very intense reactions.  Some in support of her choices, and some not so much.
    No matter what side of the issue you stand on, the one thing that's clear is this decision has caused a lot of people both male and female to examine concepts about fear, choice, and free will.  It's profoundly individual and deeply personal.
    Join us today for a talk about what everyone is talking about this week.

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    Angelina Jolie - Was It Worth It?

    in Health

    In today's show, we will be talkinga about the process of what Angelina did and if it was worth it.  Was it a wise decision?  The media portrayed her as a hero but is she really?  Suzanne Sommers had cancer and she decided to heal herself naturally, without chemotherapy, drugs and surgery.  Many people and the media portrayed her as crazy but was she?    
    We will discuss these topics and much more.  Tune in!

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    Under the Lens of the Angelina Jolie Effect with Dr. Horner

    in Family

    This past week, Heaven gained an angel as yet another family said an untimely good-bye after a two-year battle with BRCA 2 positive, triple negative breast cancer, metastasized to the lungs. At just 40 years old, she leaves behind a dedicated husband and four kids who loved her through it.  
    Hearing those kinds of devastating outcomes is what motivated Christine Horner, MD to change career paths. In the early 1990s, she became alarmed over the increasing number of very young women she saw in her practice diagnosed with breast cancer. 
    When her own mother was diagnosed and then died from breast cancer, Dr. Horner began an intensive search of the medical literature to find what -- if anything -- could help prevent breast cancer.  What she found was a tremendous amount of little-known research proving that woman can significantly reduce their risk of breast cancer and of most other chronic diseases.
    In June 2002, Dr. Horner left her plastic surgery practice so that she could dedicate herself full time to writing and teaching about her passion: prevention-oriented medicine and how to become and stay healthy naturally. 
    Join us this Monday, May 27th, at 7PM EDT for an in-depth look at the current trend in cancer treatment, along with a candid discussion about Angelina Jolie's hailed decision and what it means for other women who carry the BRCA gene or have a family history of cancer. Dr. Horner brings other, often unrecognized, important factors to the table. We’ll plug her extensive knowledge and peruse the pages of her award winning book, Waking The Warrior Goddess.

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    Relationship Capacity-Angelina Jolie & Maybe Brad Pitt

    in Self Help

    The Astrology Fundamentals show brings you more on relationships to demonstrate how astrology can be a powerful healing tool for your love life.
    This week, Ernst Wilhelm, astrologer, researcher, author, and teacher of Vedic-Astrology.com, will co-host this show with me, Karen White, of Divine Time Astrology.
    We will pick up where we left off on our last show on Sept 3, 2012 (see in archives below) and will be discussing the relationship capacity of Angelina Jolie in depth using the Vedic Astrology relationship capacity and compatibility techniques.
    We will be using a combination of astrological techniques that include both the Tropical and Sidereal zodiacs.
    If we have time, we'll start on Brad Pitt's relationship capacity too, but typically we cover one birth chart in enough depth that it takes up the whole show!
    Angelina's relationship history is pretty well-known, but since she has been with Brad Pitt and has become a mother, everyone is wondering if this relationship will finally be the one to last.   Also, will they marry, and if they do, will it strengthen or weaken, their bond? Listen to find out!   To get a Relationship Capacity Report for Men or Women or a Compatibility Report for your relationship, go here.

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    VOTING and Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

    in Lifestyle

    This Tuesday is voting day - and your vote is needed to make our communities better. TIVOMIE expouses the importance of voting, particularly in Rhode Island (where he lives). No matter your particular political view, we all want things better so voting MUST take place. Plus, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie! Here's to lovin' life!

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    Keeping It Reel 55: Angelina Jolie

    in Film

    Superstar actress, humanitarian and half of Hollywood's uber-couple, Brangelina, Angelina Jolie stops by to talk with Keeping It Reel host Tim Gordon about her latest film, The Tourist. Plus: We'll unveil our list of the Top 10 Performances of the Year and AOL Black Voices’ Wilson Morales will give us the latest entertainment news.  

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    Angelina Jolie BRACA 1 Gene: Dr. Cassileth & Lisa Jey Davis

    in Women

    The Angelina Jolie double mastectomy and genetic testing for the BRACA 1 gene has raised a great debate.  Today you will have a rare opportunity to meet (the doctor) Dr. Lisa Cassileth and (the patient) Lisa Jey Davis - together to provide cutting edge news and technology for Breast Cancer Reconstruction and Genetic Testing for Breast Cancer..
    Dr. Lisa Cassileth  Awarded the Best of Beverly Hills Award for 2012, she has pioneered the Cassileth One-Stage Implant Reconstruction technique, which eliminates the need for multiple surgeries in breast cancer patients undergoing mastectomy.
    Lisa Jey, Principle of Jey Associates Marketing is a patient, survivor and advocate for gene mutation testing as a result of testing positive for the breast cancer gene.
    As seen on The Doctors, Dr. Drew's Life Changers, EXTRA, Entertainment Tonight, Rachel Ray, Discovery Health
     http://www.drcassileth.com/    http://www.lisajeydavis.com/
    Connect with Deb: Website http://www.GreenSkyandBlueGrass.com  @GreenSkyDeb

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    angelina jolie

    in Politics

    Yes you read it right. she is going to call in..

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    Vivica Fox, Mo'ne Davis, Madonna, & 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta'

    in Entertainment

    Listen to the "ICC Morning Show" as we give you the scoop on Vivica Fox's new role, Angelina Jolie's latest procedure,  Mo'ne Davis, "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta," and more. 

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    CNN anchor, Angelina Jolie, Eminem

    in Poetry

    CNN anchor and  Angelina Jolie
    Double Mastectomy
    Roxy Jacenko Best Reality TV Villain
    Money is the best lotion in the world.
    City Harvest  6782
    Roberto Mancini  15694
    Eminem  181

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    Mixing Business With Pleasure?

    in Romance

    Have you ever had a tempting situation that caused you to mix business with pleasure? If not, would you mix business with pleasure if you were extremely attracted to the person you had business with? These scenarious take place every day in offices, firms, and nearly every business you could ever think of all across the globe. The Martin Lawrence, Tisha Campbell falling out is a prime example of what mixing business with pleasure can bring when things go wrong but the Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie hook-up on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith shows what can come out of mixing business with pleasure when things go smooth. Well tonight we'll be discussing these scenarios and how we'd handle the task at hand. Call in # 347-838-9540. IT JUST GOT REAL!!!!